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   Chapter 5 First Meet

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It was two-thirty, I opened my laptop and take down my for sale listing off of eBay. Then I started working on my school work. I would start to worry about my apartment and car later on. I need to get my work done, then get ready for tonight.

I typed furiously and worked my ass off. Opening my textbooks, going through my notes. I was working my brains on overdrive until I heard my alarm.

Break time.

I went to the fridge, and treat myself to a bottle of beer, I need to slow down for tonight. I need to be on alert, and not embarrass myself. I needed the money, I need to still be working until my tuition is paid off, and oh yeah... the hospital bill also.

I took a ten-minute break, on each working hour. It was a trick my shrink gave me, to control my nerves. To keep me relaxed, and focused but not on overdrive.

I started scrolling my phone, and decide to follow up on my apartment listing. But my agent said that he still hasn't got any potential buyers for me right now. He kept on blaming the economy, I just sighed. My ads for my car was also pending, not many people were interested in buying my luxurious gas-consuming car. I tried to get it to the showroom, and sell it back to them, but they said that with my kind of car, only a handful of people would like to buy one that was used. They would prefer new ones. But they would call me if they have a buyer.

Damn! Rich snob people!

The alarm went off, break time was over. Then I started on my laptop again and got lost in my notes until I heard another alarm.

And you're done!

I think I did good, just need little finishing touches here and there, it can be done after this dating thing tonight.

Shit! I only have one and half an hour to take a shower, dry my hair, and go get ready. Fuck! I hope I can make it.

Deep breath! Steady! One step at a time. Focus!

I was just getting out of the shower, when I heard Phil at my door, saying there was a package for me. I quickly got out and get the package from him. It looked expensive.

"Thanks for bringing it up Phil. See you later."

I wasn't sure, that I was comfortable with strangers buying me things. I felt like I was being bought.

Deep breath. Need money. Will stop soon. Need to pay for a shrink. She's one expensive shrink.

I opened up the dress, seeing there was a note on it.

"Will arrive at seven sharp, please be ready on time." -JL

Right then... half an hour to go.

I opened another package and saw the lingerie from the photoshoot. Guess I was wearing this underneath then. I stripped myself naked and slip on the skimpy lingerie.

I started on my makeup, deep dark brown eyeshadow with luscious baby pink lipgloss that matched the dress. I kept my nails deep brown just like my eyeshadow. I decide to put my hair up and made it look a bit messy.

Lastly, I put on the dress. I was liking his taste, modest yet sexy at the same time. I finish off with my designer necklace and earrings. I looked at the mirror.

Well...I look good. Considering I haven't had my facial, and beauty treatment in a month.

I tidied up my clothes and stuff, and take my heels, my favorite pair

of nude Lois. Then waited for him with my phone, and my evening Prada clutch.

I smiled looking at the clutch, still looking at the dollar sign and how much I could get out of it. My phone buzzed, right on time. Nice. I opened the door in seconds. I was still smiling about the dollar sign when he looked at me.

"Gucci guy? Sorry, you must have the wrong floor."

"I don't think so, I bought the dress that you're wearing."

"Shit!" I blurted out before I even realized it.

"Well, this will be the first time a woman greeted me with that." He smiled, and seem to be amused by me.

"Sorry I mean, I didn't mean to... look, we can talk on the way. You said seven. We will be late, we need to leave now."

"No, I need to talk to you. I have spared thirty minutes, to prepared you to be my date tonight. Can I come in?"

"Um yeah sure. Sorry, this is my first. Please come in. Do you want anything to drink? Water, coffee, anything from the bar? Please sit down." I let him inside the apartment.

"You're nervous. It's refreshing. Now, your blushing. I'm James Logan by the way. You can call me James, or darling, or baby, or babe, up to you. And I'll take any whiskey you have." He chuckled from behind me, and kiss my naked shoulder lightly.

I put my things down on the kitchen counter, and get two glass of whiskey. I need to calm my nerves, my hand felt clammy.

Gucci guy just kissed my bare shoulder. Need to calm down. Breathe.

One. Two. Three...Breathe...

I was about to sit in front of him, but he took my hand and told me to sit next to him.

"I need people to see you as my date, willingly be by my side, and let me kiss you every couple of minutes." He drinks his whiskey, as I mirrored his action. Then he took my glass and put it beside his.

"So, what should I call you?" He cupped my jaw, and lower his lips to my neck inhaling my perfume. I can feel his breath trailing up to my ear. While his hand leaves my jaw, to my neck then rubbing down to my shoulder.

"I'm Lorraine Matthews, you can call me Lori. You can call me darling, or baby, or babe, up to you." I mirrored his words again, making him chuckled. My voice was raspy, as I was trying to get a hold of myself.

God. Gucci guy is really good at his game.

"Can I kiss you, Lori?"

"Uh-huh." That was all I could make to came out of my mouth, as he slowly moves his lips that were hovering from my neck, tracing to what I felt like an eternity to my lips. He smelled like the fine whiskey, that we just drink.

"Open your mouth for me, baby." I moaned, and do as he asked and waited for him. His expensive cologne filled the air around me. His lips finally touched mine. His hand reached my waist and hold me, as he continued his deep passionate kiss. His tongue was inside my mouth, savoring me slowly. Taking his time as he breaks our kiss, and nibbled on my lips, then finishing off our kiss.

His kiss was making me blush. I've never been kissed this sensually, in my twenty-one years of living. He looked at me and seemed pleased at his work.

"Beautiful. We should go now." He helped me up as I get my stuff, and headed to the elevator.

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