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   Chapter 31 Tendering

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4740

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Driving back to the office, I was surprised that Haden was there. He said, “How about the tender?”“It’s okay!” I replied, catching a glimpse of the lunch box on the desk, “What’s this?”“The soup cooked by Chef Stephen. It is very useful for reducing morning sickness!” He stepped forward to open it.He seemed to have given me a same one in the morning. It really worked.“Thank you!” I said with wonder, “Just for the soup?”“No!” He answered, “Is there any suitable company?”I shook my head, “I asked Linda to make an analysis!”He frowned, “What if AC won?”To be honest, AC might be the one, “What is the real reason for Samson changing AC?”“You should ask him!” He replied, “Maybe he has his own reason.”It seemed to be too complicated, “When the audit company is confirmed, I may be on a business trip and need your medicine with me!”Haden was proficient in pharmacology, so his medicine was more or less useful.He nodded.Soon Maya called me. It was already afternoon, and she should have just got up.I answered the phone, “Sharon, I’m at the police station, come here!”I was taken aback. How did she get to the police station?Then I drove there with Haden.Maya was detained in the observation area. The policeman on guard saw me, “Are you Miss Sandra?”I nodded and said anxiously, “Why is Maya imprisoned and what happened?”“Miss Weslee is involved in illegal reselling of blue crystal, and needs judicial adjustment. Miss Sandra, please cooperate with us!”The policeman spoke with a daunting expression.I suddenly burst into a cold sweat, blue crystal?How could Maya touch it?I grabbed the policeman, feeling a little agitated, “Sir, Maya can’t do anything illegal, there must be some misunderstanding, please be clear about the difference.”Seeing that I was emotional, the policeman frowned, “Miss Sandra, don’t worry, our police station will make a real adjustment. We still have some questions to ask you separately. Please cooperate!”At this time, I had to be obedient. I probably figured out after a few questions.Last night, someone found lots of blue crystal in Maya’s bar. But why did the person call the police the next day?After being questioned, I saw Maya. She looked very haggard with dark circles.She dragged me, “Sharon, I was set up. It was Carol! She was in a bar with a man last night. I thought she was just here for a

drink, but I didn’t expect that she would trick me.”Carol went to a bar with a man?“Did you see clearly what the man with her looks like?” Samson or Kris?“He’s tall and looks like gentle. By the way, when I went to the Finns for you, I heard someone call him Mr. Joe!”Kris Joe?Why did Carol make trouble with Maya?“Why did they call the police today? Shouldn’t last night?” The logic was simply wrong.Maya said, “They are looking for me. The blue crystal was found in my closet by police today!”I was in a daze, “Maya, tell me the truth.” Why did Carol only trap Maya without the bar?Looking at me, Maya hesitated for a while, “Sharon, don’t be angry, Time Bar has been bought by Samson. When you asked me if I wanted to go to Jingcheng City, the bar was already bought by Samson.”I was helpless, “Samson bought your bar for what?” What was going on with him getting a bar?Maya shook her head, “I don’t know. Samson approached me a month ago and bought the bar for almost twice the price. Later, he transferred the bar to Carol’s name. I wanted to tell you about this before. But you were too busy and your health was not good, so...”It was extremely frightening. Samson bought the bar and transferred it to Carol. How different was it from Carol buying it herself?Samson would certainly not be stingy about whatever Carol wanted. But for Carol, the bar was not her target at all.I was afraid it was set for me!I had a headache. Then Haden came to me, “Is it all right?”“If convicted, how many years will she be sentenced?” I said with a terrible headache.“Fifteen years’ imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty, and confiscated property. It depends on the amount!” Haden answered me.There was always a buzzing sound in my mind. Carol’s trick was so ruthless that using a bar would kill a girl’s life.“Don’t worry, the police are still investigating, and there is still room for maneuver.” Haden held me aside to the rest area, and comforted me.I grabbed him, “What’s the maneuver?”“As long as the police find out that the blue crystal is nothing to do with her, she will be safe. And there is nothing wrong in her body, and her closet is in a bar, so there is a high possibility of being touched by someone in the middle. Finding the person will clear her.”“Yes, we can check the monitor of the bar!” I stood up abruptly for that bar.

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