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   Chapter 39 Samson’s Suspicion

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4986

Updated: 2021-02-13 00:01

I lied to her?About the baby?As she was to slap me again, I stopped her and said coldly, “Miss Lucinda, you should have your baseline. Don’t you feel ashamed as a concubine? ““You...” She was to fight back when some others came outside.Suddenly Carol threw my hands away and then hit on the desk forcefully by herself.Thus, what Samson and Kris saw was Carol lying on the ground with blood on her forehead when they just came in the office hurriedly. On the other hand, I was standing beside her.She was really a fu*king actress. “Carol, are you okay!” Kris helped Carol up and said angrily, “Sharon Sandra, you did too far.”I did too far?I ignored him but turned to Samson, “If I said I didn't push her, do you believe?”Looking at the blood on Carol’s head, Samson responded to me in a cold voice, “Sharon, you should be proper!”It was like pouring cold water on me. I smirked, “I'm really a fool!”A fool that was blinded by his sweetness. I couldn’t believe that I considered him as my beloved. So ridiculous!Feeling sore also disgusting, I walked up to Carol Lucinda, “Please play a real game next time, Miss Lucinda. How could others believe that I pushed you that far? Let alone I’m still a pregnant woman.”“You…”“Pop!” I slapped her face hard in rapid sequence, watching her with a smile, “This is a payback for you. Do what a concubine should do. Idiot.”I was not in the mood to stay here any longer.Giving a glance at them, I went out of the office. But Samson grabbed my hand when I passed by him. I threw him away, “Mr. Finn, stay with your dear baby!”After leaving the office, I went to the Cloud Apartment. As Maya was still resting now, so I took a turn to the supermarket.Since I didn’t return there for a few days, I decided to buy some daily commodities.To my surprise, I met Jim entangling with a pretty lady.Originally, I was in a bad mood, so I just stood aside to watch the fun.But I didn't expect that Jim would notice me and even came holding my hand, “Help me!”Then he said to the followed lady, “Linda, this is the sister I have liked for almost ten years. I really got no feeling with you. Stop pestering me, okay?”The lady was flushed as being rejected, looked very pitiful, “You like her, but she may not like you. Jim, I think she should be married at her age. What do you like with her?”I? ? ? ?I looked old?I didn’t want to participate in their entanglement. But Jim grabbed my hand and said seriously, “Linda, do you remember you ask

ed me about the girl in the photo of my wallet when we were a junior? Take a closer look, it's her. I’ve really liked her for ten years.”Being flickered by Jim, the lady stared at me for a while, and then cried sadly.“Jim Paul, what are you doing?” What a mess! Why did I get into their complicated relationship?Jim was also very helpless, “I have no choice. She has been pestering me for so many years. I just let her give up.”Give up what? So boring.I rolled my eyes at him, and then left. Jim followed up while the lady was crying, “Sharon, I really like you. Samson has no feelings for you. Why don't you leave him? I am rich and powerful. Give me a chance!”I was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk with him anymore, so I stopped abruptly and looked back at him coldly.He was stunned for a moment, and then stopped following me, said with a smile, “A chance?”“Jim Paul, I formally warn you now, stay away from me. I am not interested in a little boy, OK?”He was out of luck today since I was still angry about what happened in the company.Then I went into the apartment.But I didn't expect Jim would keep up and grabbed me angrily, “You think I’m a little boy? “Damn, he was really boring!“Yes, Jim, you are really annoying! I... ah!” He directly hugged my thigh and lifted me head down.“A little boy? Let me show you something.” He said indomitably while slapping my ass heavily.I…It made me dizzy and uncomfortable as his broad shoulders against my stomach although he seemed thin. In addition, that I was pregnant.I shouted, “Jim Paul, let me down. I'm pregnant. It’s too dangerous.”He stopped abruptly and put me down, “When?”I was a little dazzled, “It's been two months. Leave your energy for your little girl. Don’t toss me.”It was so thrilling.“Samson’s?”Damn, I was wordless about him, “I am his wife. Who else can I have sex with? Go back to your home!”“Does he know?” The little boy stood in front of me with a serious look.I looked at him helplessly, “Of course he knows. He is the baby’s father.”He seemed frustrated, then we finished as no one talked again.Sure enough, Maya was still sleeping in the bedroom when I returned. She must be tired in the police station.I hadn't come here for a long time, and there was a mess here. So I cleaned up, sitting in the living room while waiting for Maya.However, I didn't expect that I would also fall asleep. When I woke up, Maya left a note on the coffee table that she went out to buy something.

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