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   Chapter 5 It Is Really A Good Scheme

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"Austin, I don't need these shoes. I'd better wear the pair I was wearing earlier." Gabrielle could tell Westley didn't like her talking to Austin. She didn't want the two of them to fight because of her.

"It's okay, Gabrielle. Just take it. I'll pay Miah from your side, don't worry." Westley came to Gabrielle's side. The feeling of his tall body next to hers made Gabrielle nervous.

Westley looked down at the blisters on Gabrielle's white and tender feet with narrow eyes and pursed lips.

"Mr. Lu, here is the ointment." A servant brought a green opaque tube.

Westley, the second youngest master of the family, was the most frightening one. He had been enrolled in the military for many years, and was trained to be strict and righteous. His mere presence scared everyone else.

"Thank you." Gabrielle was about to take the tube but Austin grabbed it first.

Gabrielle glanced up at Austin. "Austin, let me do it."

"Gabrielle, let me put it for you, sit down." Austin opened the tube, completely ignoring Westley.

"You two know each other? How intimate you are!" said Westley through his teeth, looking at him and Gabrielle with accusing eyes.

"Westley, Gabrielle used to be an intern at Jason's studio. We are friends," Austin explained calmly. He didn't see why he shouldn't be friendly with Gabrielle.

"No matter how friendly you are, from now on, Gabrielle is your sister-in-law. The Lu and Ji family have taught you to respect the elders, haven't they?" Westley's face was calm, but his eyes were cold.

Gabrielle could tell Westley was annoyed. In just a day, she had found out that he was a short-tempered person.

"Gabrielle, you also cannot talk to him so casually. You are his sister-in-law. Go and wait for me in the car with the ointment," Westley ordered with his hands tucked in his pockets.

Without wasting another moment, Gabrielle quickly took the ointment, wore the shoes Austin had gotten for her, and went to the car.

"Westley, I thought you were marrying Nellie. How did you end up marrying Gabrielle? How do you even know her?" Austin asked directly.

"That's none of your business. Remember that she is my wife now. Don't be too friendly with her. I don't want to hear any nasty rumors," said Westley in a low voice. His gaze was fixed on Austin's face.

The two cousins were not very close in the first place. Seeing that Austin already knew Gabrielle, Westley found his nerves were set on edge. Although he did not like Gabrielle himself, he had still married her. Now she needed to behave like Mrs. Lu.

"You are misunderstanding. Gabrielle and I are only friends!" Austin smiled innocently.

"I only wanted to know why you married Gabrielle instead of Nellie," Austin said without any hesitation.

He really wanted to know what was going on. He knew Westley had been in love with Nellie. Why then, had he married Gabrielle? And where was Nellie.

On the other hand, Gabrielle was about to enter the car when Liana stopped her.

"Wait a minute, Gabrielle Song!"

Gabrielle turned around to find Liana standing with her arms folded against her chest. "Aunt Liana, what's the matter?"

Gabrielle knew Liana was the last person in the Lu family to like her. She was staring at Gabriel like an arch-nemesis.

"Gabrielle Song, don't think that you have successfully become the young hostess of the Lu family. Westley only married you so the wedding didn't have to be called off!"

Liana had no filters. When she didn't like someone, she made no attempt to hide it.

Gabrielle maintained a calm face even though she was nervous inside. She didn't know what she could say to Liana.

"Westley married you because he wanted a temporary substitute for Nellie. Don't you dare think it is that easy to enter the Lu family. You can never be qualified to sit among us. This position only belongs to Nellie!" Liana warned Gabrielle overbearingly, taking a step closer to her.

Gabrielle h

ad never wanted to be the young hostess of the Lu family.

In fact, she already had someone special...

"I know, Aunt Liana," Gabrielle replied obediently.

"Good. Don't be misled into thinking you will be here forever. When Nellie comes back, you will rightfully give this position up. Now tell me, didn't Song family plan her escape? I must give it to you guys, what a scheme you came up with! You got to marry Westley and your trashy brother got to marry Nellie! Simply amazing!" Liana hissed, observing Gabrielle's astounded face. What a phony she was!

"You're misunderstanding, auntie. That's not what happened..." Gabrielle had no choice but to stand there and take her insults. She didn't like to be wronged at all, and Liana had accused both her and her family of something so cheap.

It was obvious Nellie had chosen to run away from the wedding because she didn't want to marry Westley. How sick it was that Liana thought this was all part of some conspiracy by the Song Family!


Liana was imagining things!

Did the so-called upper class always go about accusing others like this?

"Good. If we find out Song family had anything to do with it, we will make sure you all disappear from A City! And darling, I am sure you know that is not an empty threat!" Liana, like Westley, did not attempt to be nice to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was well aware that the Lu family really had the power to drive the Song family out of the city.

"Mom, what are you doing out here?" Westley's voice came from behind Liana.

"What could I be doing? I was only reminding little Gabrielle her place. She should always be aware of her identity and not get any ideas she shouldn't have, you know? Only Nellie can become a part of this family. When she comes back, this woman needs to get the hell out of here!" Looking back at Westley's angry face, Liana's own hatred toward Gabrielle was strengthened even more.

"Gabrielle Song, did you hear her clearly?" Westley cast a cold glance at Gabrielle.

"Yes, I did. I wouldn't even dream of being where I don't belong. I will leave the moment Miss Jiang comes back." Gabrielle would leave earlier if it was in her hands.

Liana snorted at Gabrielle and looked back at Westley. "Westley, Nellie ran away because she got wedding jitters. You were always on business trips and didn't get a chance to meet her. She must have thought you were not paying enough attention to her. You better send some people to look for her. Don't wait for her to come back on her own! What if she doesn't? Some girls need to be coaxed..."

"Mom, I'll handle it. I have something to deal with at work right now. I'm leaving." Westley got into the car.

"Get in the car! Are you waiting for me to carry you in? Or are you waiting for Austin?" Westley spoke sharply, knowing it would make her feel guilty.

Gabrielle was shocked to hear him take Austin's name. How relentless was this man! She suppressed her irritation and got in the car.

After a while, she thought she should address the issue before it became bigger. "Mr. Lu, I... Austin is just a friend. It's not as complicated as you think," said Gabrielle, trying to break the ice.

"Complicated? I am not interested at all. If you want to seduce a man, you are free to do it but don't do it in front of me." Westley said heartlessly. What did he think of her? What had she done to inspire such hate in him?

Gabrielle swallowed her displease bitterly and decided to let it go. The more she tried to explain herself, the angrier Westley got.

"What's more, spend more time looking for your brother. Don't wait for me to send someone to look for him. I don't care if the Song family loses their sole descendant, but I'm sure you do." Westley pumped up the speed all of a sudden, causing her to jerk back.

Westley saw her pale face and pursed his lips. He was driving faster on purpose to scare this woman since she obviously made him unhappy.

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