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   Chapter 35 I’m Hungry

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4025

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He blinked his sleepy eyes, “Awake?”I nodded and tried to get up. But the fascinating man encircled me with his long arms, “Don't move.”I…He usually looked prudish, but in fact...“I'm hungry!” I took a breath after my face flushed mostly.He hummed, pulling me closer to him in a hoarse voice.I…“Samson, you rogue!”After the crazy sex, I felt I was a masochist. I washed for several times in the bathroom, but failed to dispel smell of his semen.He followed up and hugged me from behind, smiling pruriently.I ignored him but brushed my teeth. He seemed to be interested, “You will feel more comfortable after several times.”I rolled my eyes at him and then went out of the bathroom.It was probably because of pregnancy that I seemed to be plumper than before. I put on a light make-up and find a decent suit. Samson seemed dissatisfied with the dress, “Change another one!”“Why?” I thought it was okay! Why not dress a long skirt in summer?He took another pale pink suit jacket to me, “Set a jacket!”He stared at me seriously.So I had to put on the jacket.Going downstairs, I was scared by a crackling sound coming from the kitchen. But Samson looked calm.It was Auntie Zara.Zara stopped her work and smiled, “Good morning Mr. And Mrs. Finn, you must be hungry. Please enjoy the breakfast!”Seeing Zara tidied up the villa inside and out, I couldn't help looking at Samson.He was quiet but led us to eat.I really wanted to ask him, “Samson, did you ask Auntie Zara come over?”He was elegant, “Well, she is here to take care of you.”Of course it was right, but I still asked, “Samson, Maya is still in the police station, can you...”“Eat!” He ordered.I…I basically lost my appetite during the morning sickness.So I decided to talk to him in the living room.Unexpectedly, he slammed the table, “Eat up!”I frowned, “No.”I really can't eat it anymore after a bowl of porridge and others.He said seriously, “Eat the egg, later we will talk.”It sounded like a discussion.What could I s

ay?However, so naive was I, “Eat it! “Samson took a piece of cake and milk to me.I put down the chopsticks angrily, “Samson, I’ll be fatty as a pig!”“Take it, it's nutritious!” He ordered.I said unhappily, “I'm full.”He didn't say a word but just looked at me motionlessly.I was helpless, “Samson, I really can't eat anymore, or I will vomit.” After a pause, I added, “It feels worse to vomit than to eat!”“Then vomit!”What the fu*k...“Samson, you are... awesome!” I snapped before finishing all. He looked at me lewdly, “I think you know I’m awesome on the bed!”I? ? ? ?Whatever! I followed him, “Samson, Maya has been in the police station for a day, you...”“You worried about her?”Of course!I was speechless also helpless when he sat there drinking the tea.The sweet in the morning had gone away.It was one o'clock in the afternoon, but Samson still stayed still. So I was to the bar.But I was still naive. Samson leaned on me, “Where are you going?”“Police station!”I thought he didn't want to help me at all.He pondered for a while and then got in the driving seat of my car, “Get on!”I followed him but found that the car did not go to the police station, but to the company.“Samson, you...”“I'll take care of Maya, stay at the company, watch out yourself!” It sounded like coaxing children.I really had no other choice but being obedient.After taking a breath, I stopped talking. When I arrived, Samson drove my car away.Then I met Kris. Sometimes you really couldn’t avoid your enemy.I simply pretended not seeing him.“It's noon, are you going for meeting?” Not only disgusting he was, but also annoying.“Are you working in the personnel department?” I pressed the elevator.He snorted, “You best friend is in the police station, Sharon Sandra, you are really more indifferent than I thought!”Finally, I could vent my anger of the morning, “Why did I heard a dog barking just now? So what? Do you feel excited as Carol’s dog? Did she show you some sweet or her coquetry?”

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