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   Chapter 34 I’m not Worthy to Be My Child’s Father

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3411

Updated: 2021-02-08 18:32

It was the first time I saw Samson like this, seemed to be angry but happy.I stopped speaking. The baby should still be safe.Not long after, the doctor walked in and explained with an awkward expression, “The first trimester of pregnancy is very dangerous, so you can’t have sex anymore.”I headed down while Samson nodded with a faint look.Fortunately, the embryo was alright. It was my great stress caused bleeding.Then the doctor gone and left us here, “Samson, let’s go home, okay?”I continued after he gave me a glimpse, “I haven’t eaten anything at night, and I am very hungry now.” I pointed to my belly, “The baby is hungry too!”After a while, he suddenly stood up, “What do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you!”I said, “Trotters, grilled fish, and your noodles!”In fact, I just wanted to fool him back. I felt uncomfortable in the hospital.He said reluctantly, “I’ll go through the discharge procedures!”Then he looked at me seriously, “Stay well!”I saw that the potion was about to be finished, so I called for nurse.“Is there any potion?” I said, wishing to go home now.The nurse glanced at me, “No, Mrs. Finn, lie down and take a good rest.”I was taken aback, so she knew I was Mrs. Finn.The nurse looked at me with some envy, “Mrs. Finn, your husband is so kind to you. When you entered the operating room just now, Mr. Finn didn’t leave a single step. He looked very anxious, waiting helplessly like a child.”I was a little distracted for a while. Samson was nervous for me? Or the baby?“What are you thinking?” The nurse had gone and Samson was back with a lot of medicine.“What is it?” I asked while he hugged me up, “Progesterone, it’s for you.”I wanted to get down, “S

amson, let me down, I can walk by myself.”So embarrassing!“Don’t move!”So, I was hugged out of the hospital by Samson, really... embarrassing!Putting me in the car, he sat on the driving seat and then leaned towards me.I was a little confused, thinking he wanted to kiss me.I shrank back, “Samson, someone outside...”“With the seat belt fastened.” He looked at me, “What are you thinking?”I……Such a misunderstanding!I didn’t expect that he was wearing a seat belt for me.He took my hand to his lips and kissed, “Apart from trotters, grilled fish and noodles, what else do you want to eat?”I just feel nervous and blushed.I whispered, “Anything!” Now I could eat anything.Samson was in a good mood today!Back at the villa, he opened the door for me.“I can go by myself!” I was really not so delicate.“Come here!” He was very aggressive and picked me up into the villa.Putting me on the sofa in the living room, he took out the medicine, “Eat up!”I really refused it.Then he took me a white candy.“Take this after the medicine!”I……Sure enough, men sometimes really are not clever enough!Then I took all of them before going back to the bedroom.I was worried of being hypocritical with Samson.I couldn’t help but fell asleep on the bed without knowing Samson lying beside me.The next day, it was almost noon.When I opened my eyes, it was Samson’s handsome and resolute face.Maybe he slept late last night as on a business trip these few days and the jet lag hadn’t come over yet, so he was deep in the dream.Suddenly he pressed me with his leg when I was to find something to eat.Then he moved a little perhaps considering of the baby.“Samson!” I said, trying to struggle.

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