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   Chapter 44 I Might Be Really Sick

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 6183

Updated: 2021-02-25 10:01

After a long time, I sighed, “It's okay, I just miss you!”How could I describe my invisible illness? She might be too sleepy to entangle, “Baby, can't you sleep?”I replied after a short hesitation, “Well, get your sleep and let’s talk tomorrow!”Having hanging up the phone, I shrank myself wrapped in a quilt, feeling insipid living in the world.Then I fell asleep in a daze, vaguely aware that the bed was pressed down an arc, and then I was pulled into someone’s arms.I thought it was Samson, but I was a little tired, so I just closed my eyes to sleep.I always lacked of sleep and out of spirits perhaps due to the great pressure recently, making me hard to deal with the business in the company. So I got a rest in the office. Linda asked me to sign some documents and then gave me a glass of milk, “Director, you look bad recently. How about going to the hospital?”I shook my head, “It's okay, go ahead! It's just a bad rest!”Indeed, I didn’t sleep well recently.She looked at me worriedly and still advise me after a few steps, “Why don't you go to see Dr. Reagan? He came to the company today and I met him in the elevator just now!”Haden had put all his interests and pursuits on the medicine, and he had only an identity of a shareholder in the Finns, so he didn’t come here very much.Samson might plan to invest in medical research later, so he set up a medical laboratory for Haden, which was basically in charge of Haden himself.I nodded, “Okay!”I was really in a poor state recently. After sitting in the office for a while, I got up to Haden’s office.His office and Samson’s were both on the first floor. I didn't intend to eavesdrop when I passed by Samson’s office, but I just accidentally saw Carol in a white dress standing in there after getting out of the elevator.Especially for the fairy-like dress which was her favorite style, so I recognized it at a glance.I didn't intend to listen to those mere platitudes, so I stood at and knocked Haden’s door.“What's wrong?” Sounded mellow and magnetic. Samson’s voice was discerning enough.I heard it right away.“Brother Samson, I figured it out that I will give up going abroad and won’t access to the entertainment.” Carol seemed to have made a lot of determination, speaking in a strange tone. “Ok!”What a cold response!But Haden still didn’t open the door after I knocked a few more times. Couldn’t he have fallen asleep? “Kris will come later and send you back!” Samson said coldly.Maybe it made Carol feel unhappy. After a while, Carol said, “I have given up all, isn’t it enough?”Samson responded to her for long, “Carol, I said don’t make any decision because of me. Sharon is pregnant. If you want to stay in Jiangcheng City, I will be responsible for your life, but I can't be responsible for your love. I have my own family!”“Family?” Carol said sharply, “What about me? My brother gave me to you, I...”“Jack Lucinda didn't ask me to marry you, Carol, we will all have our own life in the future.” Samson replied, sounded a little cold and ruthless.“Do you love her?” Carol said in a tr

embling voice, “You don't love her at all, it's just because she is pregnant. You think that if you have a child, you are responsible for them. Samson, you don't understand yourself at all. What you give Sharon is not love but responsibility, just like you used to treat me. So you would guard me!”After a long silence, I thought it was over. So I had to go home as Haden didn’t come out.Nevertheless, Carol’s voice continued in Samson’s office, “Brother Samson, I beg you, let me stay with you. I don’t ask you for anything. I will follow whatever you want. Please don't leave me, I have got used to be with you all these years.”It was prayer, compromise, and the humbleness of a girl.I couldn't help feeling sad. People would lose themselves once they fall in love.“What are you doing here?” Suddenly Haden came out of his office with a fatigued look, regaining my consciousness.So he was sleeping just now?“For you!” Before he was to reply, Carol's voice continued from Samson's office.“Brother Samson, I know you don’t love Sharon. A marriage without love will ruin a person. Although you have a child, it will become an insurmountable gap between you and Sharon instead of happiness. You will be entangled for a lifetime because of the child!”Haden heard it too. He looked at me with his handsome eyebrows raised, “Eavesdrop?”I…“No!” I explained, “I have to ask you for something!”“What?” He didn't look at me but continued to listen carefully to the office though he answered me.“I'm not in good health recently. Please check my condition that whether it will affect the fetus!” Seeing him listening with a light expression, I was helpless, “Dr. Reagan!”He glanced at me and motioned to continue listening.Carol seemed to assure her theory was correct, so she cried as she said, “You know that Sharon loves you, but you don't love her. Over time, she will collapse, and that is not what a woman wants.”“You were not me. How do you know that this is not what I want?” I couldn't bear to listen. Besides, Haden was still there. Then I walked close to Samson’s office and looked at Carol indifferently, “Unfortunately, Miss Lucinda, even if my husband doesn’t love me, we already have a child, which means he and I have become a real family. You may be otherworldly for too long to understand the world. That’s why you feel a married couple must rely on love on the earth.”“You...” My sudden appearance surprised both Carol and Samson, but just for a moment, Carol replied, “Do you really think you can stay him with a child?”I nodded, “I was not sure before, but now seeing your reaction, I think I have succeeded. After all, he puts me and our baby first, but not you.”Samson looked slightly cold as he might think I was upset saying that. I didn't care but looked at Carol and continued, “Of course, you can stay with him and continue to wait if you think yourself shameless enough. Maybe one day he will want to taste the shit outside after I deliver and he is tired of staying at home with me. At that time, you might come true of being given a small kennel! “

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