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   Chapter 41 What if the Baby Is Aborted

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 6368

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Maya paused and thought for a while, “It is possible. After all, many women will fall in love with someone they didn't love because of a baby.”Indeed, by all rights there were many such examples.“What if the baby is aborted?” I said in a daze.Maya was shocked and abruptly slapped my shoulder, “What do you think? This baby has been two months old and it is almost formed. All you have to do now is to give birth to it. Get your head out of the clouds.”I covered my face, feeling a little irritable as I had always been flustered recently.Having dried my hair, Maya helped me to the bed, comforting me to sleep well.Samson never showed up again in the midnight. But thunder and lightning flashed all night. Maya stayed with me, fearing that I was afraid of sleeping alone. I really couldn't fall asleep, but it was not because of fear, but irritability. Therefore, I stayed up until the midnight.But I was woken up by a call when I felt half-dream and half-awake for a long time.Daybreak.It was from Linda. She seemed a little anxious, “Director Sandra, Credit Audit has already connected with our finances, but the Joes...”“You go to contact AC, and then give them the Joes” audit. It will all be under your charge.” It was easy to mess it up as my state now.She agreed, “As for Solar Electronics, the operation will be started at the end of the month. Director Sandra, you may be going on a business trip for a few days.”I nodded. It was necessary to travel on business. Having hung up the phone, I felt a little uncomfortable and tired.I got up and found Maya had cooked the porridge for me. She was a little embarrassed, “I'm really sorry, I haven't cooked for many years. I’m unfamiliar about it!”Looking at the dark porridge on the table, I chuckled, “You wouldn't be so cruel to a pregnant woman, would you?”She squinted and laughed, “Try it anyway.”Gazing at the dark cuisine, I really felt I could guess the smell without tasting. But seeing her look expectant, I still took a sip audaciously.“How is it? Tastes delicious?”She was so expectant that I really didn't want to shock her, so I smiled, “Half-baked!” She was really a kitchen killer.I couldn't bear to see her desperate, so I left the villa with my bag.She followed up and said unwillingly, “Come back early, I will cook delicacies!”I? ? ? ?Let me go!Fortunately, I was not too late as getting up early. Then I met Kris as soon as I entered the elevator. Sometimes I kept thinking about the old nursery rhyme that the more you hate a person, he will be more alive and kicking in your world. “Good morning, Director Sandra!” Kris said strangely, “What? Didn’t Samson stay with you in last thunder and rain night?”Then he continued his play, “Indeed, Samson will stay with Carol every thunder night as she was afraid. Let alone last night.”I looked down at the pearls on my shoes and couldn't help laughing. It turned out that the reason Samson suddenly stopped last night was he worried about Carol!Of course, she was his treasure. He couldn’t sleep all night if he didn’t accompany her last night.This time, I didn't fight back as what he said was true.In this relationship, the person

who was not loved or cared for was me. It is said that the two people who love each other are true lovers, and the other one who cannot be loved is the mistress.“Hey!” Kris hit me with his elbow, “What are you thinking about? Did you hear what I said just now?”I had been calmer than before. After a glance at him, I said, “I heard it. They are very good match!”The elevator arrived and I went out.Kris” voice came from behind, “Sharon Sandra, are you stupid?”When I entered the office, Linda was waiting for me with a pile of documents. Then she put them in front of me, “Director, all the documents are needed to be signed before the audit. Credit Audit has already started, and the audit of Jiangcheng City should be completed in some days. We will need to go to other provinces after the day after tomorrow. The Joes has not yet begun as Ac will come over today. “I nodded and opened the document, said as signing, “You should keep staring at the Finns” audit, and contact me if you have any questions. Besides, take care of Solar Electronics. The construction can be started when the preparations done.”She nodded and waited quietly for me to sign.I didn't sleep well last night due to my mental distresses recently, so I felt a little uncomfortable after reading a few documents.Seeing the rest, I said to Linda, “Go ahead! I will give it to you later.”She smiled, “It's okay, I'll wait for you to finish it! I have to take these to Credit Audit and AC for the connection in a while.”Thus, I had to sign the rest in one breath and then handed it to Linda, “Go!”Seeing my poor state, Linda worried, “Director, are you all right?”“Nothing!”It was a long time for my headache.Knowing unable to give any help for me, Linda went out for work with the documents. Then I found the phone to call Haden for some advice.It was a coincidence that he happened to call me.“The Finns” audit is finalized. Are you planning to go on a business trip?” He spoke in advance. I nodded, “Yeah.” Rubbing my eyebrows, I said a little irritated, “I have been dizzying recently, and occasionally have pain. Is this a normal reaction to pregnancy?”After a pause, “Well, maybe you didn't pay attention to recuperating in the first two months. I will prescribe some medicine for you. Remember to take it and don't overwork.”I hummed, a little bit weakly lying on the table with nursing a grievance, “I won’t have a baby if I knew that being a mother is so hard!”A faint laughter came from the other side, “Don’t talk nonsense! I will go with you when you go on a business trip so as to take care of each other.”I was stunned and said a little embarrassed, “Are you going with me on purpose or...”“Stop your imagination. I have some business too.”Uh uh...“Okay, see you then!” I felt a little more relieved. Reagan Haden was a good friend, with a degree of deeds and thorough words.Having hung up the phone, I was a little tired on the table. I figured out that the fetus had been two months old.I originally planned to divorce Samson and left Jiangcheng City after finishing the company's affairs, but the plan was not as good as the change. So I was a little at a loss now.

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