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   Chapter 38 Jane's Daughter

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4815

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At this time, Mr. Paul spoke, “Yesterday I heard that someone was doing business with it. For medicine, one or two grams is enough.”Jane hurriedly denied, “No, Mr. Paul. I asked for Mrs. Finn about this two days ago. She asked her friend to buy some for me, but something happened to her friend, still in the police station.”I was shocked before realizing Mrs. Finn that Jane referred was me!When did I meet Jane? And I had never been so familiar with her.I glanced at Samson, but he was gazing at Mr. Paul.Mr. Paul was so sophisticated that he knew what Jane meant right now. He looked at me in a complicated look, “I really don’t know that Jane is so familiar with Mrs. Finn. Could you tell me your friend’s name? If it was a misunderstanding, I will release her soon. We are family!”I was not in a hurry to answer but took the orange juice towards him with a smile, “Thanks uncle Paul, her name is Maya Wesley, as old as me. Forgive me as a pregnant woman to toast you with the orange juice. Thank you so much, uncle Paul.”Mr. Paul looked at Samson and Jane with a satisfied smile, “She is so sweet. Let me have a drink with her.”Maya was almost safe.We got familiar after a meal.Mr. Paul and Jane might had drunk a little too much. They were chatting about the past.Mr. Paul said to Jane after glancing at me, “Jane, you have been asking about the child these years. How’s it going?”Probably Jane was very sad about it. She said with a reluctant smile, “It has been more than 20 years, but I didn’t know anything about her, let alone knowing if she is alive.”“Ah!” Mr. Paul sighed, “It's okay, you'll find her.”Eating too much made me a little comfortable with my stomach.So I went to the restroom.Samson followed up, “Are you all right?”“It's okay, just a little nauseous.” It was not serious as morning sickness had just started.After a while, I asked Samson curiously, “What did Mr. Paul and Jane talk about? Isn’t Jim her only child?”Samson helped me out of the restroom, and sat on the chaise longue in the corridor. He touched my lower abdomen, “Jane was married Jim's father when she was divorced. I heard that she had a daughter before, but the girl was lost by Jane's ex-husband. So Jane has been inquiring about her all these years.”Watching his gentle that had never appeared before, I said, “Samson, do you particularly like children?”He had always turned a blind eye to

me after two years of marriage. But since I got pregnant, he seemed to changed.Either love at first sight or love for a long time is between a man and a woman. But neither was between Samson and I. Maybe a child could change his life. Then we returned to the dining room.It was dark when we finished.I fell asleep soon after getting on the car.Back to the villa, Samson didn't wake me up but took me to the bedroom.The next day, Samson had left but my phone kept ringing.It was Maya.“Baby, I'm free, I'm free!” Sounded exciting. She should be running.I was a little surprised, “Are you clear with the police?”“Yeah, the policeman said that the blue crystal in my closet was not enough to convict me. It was just used for medicine, so he released me.”I felt happy same as her, “Good, you should take a good rest at home. Then come out for supper together.”“Yes, I really want to eat Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese hot pot...” I agreed all of that she ordered, “Okay, go home and sleep, call you later.”“OK!”I felt much better now.When we were young, the teacher always told us that there was only right or wrong in the world. But as we grew up, we found there was no absolute boundary between right and wrong!For example, we couldn’t define a person with only right and wrong.I went downstairs after washing. Zara had already cooked lots of delicious food. She smiled, “Good morning Mrs. Finn. I have made several dishes, please have a taste. I will cook your favorite later.”I looked around, but didn't see Samson. I said, “Zara, it’s too much.”She smiled, “No, you were pregnant. Mr. Finn said you should eat more.”“Where did he go?” I asked.“He went to the company early. Someone called him many times, urging him to the company.” I nodded, thinking about today’s work.I should be on time as I always encountered Kris recently. It was improper to be late.I went out without eating too much, so Zara packed some fruits for me.I didn’t refuse her.Fortunately, I didn't meet Kris at the company. When I got off the elevator, I was grabbed and firmly turned around by someone.Suddenly a slap heavily hit on my face, making me dazzled in an instant. “Pop”.The whole office became quiet!I felt so hurt.For a long time, I squinted at the woman who was in a rage. I felt very angry“Sharon Sandra, you dare to lie to me?” Carol grabbed me as her face was distorted horribly.

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