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   Chapter 5 The Premier

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Alexander Davis finally walks the premier with our lovely Kamaria. She's still twenty years old. But her sway, her attitude, her manner, and her posture clearly showed her upbringing. Her dark chocolate skin and her slender physique bring out the simple beauty of the dress that she was wearing. She had her own favorite designer for this kind of event. She had told me the meaning of her name. "Kamaria means moonlight Adriana, they said that's what my parents named me after." Her parents were gunned down by the rebels, and she was brought secretly to America by her uncle when she was twelve."

Then she was entrusted to me by that same uncle, who was a friend of my deceased father. He was dying from a terminal cancer and he needed someone to take care of her and he had no one else. She was like a sister to me, I didn't want her to be a sugar baby. I kept her for the longest time as an administrative worker. She didn't like to stay alone in the apartment when she was in her teens, she would tail me around in the office every day when she was done with school. Until one day she shyly mentioned to me that she wanted to be a sugar baby. And that she was still a virgin. I was livid, we argued back and forth for months until I finally gave up. Now she was one of our top-ranked sugar babies. And obviously, Mr. Davis would only want the best. They looked like a happy couple, she was very beautiful and he looked very handsome. His hold on her was possessive. He would some time gave her kisses on her forehead, her cheek, her naked shoulder and they would hold hands, then she would reciprocate by kissing his cheek and smiled. The crowd loved them. She was easy on the camera. I was so proud of her, my baby sister. But somehow deep down inside I felt a tinge of jealousy for not being in his arms. Mm...what? Nope, not jealousy. Not me for sure! *****

"Adriana! I had the greatest time! Thank you for setting me up with him. He was such a gentleman. He showed me to the coolest places and met all the fancy people. I was holding my face still the whole night trying not to look too excited. I never met so many famous people in one go. And they all asked who's my personal stylist....."

She was rambling on and on about her night, while I continue sipping on my espresso and lighting another cigarette. I was on my laptop, finishing off some work in my black sheer lingerie. It was one of my guilty pleasure, well aside from the mountain of heels that I had been collecting over the years. I was working throughout the dining table, paperwork scattered beside my trusty laptop. Then there was a knock at the door, "Kami, would you get that please, I'm drowning here honey." She was at the door in no time. My eyes were still on the laptop, my lips puffing out some smoke. I dragged my cigarette, feeling as the nicotine flowed through my body, and making me relaxed. I should really stop smoking. But it feels too damn good. Putting the cigarette on the ashtray I started typing again, but then I heard her. "Alexander, hi what brings you back? Oh my god thank you! I was looking for my phone. Would you like to come in?"

Oh, fucking hell! Seriously?? "Adriana! It's Alexander, he brought back my phone. I thought I left it somewhere

and lost it." I was just about to make myself scarce, until Kamaria called me out, making him looked straight at me. I'm in deep shit! I picked up my cigarette and dragged it down one last time until I put it out. Then closing my laptop, and taking it and my cup of coffee with me. "Mr. Davis. I'm going to leave both of you alone now. Good evening." I tried my best to hide my half nakedness in my lingerie, I didn't even wear a bra. I thought he will keep her for tonight at his and I will have the place to myself. "Adriana, please call me Alexander and please stay, there's something I'd like to discuss with you." He was looking amused at my choice of clothing. "Okay then, I'm heading off to bed. Thank you, Alexander, I really had a good time tonight! Adriana, thanks, big sis." With that Kamaria left me alone with him. What the fuck?? "So, this is a nice surprise? I didn't know that she's your sister?" He walked towards me, and slowly took my laptop from my chest, and my cup of coffee that I was holding. He set it all down on the dining table, I was left standing awkwardly. "She's not my sister, we're not blood-related. It's a long story. Wait, I'll get my robe. I didn't expect company." I was about to walk to my room, but he catches my arm and pulled me to his tux covered chest. "I've been wanting you all night long." He kissed me roughly, I was moaning his name already. Oh god! So good! He chuckled on my neck, as his hand trail to my chest and his other hand on my back, keeping me close to him. He caressed my aching nipple, trough my sheer silk lingerie, then I moaned again. So fucking good! Then it moved to the other one. Making me moaned and shivered. So fucking wet. "We can't... we can't do this, " I said to him while breathing heavily on his chest. He kept on breathing on my neck. "But it's so good, right? If I touched you down there I know you're wet already. Do you want my fingers there Adriana? Hmm?" I was moaning again, withering under his touches. Oh my god, he felt so sinfully good. He was kissing the crook of my neck, sucking it, licking it. His hand still on my back, and his other hand was still touching my nipples, pinching them trough my silk lingerie. I was drenched, but not once he trails between my legs. He was taunting me. "Adriana, my lovely Adriana. I could fuck you right here right now. So hard, so rough, would you like that baby?" He slithers his tongue to my ear, nibbling it, breathing and whispering huskily in my ear. "Oh fuck." I mewled under his words. His hand kept on molding my breasts, pinching my nipples again and again, while his tongue played with my other ear. "Are you wet baby?" I moaned and whimpered my yes. Then he abruptly let me go, making me staggered my stance. He moved back and looked at my disheveled state. I was blushing, I was damp, my nipples were erect visibly trough my sheer lingerie. He smiled and looking proud of himself. Then he whispered. "No touching and no coming until we meet again Adriana. I wanted to be the one that made you scream. And I wanted my name that came out of that sexy mouth of yours. Good evening my beautiful Adriana." He kissed my lips lightly and walked out the door. God damn it! This is going to be along night.

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