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   Chapter 40 Your Husband Is Sleeping with Another Woman

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4415

Updated: 2021-02-14 00:01

It was getting dark, so I went back to my own house, next to Maya’s on the first floor. It was eleven o'clock in the evening. My phone vibrated several times. It was a strange number.Finally, I answered, “Hello!”“Sharon Sandra!” It was... Kris?Why did he call me now?“What?”“Samson didn't go back, right?” It sounded gloating, “Do you really think that you will have an in with a child? I really sympathize with you. Your husband is sleeping with another woman now while you are spending your nights alone. Feel bad?”I was helpless, “Mr. Joe, why did you call me now? They didn’t invite you for sex together, so you feel alone and vent your anger on me?”After a pause, I continued, “If you really like Carol, I think you should talk with Samson about making love together. Don’t bother me. You single dog!”“Sharon, you fu*king...” I immediately hung up.Nothing made me rest assured every day!The house of Cloud Apartment, about 100 square meters, was not very spacious but enough for living alone. However, I felt irritable with what happened today.Additionally, I had slept for a while just now, making me boring and awake. So I turned on the computer for the audits.The conspicuous message that I almost forgot made me shocked when I checked the mailbox. I asked Tiger for some information about AC’s operation in previous years, which was used to get rid of AC since I didn’t expect Credit Audit would only take the Finns” audit after they got both of the Finns and the Joes.But now the information that Tiger sent me was useless because I had to transfer the Joes” audit to AC now.As a result, I ignored it. I wouldn’t ask for him if he was not the only one who was able to help me.Things should be passed as time goes by. The doorbell rang. It should be Maya. But I felt dizzy when I stood up to open the door.Maybe I sat for a long time, but I got dizzy again while I was looking for her slippers, “What did you buy for so long?”I looked towards her as she didn’t answer me.It was Samson standing there with no emotion.I frowned. Shouldn't he be lying on Carol’s bed now? Why did he come here?Then I was to closed the door.He blocked me, “Who are you waiting for?”I let him go,

replied lazily, “Of course I’m waiting for someone to get rid of my loneliness.”He grinned walking towards me, “Get rid of your loneliness?”Then he hit me hard with his crotch, “How about this to get rid of your loneliness?”I…What a shameless man!“Why don't you speak?” He pressed me with his whole body.A light kiss fell on my forehead, and then...“Why don't you go back?” He bit my lips and then said in a magnetic voice, “What are you doing here?”“Samson Finn, let me go!” I had never seen such a brazen person that mixed with two women. He whispered, “Do you think I will let you go now?”I…Maybe I would cater to him before. But now I could hardly react to him since the last time.He stretched out to my crotch and realized I had no reaction, making him a little upset. So he hugged me to the shoe cabinet.I immediately stopped him as he was to take off my clothes, “Enough, Samson, I really can’t respond to you anymore.”I had no idea about what happened to me. Maybe something had be riddled with holes though it seemed intact.He frowned, “Can’t respond to me?”I wanted to say something but I couldn’t.Suddenly he pulled me into the bathroom and poured cold water on me with the shower.“Samson Finn, what are you doing?” I had almost collapsed, “Go for Carol Lucinda if you want sex. Why are you hazing a pregnant woman?”The only one he cared was Carol. In that case, why not leave me alone but torture me?Samson stopped pulling the zipper, suppressing his anger. After a long silence, he turned off the shower and stepped back.I ignored him, weakly sliding on the ground after losing his support. As a thunder stroke, there came a heavy rain outside against the extreme hush inside. I thought Samson was angry, but soon denied myself. He calmed down and cleaned up himself, “Take a good rest!”Then he left.Sentiments are volatile. I was still sitting in the bathroom when Maya came back. She exclaimed at me, “Sharon Sandra, are you crazy? Why are you sitting here? You have a baby!”Being taken out of the bathroom, I sat on the bed dumbly to be wiped my hair by her.After a long time, I asked Maya, “Tell me, would a man fall in love with a woman because of a baby?”

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