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   Chapter 29 Samson’s Dilemma

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4758

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“Sharon, are you free later? May I ask you for a movie together?” I thought Jim was rocking the boat.When did we get so familiar?“No. Thanks!” I refused.Faintly aware that Samson was looking at me, I automatically ignored it.Then Jim said to Samson, “Mr. Finn, I heard that you and sister Sharon are a harmonious couple. My mother wants to invite you and sister Sharon to have a meal in Pear Garden together!”Samson said lightly with a bad face, “Many thanks for Mrs. Lee’s kindness!”“Is that the fashion giant Mrs. Lee?” Carol asked, seeming to be interested.Jim continued, “Does sister Carol also know my mother?”Carol’s eyes flashed, “Your mother? She is the queen of fashion spanning the entire Western Europe, Northern Europe and the mainland of China. And I heard that Mrs. Lee also manages two listed companies at the same time. She ranked the third on the list of the world’s richest people and is now world’s richest female!”Jim’s mother was Jane Lee? I had read Jane Lee in financial reports before. I did not expect the typical strong woman of the era to be Jim’s mother.They began to talk enthusiastically after they found a common topic. But I wanted to leave.Finally, they stopped talking after the waiter finished serving.“Sharon, taste this, it’s very nutritious and tastes good!” I wondered why he was very affectionate to take food for me.Considering his feelings, I just said, “I can do it myself!”He totally ignored my words. He envied Samson’s patience to Carol, “Mr. Finn, you are so considerate! Sister Carol is really the one you care!”Carol laughed happily.I ignored all of this!Suddenly I felt nausea violently after I ate the food Jim took for me, covering my mouth and signaling Jim to let me out.He was taken aback anxiously, “Why would you vomit eating fish? Are you pregnant?”He shocked me in a cold sweat.I ran into the restroom and retched for a long time. Samson was standing behind coldly.“Sharon, let’s go to the hospital!” He said unfriendly.“No!” Staggering him, I went out of the restroom.I was agitated when he held my hand, “Samson, I remember I asked you to stay away from me!”After a pause, I continued, “Also, I told you last night that to get divorced as soon as possible!”His eyes looked gradually deep, “Sharon, do you know what you are doing?”I sneered, “Of course I know! Samson, do you particularly enjo

y the feeling of being entangled with two women?”He looked livid but what I said was the truth. “What do you want me to do?” After a while, he suddenly said in a helpless tone.I was a sort of shocked, “Divorce me, we will be separated and live separately!”“Impossible!” he growled.I sneered, “Sure you can also stay away from Carol and give her enough money to leave your life completely!”“Sharon Sandra, why are you here to decide my life?” Carol shouted at me.Throwing away Samson’s hand, I smiled at her, “Why? Because Samson is unwilling to divorce me. Because I am still his righteous wife. And because he can’t let me go!”“You...” She blushed more.I went straight back to the seat and took my bag to leave away.Behind me, Jim followed up in no hurry.I stopped, “What’s wrong?”“I didn’t drive here today, take me a ride!” He said a little scornfully.I glanced at him, “Not on the way!”Then I started the car.“Hey, I didn’t even say the address, why...” His noise gradually moved away.In the next few days, my morning sickness was a bit serious. To avoid Samson, I went to Cloud Apartment. Both Maya and I bought one here years ago.Since we got married, I had been staying in the villa. Fortunately, Maya was always taking care of it.Back here, Maya gave me a cup of hot water, suspiciously looking at me, “Sharon, tell me honestly, did you not abort the embryo?”I nodded, “Hmm!”She paused for a few seconds, then looked at me, “What’s your plan?”“Divorce Samson and then go to Jingcheng City to raise the baby!” This was my initial plan!She rolled her eyes, “I mean Samson must have known about this. He was not an idiot.”I knew, but I really couldn’t walk away now. If these things were not handled properly, Samson would definitely doubt about it.Thinking it over, I called Haden.As his phone was answered by Samson last time, I waited until Haden spoke up this time, “Doctor Reagan, do you know any method to suppress or reduce morning sickness?”Maya cat leaned against my ear and whispered, “What’s the matter with Doctor Reagan? How can he help you?”I did not answer her, but Haden answered, “There are some, but toxic. I don’t recommend you to use it. I will ask Chef Stephen for advice tomorrow to see if there is any food that can relieve morning sickness without affecting the embryo.”“Okay, thank you Dr. Reagan!”“You’re welcome!”

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