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   Chapter 37 Help Maya 2

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4486

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I went to ask the police but nothing in response.As what Haden predicted, the monitoring in the hotel was broken, so there was no substantial clue.Therefore, I couldn’t meet Maya now.Then I took a taxi to Time Bar which had been blockaded by police.It was useless for helping Maya by myself in the complicated social network. Unexpectedly, Samson hadn’t come to both the hotel or the bar. I was in daze at the bar when Samson called me.His clear voice came with some noise, “Where are you?”“In the company!” I lied to him due to his upset knowing I was in the bar.Soon I was exposed by him, “When does the company become so humble?”Then he occurred with my car in front of me.It was awkward!This was why I heard some noise from him...I nodded, getting on the car with a deep breath, “Why are you here?”“Why are you here?” He asked me back with a little unhappy.I closed my eyes and said tiredly, “Credit Audit is only in charge of the Finns” audit, not include of the Joes”.”“Give it to AC!” He replied while starting the car.I wondered, “Both or just only the Joes”?”Having run a traffic lights, he looked at me, “Are you going to break the contract?”Certainly, I should give the Joes” to AC because I had signed the contract with Jim.I relaxed my shoulders and spine in a pain. But suddenly I found we were on a wrong way, “Where are we going?”“Lunch!”He was always indifferent so I kept quiet. But when we stopped at the mall, I became confused again, “Lunch in the mall?”He was to go shopping with me? Then had a lunch?This was so... romantic!We entered the mall with his handsome looks drawing many women.They weren’t stingy at all with their adoration for Samson, either implicitly or generously.I whispered behind him, “You are alluring too much.”I hit his back as he suddenly stopped. It was a little hurt, “Why did you stop?”“Be focus!” He took me into the brand store, “Pick a suit and we’ll meet someone later!”Who?I didn't ask. Anyway, I was good at everything except for the poor taste of dressing. Having waited for me long, Samson became so impatient that he asked the guide help me to pick.Finally, we chose a floral dress with a small apricot white suit and I wanted to perfect with a pair of h

igh heels.But Samson didn’t agree. He said, “Pregnant women are improper for high heels!”What the fu*k. It was just three centimeters!I was a little unhappy. But soon I realized that he took me around the mall just to buy a suit.“Samson!” I called him in upset.“Huh?” He had always been serious in driving, so he just gave me a glimpse.“I'm angry!” I was angry without any reason. Just now I thought he was taking me shopping, but...He smirked, “Why?”Why?Umm...I didn’t know either!I was silent but still upset. Then he held my hand and said in a warm voice, “Anger is not good for pregnant women. Take it easy!”Bull sh*t!Some warmth would keep for a long time, which became the only sweetness in my mind.We arrived at a luxurious European-style villa, “In someone’s home?”He handed the key to the parker and then said in a gentle voice, “Some friends!”Why was he so mysterious!A middle-aged woman in exquisite fashion came to us with a smile, “Mr. Finn, long time no see.”Then she asked Samson about me, “This is Mrs. Finn, right?”Samson nodded and greeted implicitly, “Hello, Mrs. Lee, sorry for waiting!”Mrs. Lee? I looked at her and found it was Jim’s mother, Jane Lee!Why did Samson suddenly bring me here?After a brief introduction, Jane took Samson and me into the villa. The dining room was on the second floor. There were already a few middle-aged men with their wives on the table. She asked for serving the food, and then smiled, “Thank you very much for coming here today. It was rarely for you to have a meet together. Have fun, just be your own home.”“Hah, Jane, wait for a moment, you haven't introduced the new guest to us?” It was a middle-aged man who was slightly fat and with a bit of majesty in his smile.Jane smiled, “Mr. Paul, don’t worry. This is Mr. Finn that I have been talking about before. A young and promising man. Here is his wife, Mrs. Finn.”After the introductions, I realized that all the people on the table were famous figures in business and officialdom.Jane shared something interesting in Jiangcheng City recently. But I didn’t know if she was deliberately to talk about the blue crystal. She said it hadn’t appeared on the market for decades and wanted some for medicine.

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