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   Chapter 32 Ask Samson for Help 1

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3483

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But Haden stopped me, “The policeman must find it before you. We should check whether someone did something with the surveillance video!”I was to be insane, looking at Haden, “You can go back! I want to calm down.”He paused, “Call me whenever you need!”Then he left.I stood beside the police station for a long time before getting into the car.Linda called me and said she would send statements she completed to my mail. I was in a mess then.After hesitating for a long time, I drove to the villa. It was still early, no one there, and the doors had been repaired.I knew that it was useless to be anxious now. I simply went to the study and read the report. AC had a great chance to win the tender, but I was really a surprise to me that Credit Audit, such a small company, could rank the second in front of a pool of old and competitive companies.Samson must prefer the development and potential of Credit Audit.In view of what happened in the basement last time, I simply denied AC and called Linda.“Director Sandra!” She replied.“The Finns’ audit will be done by Credit Audit!” I told her.Linda seemed to be a little surprised and hesitated, “Director Sandra, but AC is the winner. I’m afraid AC will make trouble!”Of course I knew that. The man kidnapped me only requested me to hold a tender.He just wanted me to choose the winner! But he had misjudged!All I did was for grandpa Finn!“Do as I told you, and I will explain to AC!”I dialed the number that I never actively called. A deep magnetic voice came from the other side, “Five years!”He replied with a faint echo, “I thought you would not contact me anymore.”I said, “I want a report on AC’s mistakes in auditing these years, and AC’s financial report!”“Sharon

, it’s been a long time since you called me!” Sounded quiet and cold.I trembled a little, “Tiger Sandra!”“Sharon, you shouldn’t call me like that!”I couldn’t help shivering, because I felt just like in the hell.“Brother!” I trembled unconsciously.“Good girl!”I sat on the ground weak and limp. Some fear had been carved into my bones since I was a child.After a long time, I went back to the bedroom. I shouldn’t call him.I recovered after Samson returned.“Have you eaten?” he said, looking tired.He must be busy with the Finns recently.It was dark. Thinking about Maya, I got up, “I’ll cook for you!”Suddenly he hugged me from behind, “Stay with me!”Laying on the bed, he hugged me firmly as if I would be lost.His breath was warm.Finally, I decided to talk when he woke up!I was nervous at first, maybe it was easy to get sleepy during pregnancy.But just for a moment, I stared at the man who was pawing at me, “Samson, just sleep, what are you doing?”“Natural reaction, just ignore it!” Sounded sleepy.But I really couldn’t fall asleep. He pressed on my bosom.“Samson!” I was a little annoyed, this man was just like a sex maniac.“It will be soft later!” He spoke.Feeling suffocated, “Stud-horse!”I really can’t figure out how to swear.Samson’s low laughter sounded in my ears, which seemed very pleasant. I was not interested in him but ready to go to sleep.But after two minutes, I couldn’t fall asleep at all.I was thinking how to ask Samson for help, as the powerful Finns’ could handle it easily.As a result, I got nervous, and Samson became very careful about my growing nervous.But since the last time when I heard his affairs with Carol, I instinctively began to resist him.He turned to me, but...

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