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   Chapter 3 Considering It

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It was on Wednesday afternoon, the week after I met Adriana that I started to think about the job offer. This was all too hard for me. Or maybe it was because I'm such a lazy bitch, and I was just too stupid to find myself another job. I hadn't changed my car and hadn't even found another apartment. I was still busy with selling off my designer stuff, school projects, then there were my cooking and cleaning, I was literally exhausted. Yes, it was all because I'm a control freak and have these OCD tendencies. I usually went to my shrink and talked about this. But since I'm poor, now I just drink it all away. I usually paid for maid service, to clean the penthouse. But I don't have the luxury now. So, I was working my ass off with chores and cleaning the place. God! I really need to move out. This place is too big for me to clean by myself. I finally fainted and was hospitalized. Phil found me, before I collapsed in the lobby, stepping out of the elevator. Great! now there were hospital bills that I have to think about. I got back two days later, after insisting that I didn't have insurance. And I couldn't afford the hospital if they charged me for another day. Right. Insurance. Next on my list.

Shit! This is so fucking hard. I'm so fucking tired. And I still have a paper to write for tomorrow. Damn it! This is going to be along night. I'm twenty-one, and I'm burning out. Fuck! How do people do this! It was ten at night. I was holding Adriana's card, and I was itching to call her. I had been holding on to my phone for an hour. Damn it!

Fuck it! I'm calling her. I have nothing to lose anymore. I was done with all of this. I'm doing this for one year, then I'm out. Hell, I'm out, if I got enough money for that one year. Soon as I graduated, I would find a job and support myself. And tomorrow I would start looking for a smaller place. I started tapping on her phone number. "Lorraine. Nice to finally hear from you."

"Ehmm...yeah look, Adriana, can we meet up? There is something that I would like to discuss. Now? Well yeah, I guess I can. Yes okay. I know the place. See you in twenty minutes. Bye."

Shit. What did I just get myself into? I quickly changed my outfit and meet with her at The Lounge. This was one of those upscale night clubs that Richard and I used to go to when we were out with the girls. It was a school night, so hopefully, there was no one that I knew there. I was wearing my black lace top jumpsuit. I never did like wearing those skimpy outfits. I just wore them for Richard, because he likes seeing me in it.

Used to. I must remember that. Shit, I've wasted two years of my life for that guy. Adriana waved at me, calling me to her. "Lorraine, how are you?" She gave me her sincere smile. "I'm good. Well, not really. Just got out of a hospital. I fainted in my apartment lobby, got too tired and stressed out I guess." I shrugged at her and tried to give her my best smile, but I think I failed, as she takes my hand and stroked it gently. "Anyway, here I am actually considering your offer. But I got a few questions, and I don't know if I can or can not, but I have some quirks. I don't know. I don't know how these things work. Shit. Maybe I shouldn't come."

"Hey...hey, it's okay. That's what I'm here for. So, ask away."

"Well, first what is the scope of this sugar baby entailed to? Is it just a companion? or do we have to have sex with them? And is there any boundaries? I mean there are some kinky people out there, and I'm not sure I'm one of them." I stopped right there and waited for her answers. "First of all, t

here will be a contract, regarding the scope of service provided. Just between you and the company, and the daddy. Now daddy itself is not always those who have a fetish, for daddy's little girl. But more like a man, who is capable to provide for the young woman, meaning for her financial security." She sipped on her cocktail and continued with her explanation. "That said, we have millionaires and billionaires as clients here Lorraine. That's why we keep it close. There are no sluts, whores, nor strippers in our list of sugar babies, almost all of them are socialites just like yourself. Most will want to have sex with you. While the older daddies, usually just want the companion of a beautiful young woman by their side. Just because they can. As for boundaries of sex, that's for you and your sugar daddy to talk about, and will remain private amongst you both."

My turn on sipping my cheap soda. But she quickly ordered my favorite vodka cherry. "It's on me, just because you took your time to meet with me. It's your favorite I know. We have studied you, of course."

"So, you must also know that I have OCD tendencies? I don't think I can be paired, with the sloppy ones. And I don't know if I get to choose the men, I thought this is about him choosing the girl he wants to spend his money on."

"We can make it work. We actually have a couple of candidates, that might be suitable for you. Then once one of them agrees, you both shall meet. And the contract begins, we will have our cut stated on the contract of course. As I said, it's a win-win for all of us."

"I need to pay my yearly tuition next month, and since it's an Ivy League college it's more expensive than others. And I need to move out of my current apartment, it's too big and I can't afford a maid service anymore. So I need this done soonest. Shit! I'm in a really deep shit here."

"Hey, it's okay look Lorraine. We had worse, and yours we can handle. You are really beautiful, and poised, and very well mannered. That's why I said you can buy back your horse, in no time when we first met. I've got several clients that would willingly spend a hundred grand, for one night with your company."

I was stunned, speechless. I know they're billionaires but... and I know that's not a lot of money for them. But I've been scrapping off money selling off my designer stuff and it's really taking me that long to come up with just a third of that. And for me, that sounds like a lot of money. Damn it! "For them, it's difficult to find a female companion, that would spend time with them and doesn't want to tie them down. But with our help they can have that, no worries, no follow-ups, no nagging phone calls. It's like a business transaction. And these men mean business. So, when one of our girls became those nagging woman, they would be cut from the contract, and terminated from our listing."

"What if I want to quit? I mean, I'm doing this only for my tuition, and my living expenses until I graduated from college. But if I got enough maybe I would like to quit before even the one year ends, to concentrate on my studies and to find a real job. Sorry, I didn't mean that yours is not, but I'm not doing this for the long run ."

"It's okay Lorraine, we will give you time to read our sign in contract. Just call me when you had signed it." She gave me a large envelope and closed our bill. Then she put her hand on my shoulder.

"This is the right thing to do Lorraine. Just think of it as a very well paid summer job?" She giggled as she said her goodbye, and hugged me telling me everything would be just fine.

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