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   Chapter 33 Ask Samson for Help 2

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3402

Updated: 2021-02-08 18:32

After a long time, he got up, standing on the balcony with a cigarette.I was lying on the bed, feeling incomprehensible.Then I got to hugged him with my whole body on his back, “Let’s try it in the bathroom.”He turned around, “When?”He meant the reaction of my body?I headed down, “Maybe after the miscarriage...”Maybe what I heard that night would be buried in my deepest inside.He glanced at me deeply and pushed me away, “I’ll go to the study.”I grabbed him quickly, “Did you buy Maya’s bar for Carol? Maya was framed, Samson, can you help me!”I had to ask him for help now though I didn’t satisfy him.He said coldly, “You came back just for this?”I shook my head, “No, I...”“You want to having sex with me for this?” He sneered, “Sharon, didn’t you notice that you couldn’t react to me anymore?”I shook my head, but it was so.I was a little choked, “Samson, you have Carol and many other friends, but I have nothing but Maya. Please help me!”“Heh!” He sneered, “You have nothing but Maya? Sharon Sandra, you really surprised me!”He was very angry, but I had no other choice.I held his hands and was about to cry, “Samson, I can only beg you, sorry!”It was extremely cold in the bedroom. After a long time, he said, “To the bathroom!”He never suppressed his desire.“Sharon!” He said in a hoarse voice.He was crude and hard, making me hurt. I begged him, “Samson, could you be gentle?”I was worried about the embryo!A pain came from my lower abdomen. I trembled, “Samson, stop, I... bleed!”He became stiff and then stopped.I convulsed with pain, “Hurry, take me to the hospital!”I felt the pain was different from what I suffered last time.Samson soon became soft and the

n hugged me out of the bathroom.He was to call Haden, “It’s too late, Samson. Take me to the hospital!”“Fu*k!” It was the first time to hear Samson’s dirty words.He drove very fast and ran countless red lights. A nurse pushed the stretcher up to us when we arrived.“What’s wrong?” Someone asked in the crowd.Samson glanced at me, “Sharon, you tell her or me?”I felt a little nervous, “The embryo is less than two months old and there are signs of miscarriage, please save the baby.”The nurse nodded and comforted me, “Don’t worry, take her to the operating room!”After a crackling panic, I gradually lost consciousness.I couldn’t stop regretting it. My baby……When I woke up, it was dark.I saw Samson sitting beside.He had always stayed here?Looking around, I realized that I was in the hospital ward.Out of instinct, I touched my lower abdomen. Fortunately, it was still a little bulging and didn’t hurt.“Wake up?” He said.When I turned around, I saw Samson. He stood up and took a glass of water for me.He looked at me, “Drink water?”I asked him tentatively, “Is the baby still safe?”He questioned me, “When are you going to tell me?”I couldn’t argue with him now nut blushed sadly, “Carol forced you to kill it, Samson, I really can’t bear it, so...”Seeing him still upset, I continued, “I didn’t want to lie to you. I can divorce you if you don’t want it. We will definitely not affect you and Carol.”“Sharon Sandra!” He was angry, “In your opinion, I’m not worthy to be my child’s father?”I was taken aback, “No, I’m just worried that you will abandon him because of Carol...”“So you take it for granted?” He sneered, “Sharon Sandra, this is my child. Keep it for me!”

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