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   Chapter 36 Help Maya 1

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I continued with a smile, “By the way, although Time Bar belongs to Carol now, her assets are basically Samson’s, right? You'd better not bother me, or I will go to court. I am still Mrs. Finn, remember? Mr. Joe!”“You got a smart mouth!” It was beyond his expectation. But the elevator came before he was to respond me.I gave him a glimpse as the winner, “I am looking forward to your grand slam. Come on, Mr. Joe!”I felt really awesome as the unpleasantness from Samson disappeared in an instant.Back in the office, some boss had been waiting for me early.Linda trotted to me, “Director Sandra, Jim Paul of Credit Audit had been here for the whole morning.”I nodded, “Take me a cup of warm milk.”In the office, Jim was laying on the chair seemed resting.He spoke with his eyes closed, “Are you always so casual?”Linda came in with the milk, “Do you need me to bring all the audit files of the Finns?”I shook my head, taking a sip of milk, “You must get the notification. Sorry to be late. Since you are here, we can sign the cooperation!”Jim half-squinted at me, “So are you sure to pick Credit Audit?”I felt a little hurt with my back, “Show the contract to Mr. Paul!”Then Jim just picked up the pen and signed it casually.Now I was done while the rest work was affiliated to the Finns Finance. But Jim didn’t leave. I asked, “Mr. Paul, is there anything else?”He moved to me, “Let’s have a meal together!”I was really annoyed by the kid, looking at Linda, “Go ordering a takeaway for Mr. Paul.”Linda nodded and left with a smile.Jim looked upset, “Why are you so boring? Anyway, you should respond positively to my invitation!”I couldn’t bear his noise, “Mr. Paul, in terms of cooperative relations, we are done. In terms of personal life, I am married. So please stay away from me.”I went back to the office for the files of Solar Electronics to be handled. All these things were really knotty.Jim was really a young man who had a thick thin. I didn't care about him either, doing my own business.Linda brought the takeaway to him, “Mr. Paul, this is yours!”He responded with an aura, “Thank you!”Then Linda came to me, “Director Sandra, Mr. Lee

from AC has emailed you several times. Would you like to meet?”I opened the mailbox without any message, “Not yet!”I was afraid that it wouldn’t be over about last time since I passed the winner of the tender!Maybe they would make trouble again!“Why not? Maybe it can solve a lot of troubles!” Jim said while eating the food, “By the way, Credit Audit is only in charge of the Finns”!”I was confused, “What do you mean?”He put down his chopsticks, “It's the Finns. I remember you merged with the Joes when listed last year. And you are also in charge of the Joes”, right?”I was a little upset, “You meant that you would not take the Joes” but only the Finns”?”He nodded, “The Finns” audit is too much. We can’t handle both of the Finns” and the Joes”.”I was almost angry, “Since the Finns has merged with the Joes last year, you should take them all.”He chuckled, “Miss Sandra, you are overthinking!”What the fu*k!He made me a big trap.“Linda, see guest off!” I really wanted to punch him now.I had to discuss the Finns” audit with Samson. I always felt it too messy.Then he said holding the box, “Director Sandra, don't try to leave us. We have just signed the contract!”Sh*t!“Get out!” I couldn't hold it back anymore.“Hah, take care of yourself, Director Sandra.” Jim left with a big laugh.I was a little broken. It was really unnecessary to make the Finns” audit by two companies.“Director Sandra, how about hand it over to AC! I always feel Mr. Paul is unreliable.” Linda suggested.But it was Samson’s order.After a pause, I said, “I have to talk to Samson about this!”Besides, I had no idea whether Samson would help Maya. I felt so annoying.After thinking for a while, I looked at Linda, “You should keep an eye on Jim Paul about the Finns” audit. I will ask for Samson. And the business trip, please pick it up and show me the result!”Seeing me looked not so good, Linda was a little worried, “Director Sandra, are you okay!”Out of the company, I took a taxi to the police station since Samson had drove away my car.As there wasn’t any concrete progress, Maya had to be investigated in the bureau for 15 days before the result came out.

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