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   Chapter 1 Episode 1 Beginning of Something

MY INDIAN WIFE By authoranika Characters: 6900

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It was a bright sunny day when the giant black metal gates of Knight Mansion opened and a Red Audi R8 special edition sports car slid in.

Christian Knight stepped out from his car in a charcoal grey suit fuming in anger and slammed the car door with a loud thud. He started walking towards the gorgeous Italian styled Knight Mansion crossing the big water fountain.

The servant opened the beautiful mahogany door and politely greeted him, but he ignored, "Where is my father and Grandpa?" He asked angrily.

"Sir, they are in the living area." The servant replied and looked down. Chris turned and started taking long strides furiously towards the living area and when he reached, he saw his father Luke and grandfather Leo sitting together having coffee and he charged towards them with blazing eyes.

"Grandpa, how can you do this to me?" Chris thundered glaring at him "How can you take such an important decision of my life without asking me?" He asked in a high pitch and then looked at his father, Luke. "Dad, at least you say something to him. Why does he want me to get married? And to an Indian girl too." Chris said fuming in anger and looked back at his grandfather, "Grandpa, I think you are forgetting that I am already in a relationship with Lia. I introduced you to her a few weeks ago."

"Son, let me get straight to the point if you want to take over the position of CEO in KNIGHT INC. then you have to marry the girl I have selected for you. Take it or leave it, the choice is yours." Leo responded calmly with a small smile playing on his lips. "I can give the CEO's position to your cousin Jake, he is ready for it, " Leo said while taking a sip from his coffee.

"Even I am ready to take that position Grandpa, but you are imposing unnecessary conditions here which I can't fulfill. I am already in a relationship with Lia. I love her." Chris said, glaring at him. Why doesn't he understand I love my company but I love Lia too and if I have to choose between Lia and the company, I will choose Lia. I know I am capable to build my own Empire, I don't need the CEO's position. I will happily leave everything behind for her.

"Son, you don't love her, she just made you feel like you love her, but that's not true. Come out of your Lala land, she is trying to fool you. Lia is not the right one, she is just after your money like your other ex-girlfriends." Leo clearly stated his feelings.

He continued, "The girl I have chosen for you is perfect. She is beautiful, simple, smart, intelligent and everything a guy wants in his wife, and you are going to marry her, that's final. You can leave now."

"Fine, if that's your final decision, then I am leaving this business and this house for Lia, I don't need this company, I will establish everything on my own, and yeah that Indian bitch, get her married to Jake because I am not going to marry her in this life, " Chris roared.

Leo turned around and smiled at Chris "Jake already wants to marry her, but I have chosen her for you. Anyway, you have decided to leave everything, then what's the point of this discussion? God bless you, son. I wish you and Lia to always be happy together." Leo said, taking a glance at his wristwatch. "You have exactly two hours from now to pack your bags and leave this house, but remember you can take only your clothes with yourself and nothing else. Goodbye son." Leo said waving his hand and left the room with Chris's father

trailing behind him.

Chris stood there dumbfounded, he could not understand what was happening to him all of a sudden. Grandpa, who always loved him, left him today for a girl. Chris was sitting near the bar. He stood up from the stool and smashed all the bottles on the bar counter angrily, and left his house where he spent his entire childhood to be with Lia.


After two hours at Lia's Condo

"WHAT? Why you left everything?" Lia asked, widening her eyes.

No.. no... no, this is not happening. This cannot happen. I always wanted to lead a rich life and if Chris leaves his house and company, then all my dreams of living a luxurious life will be shattered and I cannot compromise with that. Chris can't leave his empire like this, he has to go back at any cost. Lia's trail of thoughts stopped when she heard Chris's voice.

"What .. why? I just explained to you everything, " Chris looked at Lia confused, and then he held her hands "I love you Lia that's why I left everything to be with you. You see, I will set my own empire, but this will take some time and I need your support in this."

Lia smiled, removing her hand from his grip, "I know you love me Chris, but why did you decide to leave your CEO's post? The position for which you have worked hard day and night." She said and paused for a few seconds, "Look, I am very lucky that I found a loving guy like you who gave up everything for me. But I don't want you to do something like this for me." Lia said to convince him.

But Chris huffed in anger, "So what do you want me to do? Go back and marry that Indian girl, grandpa selected for me." Chris yelled and stood up from the couch. "I think I made a mistake coming here. I am going." Chris sighed, looking briefly at Lia, and turned around to leave.

But Lia hugged him from behind to stop him from leaving "Baby, I am sorry. Please don't leave like this. We will figure out something but don't leave your dream of becoming the CEO for me otherwise I will never be able to forgive myself." Lia said dramatically.

Chris turned around to face Lia, " What shall we figure out? Grandpa has clearly stated that I have to marry that girl if I want the CEO's position, and I know that he will not change his decision." He said sitting on the couch again and facepalmed himself.

Lia also sat beside him, clutching his biceps, and kept her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes of silence, Lia screamed in excitement.

"I have an idea, " Lia exclaimed, snapping her fingers.

"What idea?" Chris asked in a tired tone, removing his hand from his face.

"Contract Marriage, " Lia said with excitement in her voice.

"A Contract Marriage?" Chris said, looking at her face through his widened eyes. "Are you mad?" He frowned.

"What mad? Contract Marriage is the perfect solution for the trap your grandpa designed for you." Lia said, focusing on Chris.

And what if he got to know about this?" Chris questioned Lia's idea, furrowing his eyebrows.

"I am not going to tell him and as far as I know, you and Danny will also keep your mouth shut, then who is going to tell him, " Lia assured Chris. "But to make this plan successful, first, we have to convince this Indian girl which might be difficult for us, " Lia added.

Chris nodded his head in approval but then threw his head back on the couch in frustration and yelled, "fuck, I already hate her so much, she is making me do things I never wanted to do."

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