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   Chapter 2 Episode 2 Mishka

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Chris left the house angrily in the morning and did not return but Chris's Grandfather Leo was still as calm as sea, it was already late evening, and sitting on his bed, Leo was talking to the picture of his dead wife Rosella, he was telling her about the Indian girl and why he chose her for their Chris when Dr. Agnes entered the room with wine and two glasses.

"Hey, oldie! Talking to Rosella?" Dr. Agnes said, giving a broad smile.

"Yeah, I was telling her about the girl I met in India, " Leo replied.

"Oh, that same girl you liked for Chris?" Agnes asked.

"Yes, " Leo replied with a wide grin.

"Well, I truly want to know what is so special about this Indian girl that you like her so much, " Agnes enquired sitting on the couch and poured wine in the glasses.

Leo placed Rosella's photo frame on the side table and sat next to Agnes on the couch to answer him "Well she is a beautiful girl. She knows how to handle relationships and how to keep the family together with love, which no one in my family knows." Leo said and paused for a few seconds "She is a perfect girl for our Chris, she can give him a successful career and a loving family for which he craved in childhood." Leo further added. "You know Agnes, I am afraid, I am really afraid for my family, The family which I and Rosella molded with so much love and care is on the verge of disintegration today and I am incapable to do anything for it, " Leo said and looked at Rosella's picture sadly.

"My last hope is that girl only. I am sure she will re-unite this family, she will do everything that I have failed to do. I want to see this family together before I die. Agnes, it's my last wish." Leo said and took a sip of wine, removing tear which filled up in his eyes.

"I understand you, Leo. I know you are anxious about your family, but you know Chris he is so smart, he must be looking for a way out of this trap at this time." Agnes said, sipping from his wine.

Leo chuckled, "Oh I am sure that he must be looking for a way out, but believe me, he can never get out of this trap, " Leo said with a broad smile on his face.

"Well, I would enjoy seeing Chris trapped. By the way, where did you meet this girl in India?" Agnes asked.

"Do you remember I went to India two months ago for some business purpose? After going there, I came to know that there is a place called Varanasi where people get peace and soul attain salvation after death. So I also visited Varanasi from Mumbai and after going there, I realized that there is something magical in that place, some kind of unseen energy. I really enjoy myself and I met ….." but before Leo could complete his conversation, someone knocked on the half-open door and their attention shifted to the door.

"Dad, Can I come in?" Luke, Chris's father, knocked and peeked inside.

"Leo, I think I should leave for now. You two need to talk to each other" Agnes said and stood up to go but then he turned "I am really looking forward to meeting this girl." He said and Leo nodded his head with a broad smile and then shifted his eyes to Luke.

"Sure, you can come in, I knew you would come to see me, " Leo chuckled, and Luke closed the door while coming in. "So how can I help you, son?" Leo asked, maintaining a poker face.

"Why are you forcing Chris to marry that girl, " Luke yelled glaring at Leo.

"Simple, I want her as my granddaughter-in-law and this dream can only be fulfilled by your son, " Leo stat

ed and the corner of his mouth curved up.

"But why Indian girl, Indians are so different from us, Why don't you choose Lia or some other girl who belongs to our civilization. Why An Indian Girl?" Luke asked crossing his arms across his chest.

"Because….. never mind, even if I try to make you understand, you will not understand. Second, can't you see that Lia is not good for your son, she is a gold digger like your girlfriend and she will ruin Chris's life like your girlfriend ruined your marriage." Leo almost screeched, stating the facts.

"Anyways, let's leave this topic. I want that girl as my daughter-in-law and that's final. Tell your son to prepare himself for this marriage. Now you can go from here because I would like to talk to your mother and don't forget to close the door while going out." Leo said and Luke shut the door with a loud thud.

Leo again picked up Rosella's photo and started talking to her. He was telling her about the other qualities of the girl that he liked very much, and why she is so perfect for this family when the door of his room burst open suddenly, and there stood Chris. Leo looked up at him and covered his mouth in shock.

"Oh my god, are you really in front of my eyes or I am hallucinating? I thought you would come back at least after a month when all your credit cards will stop working, but you are back in just ten hours. What happened to my son? Lea broke up with you when she found that you have left the CEO's position." Leo asked sarcastically.

"Yes, you were right about her. As soon as she came to know that I have left the CEO's position and this family, she left me, " Chris replied in a tired tone.

He took a deep breath and again continued, "So here I am. All ready to marry that girl which you have chosen for me. But before marrying her I want to know why you have liked her for me and why not any other girl here from our country." Chris asked glaring at Leo.

Son, first of all, stop glaring at me. Secondly, both you and I know that till date, all the girls you have dated were gold diggers and this girl whom I have chosen for you is a gem and I want that gem in my family." Leo said proudly, and Chris rolled his eyes at him.

"Okay grandpa, I have heard a lot of praises for her from your mouth. Now please don't start again. I said I am ready to marry her, " Chris said.

"Trust me, you will not regret this decision, " Leo said with a broad smile.

"But she will definitely regret marrying me, " Chris thought.

"What's her name?" Chris asked, scratching his neck.

"Her name is Mishka, " Leo replied with a proud smile.

"Mi...Mi what? " Chris stutters.

"I know it's a little hard to pronounce. I too took some time to speak this name properly." Leo smiled, "But you need to practice taking her name correctly because she hates when someone misspells it, " Leo said and Chris nodded his head but from inside he was boiling in anger.

"Now that you are ready for this marriage, So let me tell you that Mishka is coming here tomorrow, " Leo said and Chris eyeball bulged out of its socket

"What?" He shrieked.

"Yeah, so now go practice overnight to take her name properly name, " Leo said clapping his hand, "And let me tell you once again, it's MI-SH-KA, " Leo clearly pronounced.

"Now please close the door while going. I am exhausted and want to sleep, " Leo said yawning and Chris nodded his head.

"Bye Grandpa, goodnight, " Chris said and left.

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