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   Chapter 30 The Finns’ Problem

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3754

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I hung up the phone while Maya looked at me with a gossipy face, “Are you having something with Dr. Reagan?”Ignoring her, I got up to the bedroom, “Have a good sleep, don’t be gossipy!”“Hey, Sharon ......”I went back to continue the Finns audit since the tender would be held tomorrow.The middle-aged man that night didn’t appear again.I was a little confused.The next day.It was getting hotter and hotter in Jiangcheng City as the sun rose up to glow beyond the wall at 8:00am. Maya was a night owl against me.I hastily came to the company. Linda handed me the prepared files, “Let’s go to the tender!”I nodded.At the elevator entrance, we met Samson and Haden. Haden handed me the meal box, “Chef Stephen cooked the soup for you, it’s good for your recovery. I heard from Samson you recently vomited a lot, it should be a false pregnancy after miscarriage, you should recuperate for some days, then you’ll be well.”I was relieved, “Thank you!”But Samson was always elusive.No one talked until we got out of the elevator.Linda looked at me, “Director Sandra, Mr. Samson and you?”“Hurry to the tender!” I do not want to talk much about Samson.When we arrived, I met Jim again. He took a few steps forward, vigorous and full of sunshine, “Sister, you’re here!”I did not like his familiarity, then directly entered the tender site. Many companies came for the Finns’ audit.I had a headache when the tender was going half, then Linda helped me to the restroom and took me a glass of water, “Director Sandra, there are still many candidates. You should go to the hospital if necessary.”I shook my head, “You can handle the rest!”I didn’t need to be there with enough information.Eventually I found that mother is so great as I even became weaker after I got pregnant.“What are you thinking about so intensely?” It was Jim.I glanced sideways, “What are you do

ing here?”“Look at you!” Then he walked behind me and rubbed my temples. I wanted to resist.But he coldly ordered, “Do not try to be strong!”To my surprise, it worked.After a few moments of relief, he said, “How’s that?”I nodded, “Feel better, thanks!”He found a seat, said seriously, “What is Samson to you?”I felt boring, “Shouldn’t you concern about the tender?”He smiled lightly, “I am more interested in you!”I ignored him. Later Linda came in and made a comparison with all the tender information.I picked out a few suitable candidates, “Go to make a statement and then screen all for me!”Linda nodded while giving a glimpse of Jim, “Director Sandra, I send you back, or?”“Go for yours! I’ll send her back later!” Jim said in advance.But Linda was still waiting for me, “I can go myself!”Then I turned to Jim, “Show me what you want, or I’ll keep waiting on!”He couldn’t just show up for no reason.Seeing me being so blunt, he said, “Sharon Sandra, it’s not good for a girl to be too smart!”I prepared to leave.He stopped me, “The Finns’ audit is the foundation for its future. Haven’t you ever thought about why Samson chose me over AC?”I sat back.He found a seat beside me, “Although the Finns has been listed for one year, don’t you think about why Dean Lion’s project will cause a huge loss to the Finns?”I frowned.“The Finns’ internal reserve funds are likely to suffer deficit. The Finns’ stock would plunge, which will put its shareholders in panic, if AC revealed the Finns’ deficit in its audit report. This is exactly the reason why Samson stops cooperating with AC.”I said, “But Samson didn’t give it to you. I know better than you.”“Heh!” He sneered, “Sharon, arbitrary is not good!”I got up, “It depends on your ability, get back and wait for the results!”Then I left to my car.Recalling what he said, I thought it was dubious.

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