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   Chapter 42 Maya Wanted to Go for a Walk

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 6322

Updated: 2021-02-25 10:00

I could stay here if Samson really liked this baby. As for Carol, I had endured her for such bad two years, so how could I be worse with a child?It seemed nothing for my grievance compared with lacking father’s love of the child. But for some things, the deeper the pressure, the more crushing it would be when it exploded.The next few days were full of torrential rains, which caused flood in some urban areas of Jiangcheng City in this season every year. In order to achieve humanitarianism, the company had closed get off work hours earlier than usual in these few days.Knowing that Samson would not leave Carol who was afraid of thunder instead of back to the villa these days, I didn’t return but stayed in Cloud apartment. At least Maya would stay with me. Due to the blue crystal, Maya didn’t go to the bar anymore. Instead, she stayed at home every day to study the dishes. So I lived neither better nor worse with her.But people would be affected to a certain extent in their spirits just after they came round to their minds. So I no longer expected Samson to come for me, but I would often be alone in a daze.Sometimes it would be particularly uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. If it were not for Maya's reminder, I would often forget even though Haden tole me to remember to take the medicine that he prescribed for me.The heavy rain finally stopped and Jiangcheng City also began to shine after a week.The Finns” audit had started while I began to work on Solar Electronics. Maya said she was going to travel by herself for a few days.I knew that she was holding back in her heart. As for blue crystal, if it weren't for Mr. Paul to go out, I was afraid she would be sentenced to more than ten years in prison.Maya had accumulated resentment, but she could only hold it in her heart. Even if she knew that Carol did it, she could not do anything. Nobody could offend Carol only if Samson had stayed with her for a day. Therefore, I could understand Maya wanted to go for a walk.When she left, I naturally wouldn't stay in Cloud Apartment anymore but only back to the villa, in which there was still Auntie Zara who could accompany me lest I got a nervous breakdown alone. So I drove towards the villa after handling the business. It was a coincidence that Carol would appear at the entrance of the villa.She was standing next to Samson's black jeep in an azure blue long-sleeved dress, looked thin and slender, as beautiful as a painting in the sunset.“It's beautiful!” I couldn't help talking to myself.But somewhere cracked into a big bloody hole in my heart, filled with anger and suppressed hatred.I supposed to slow down the car but I stepped on the brakes towards Carol. In just a few seconds, I had exposed all the ugliness that buried in my heart.I thought that as long as Carol was dead, then I didn't have to endure all of these, and didn't need to worry about when Samson would return or leave without warning.At that moment, I really wanted to kill her.Samson appeared, standing in front of Carol, full of coldness on his face.I slammed on the brakes, feeling a little confused...After a while, Samson

pulled me out of the car, looked cold and gloomy, “Sharon, what are you doing?”I slumped uncontrollably before he hugged me halfway in a quick, but his anger still remained.For a long time, I headed up to him with my eyes full of tears, “Samson Finn, let her leave here, okay?”I was a little choked holding his hands, “Samson, I really love you more than you thought. Don't force me, I will really kill her if she appears again.”Yes, I didn't want to suppress my emotions at all that moment. I would show all of them to Samson without any reservation, including my viciousness and selfishness.We stared at each other. Samson pursed his lips as the strength holding my arm was already softened unconsciously. He cupped my face with one hand while his nose was against my nose, with an aura of aggression overwhelming me, said hoarsely, “Silly!”Hugging me up, he looked at Zara who hurried out, “Take a car for Miss Lucinda!”Zara nodded repeatedly.Carol was over shocked. And only then she returned to her senses, looking at me and Samson with a pale face, said to Samson with grievances and unwillingness in her voice, “Brother Samson...”“Go back!” Samson replied, holding me back to the villa.Zara's voice faintly came from behind, “Miss Lucinda, the car is coming, please!”Back in the bedroom, Samson put me on the bed and gazed at me with a charming look. After a long time, he approached me and gently dropped a kiss on my cheek, “Don't be so impulsive! Or...”He didn't say the following words but just a bite on my shoulder. It hurt a bit. I frowned but didn’t say anything.His phone rang after he tucked me in. It was Carol since the phone was placed on the bedside table close to me.Samson gave it a glimpse but did not answer.Carol directly sent message instead of making calls in that Samson ignored her.I glanced at the phone, “Brother Samson, don't leave me. My brother has gone, now you are my only one.”I wanted to laugh but failed as if I got the sand into my eyes.Samson also noticed it, but he didn't reply yet lit a cigarette and sat on the balcony, looked lonely and desolate.It didn't take long before I fell asleep since I was over scared just now.I was awakened by the heavy thunder and rain, instead of which I thought it was clear.I reluctantly felt that such a night was not terrible since Maya was staying with me before. However, the bedroom was empty against the lightning passing through the window, rampant in the dark.Turning on the light, I looked around the room, but did not see Samson. The cigarette butt dropped on the balcony approved that he had smoked a lot.So I left the bedroom barefoot. Maybe he would be in the study.But reality shocked me. In the hall downstairs.Carol's azure blue dress was soaking wet when her eyes were red. And she looked a little stubbornly at Samson who a head taller than her.“Go back!” Samson said with helpless somewhat.“No!” Carol smiled innocently and eloquently, “You know, I fear thunder.”Carol looked more petite and weaker than before as her clothes were wet and her hair was messy. After a long time, Samson seemed to have compromised, “Go take a bath!”

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