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   Chapter 43 I Couldn't Stop Samson from Pursuing His Lover

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 6081

Updated: 2021-02-25 10:00

Carol nodded, then said after a pause, “I don't have any clothes to change.”“The one you brought before is still in the guest room!”I stood at the stairs, silently watching them.Carol nodded and then entered the guest room.When grandpa bought the villa, he said that it was spacious enough for us with a few more children in the future. Later, I realized that it wouldn’t come true since I didn’t even know when Carol’s clothes were left in the villa. So ridiculous!“Ah!” A noise came from the guest room, sounded like falling.Samson frowned and instinctively wanted to check it out. But he stopped after a few steps when he saw me standing on the stairs, “Wake up?”I nodded, but my heart still ached, “She has fell down, go for her!”“Sharon!”I said, “Go!”It was useless. I couldn't stop Samson from pursuing his lover!Then I turned back to the bedroom. The wind and rain were heavy. I walked to the balcony, letting the majestic rain slap on my body. The pain in my heart would become numb as my sense of touch was anesthetized. Squatting on the ground, I clasped my hands tightly around myself and hunched my face between my legs, letting the tears run freely.There was no bitterness before sweetness in this world. How could things in fairy tales be taken seriously?As for some pain, nobody could or was responsible to help you out except by yourself. Not knowing if it was been in the rain for too long, I just felt dizzy in my head and dumb all over. Hearing the crackling sound from the bedroom, I looked up, finding Samson already standing beside me with a cold face.His eyes looked somber and cold, as if angry enough.“Tortured me like this, are you happy?”I froze for a moment, heading up, “Are you?”Without a word, he pulled me back from the balcony with his brows wrinkled deeply and said helplessly, “Sharon, I can't shirk some responsibilities. Please don't torture me with you and the baby, okay?”I bowed my head while tears still shed, “I didn't torture you, but my heart hurts too much.”My clothes were all soaked, so he took me directly into the bathroom and opened the shower, silently untying my clothes.I was sitting in the bathtub in a daze, feeling a little dizzy.It felt just blunt, making me a little uncomfortable.We had been naked to each other countless times, so I was not embarrassed and just let him keep going. After a long time, my body began to heat up as the bathroom was filled with warm mist.I felt much warmer. Having wrapped me in a bath towel, he took me out to the chaise longue and then put me in pajamas before wiping my hair.Neither of us was willing to talk, making the atmosphere so quiet to emptiness.I closed my eyes and leaned slightly on the chair as exhaustion struck.“Don't sleep in a hurry, just wait for your hair dried up.” It seemed that his anger dissipated a lot.I didn't respond but just closed my eyes.After a while, I heard the sound from a hair dryer. Such a scene was as warm as a painting, but it was too beautiful to be true.“Sharon!” Samson

stopped.Opening my eyes, I felt a little sleepy, looking at him a little dazed.He put me in his arms and said in a low voice, “Let's go down together!”This was not a discussion, because he had already picked me up and walked out of the bedroom.Downstairs, Carol had already taken a shower as her hair was half-dry, sitting in the living room. Opposite her was Kris. I didn’t know when he came.Seeing Samson holding me downstairs, Carol stared at me with her eyes unabashed jealousy until Samson put me on the sofa.Suddenly she stood up and grabbed Samson unscrupulously, “Brother Samson, are you going to leave me away?”Meanwhile, her eyes became red and swollen as tears falling.I headed down and closed my eyes wordlessly. Why did Samson bring me here now?Watching a show?“Carol, stop messing around, and go back with Kris!” Samson said in a low tone and faintly displeased.Maybe Kris also thought that she was too much, so he said, “Carol, I will send you back!”Carol broke down and said hoarsely, “Do you all think I'm messing around and hate me? All of you begin to dislike me and don't want me just as my brother is gone!”“Heh!” I sneered.What I did had irritated Carol, who was already emotional. She stared at me, “Sharon Sandra, what are you laughing at? Oh, yes, you are the proudest now. Having exhausted all mental efforts, you finally got what you wanted.”I laughed, “What did I get?” After a pause, I laughed a little out of control. “By the way, I did get a lot. Thanks to you, I got a disloyal marriage and what’s more is I can’t even tell anyone that I am pregnant. You are wanton to use your dead brother to unscrupulously break my family, insert my marriage, and become a mistress. Why are you so righteous and confident to be a whore and even can't wait to tell the whole world!”“Sharon Sandra, you talk nonsense!” She blushed and stared at me furiously.I disdain to quarrel with her and said coldly, “I am talking nonsense? You should examine yourself. This is the home of Sharon Sandra and Samson Finn, not the place where you can show off. Please watch your step, Miss Lucinda!”Carol looked gloomy as her hands clasped tightly, staring at Samson and then at me angrily.I felt really too tired to toss.When I turned around upstairs, Carol's aggrieved and helpless voice came from behind, “Brother Samson...”“Enough!” Samson said with a little angry, “Send her home, Kris!”Ignoring what they said after, I went upstairs.Lying on the bed, I felt uncomfortable all over, so I called Maya.It was connected after a long time, “Miss Sandra, what the time is it.”She sounded like to be awakened. Then I checked the time and found it was already two o'clock in the morning.It was too hard for her. I said, “Maya, I seem to be sick!”She froze for a moment, and then her voice went louder by a decibel, “What's wrong? What is ailing you? You should go to the hospital. Is Samson with you?”I was silent for a while since I didn't know how to explain for her. It seemed not to be a visible disease.

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