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   Chapter 6 The Top-earning Live Streamer

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"Just as well. You don't deserve me!" Kase bellowed and left angrily.

"Kase..." Alia started to follow him, but she turned around and spoke to Joe. "Mr. Zhang, about the contract..."

"It's ready. We'll sign it in my office if you just follow me." Then, Joe turned to Audrey and Harlan.

"Miss Yang, I suppose you're ready to discuss the terms of your son's contract with us as well?"

Before Audrey could say anything, Alia cut in, "Her son's contract? What are you talking about, Mr. Zhang?"

"Well, I've mentioned to you before that we've hired a boy to join you in the campaign. That boy is Miss Yang's..." Before Joe could finish, Alia was already throwing a fit.

"I'm sorry. I'm going to share a campaign with this woman's little brat? When did He Group's taste become so bad? What, you just hire nobodies now to do your endorsements? You know what, I'm out. You keep your contract."

Hearing Alia's little speech, Kyler narrowed his charming yet deadly eyes at her. He said calmly, "And we don't need you, Miss Alia Yang, to represent us with that attitude. I hereby terminate our cooperation immediately with no chance of future renegotiation. You have a nice life. Joe, please see her out."

Alia's pretty face turned bright red with shame, but she did not dare talk back at Kyler. She just glared at Audrey and pointed a finger to her face.

"You win this round, you bitch. But this isn't over." After that, she turned on her heel with her chin up and marched toward the same direction Kase did.

Audrey curled her lips in a satisfied smile. That was the best thing that happened today.

"Mr. He, are we really not signing Miss Alia Yang for next season? I'm afraid that if she posts about what happened today on her social media, her fans will go on a rampage," Joe carefully explained.

"Sorry, this is all my fault," Audrey interjected. She thought that her personal beef with Alia had brought the He Group a lot of trouble. And now they were in danger of getting ridiculed by her sister's legion of devoted fans.

"You're absolutely right. How are you going to compensate us for the loss?" Kyler asked in a seductive voice.

She whipped her head at him, unsure of what to say.

Then, he chuckled, which startled her deeply. "Remember what you owe me," he said. He would settle scores with her after the paternity test was done.

Kyler took Harlan back to his office while Audrey went to visit the loo.

The little guy was very interested in everything in his office. He raised his cute, chubby face and looked around curiously. His big, dark eyes shone brightly when he saw a model tank on his desk.

"Do you like it?" Kyler picked up the model tank and showed it to the boy. He bought it from a flea market in M Country. The moment he laid eyes on it, he instantly knew that it was his. He did not expect that he and Harlan shared the same taste.

"Yes, I like it very much. I have many interesting toys back home, many of which are very rare. How about I trade one of them for this?" The boy took out his phone and showed him his collection, which was pretty impressive.

Kyler watched him with delight as he went through and explained each photo in detail. There was something about the way Harlan's eyes lit up that made him feel so inexplicably happy.

It was like a huge, gaping hole in his heart that he did not even know was there was starting to close up. And it was all because of this charming, intelligent little boy that looked exactly like him.

"So would you like to have it?"

The boy nodded vigorously, "Yes."

"Then it'

s yours." Kyler stuffed the model tank into the little guy's hand.

He stared at him with his big, black eyes. "Really, Uncle Kyler?"

"Yes. Take it." And then, with a wave of his hand, Kyler told the boy that he could take anything he wanted.

Harlan wandered around the room and admired everything that he saw. Kyler's office was full of toys that the He Group was going to launch next season.

Other children who saw these toys would surely indulge themselves in playing with them, but Harlan just walked around his office and took selfies with the toys with his mobile phone.

"Are you filming?" Kyler asked him.

The boy started taking videos of himself commenting on every toy he touched, which he did orderly and seriously.

He answered, "Yes. My job is to review toys. I haven't done my stream today. Do you mind if I broadcast from here?"

Kyler smiled and nodded. Harlan was one of the top-earning live streamers on YUTO, the world's largest video platform. He usually talked about toys in his broadcast.

That was why Joe paid a high price to hire him as a spokesperson for the company's toy line.

Kyler watched as the little guy spoke in front of the camera with such quiet yet magnetic confidence. He was only reviewing some toys, but he explained his opinion like an expert in a field.

Kyler could not help feeling warm in his heart. He was naturally reserved and cold toward others and seldom liked being close to anyone. At this moment, looking at Harlan's delicate and beautiful face, he suddenly felt reluctant to let him go.

It would be really nice if he turned out to be his son.

After a few minutes, he was done with his live stream. He put down his mobile phone, got down from the chair, and walked up to Kyler. He tugged on his hand and stared at him with wide, twinkling eyes.

"Uncle Kyler, are you interested in being my mom's boyfriend?" he asked.

He was looking at him so seriously that the man felt a little uncomfortable.

Kyler let out an amused chuckle and pinched his chubby little face.

"Doesn't your mom have a boyfriend?"

The boy cocked his head to the side and thought for a while. Then, he answered, "There are many guys who want to pursue her, but she doesn't like them, and I don't like them either. I only like you, Uncle Kyler. Do you want to be my mom's boyfriend?"

This time, Kyler choked at his question. He grumbled, "Well, I haven't known your mom that long. Where is your dad anyway?"

"I don't have one." Harlan sighed and slumped his shoulders.

"Mommy said that she didn't know who my daddy was. I think he was an irresponsible, bad guy. He abandoned us before I was born."

Seeing the little fellow's sad face, Kyler took his hand in his and said gently, "I'm sorry I asked. By the way, have you been living in A Country with your mom all these years?"

"Yes. We came back here only because Mommy signed my contract with your company for me." The little boy touched his belly with his free hand.

"I'm hungry. Can we go get Mommy and grab something to eat?" Harlan looked at the man in front of him and thought about creating more opportunities for him and his mom to develop a relationship.

Kyler really seemed unable to resist his charm. He smiled at him and said, "Okay. What do you want to eat?"

"Roast duck!" he chirped. It was one of his favorite foods, and eating one with his mom and Uncle Kyler excited him.

At that moment, they saw Audrey following the secretary into the office.

"Mommy, you're back." Harlan let go of Kyler's hand and rushed to his mother with a smile.

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