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   Chapter 28 Jim Paul of Credit Audit

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4318

Updated: 2021-02-08 18:30

It was finally time to get off work. Linda came in, “Director Sandra, you will have dinner with Mr. Paul of Credit Audit tonight. Do you need me?”She seemed to be in a hurry, so I said, “No, give me the address, and I will go there myself!”She smiled, “Thank you, Director Sandra, I’ve sent you the address.”I nodded, staring at her, “Did you fall in love?” Linda had worked for me for over two years, but she was always alone. It seemed that she had a good mood these days.“No! Just an appointment with an old classmate, so...” She flushed.I let her go!As for human, adoration couldn’t be disguised as it would appear from the mouth or the eyes.I drove directly to the address.To my surprise, Jim Paul was a youth in his early twenties.“Sharon Sandra?” He asked, getting up from his seat.I smiled, “Mr. Paul?”“Come on, it sounds too old with Mr. Paul, just call me Jim.” Jim looked cute but a bit sophisticated.He was special and talented.We walked to the table and sat down with a smile, “Sister, what do you like? It’s my treat!”He didn’t treat me as a stranger but calling me sister. “I’m not picky about food!” I replied.He ordered a few dishes, “Sister, you look more beautiful than I thought!”I raised my eyebrows, “Credit Audit is your company?” I was amazed at this young man.He lay on the table lazily, “Yes, I founded Credit Audit when I was bored in college, just for fun.” Speaking of this, he tilted his head, “Sister, let’s talk something else?”What a child!I nodded, “Well, what’s the topic?”He got interested, “Sister, do you plan to divorce old Finn?”I was stunned, “Old Finn?”He mumbled, “Samson is in his thirties, isn’t he an old man? Sister, you are only twenty-six, do you really plan to stay with him forever?”I chuckled, “You are very interested in my private life?”“Of course!” He nodded seriously, “No one said sister is very beautiful? Especially the temperament, very nice.”He was special-minded! I smiled embarrassingly, “Thank you!”“Sister, what do you think of me? Am I your dish?” He was not over yet.I gave an irrelevant question, “If the Finns’ annual audit is handed over to you, do you think it

can be successfully completed?”Seeing that I changed the subject, he became lazy again, “I don’t know anything about work until I get it. How can I answer it now!”I was a little impatient, “The Finns has just listed with huge funds. Mr. Paul should know better than me in auditing. So naturally I should be careful!”He narrowed his eyes slightly, “You think I am not capable of doing the Finns’ audit?”I smiled, “You established Credit Audit at a young age. Of course, I believe in your abilities, but after all, we have never cooperated before. Therefore, a public tender will be held. If the Finns’ audit will still be handed over to Credit Audit, then I hope we can have a happy cooperation.”“It doesn’t matter!” He was indifferent, “You seem look down on me!”I really disliked him for his cottoning up skills, “You are joking!”“You think I’m still young?” He pushed the food to me. “Sister, don’t you think I am young and energetic?”I really felt that I couldn’t talk with him anymore, “I will notify you about the time of the tender as soon as possible. Is that all? I have to go!”He grabbed my wrist, “Why are you leaving so soon!” He looked out of the restaurant.I couldn’t help but follow his gaze, and just saw Samson.He was with Carol. I wanted to leave but the youth dragged me firmly.I was a little displeased, “Let me go!”“Let’s watch the show together!” Meanwhile, he said to Samson and Carol with a smile, “Mr. Finn, what a coincidence! Let’s eat together!”I was unhappy, “What do you want?”“Watching the show!” He then sat beside me.Samson walked over with Carol and sat oppose to us, unhappy.Carol was gazing at me unfriendly.I liked this feeling with her true face. So I didn’t reply but play with my phone.Jim’s warm voice came, “Mr. Finn, Sister Carol, what do you like, let me order!”Funny. Didn’t you just call him old Finn? Why was Mr. Finn now?Samson glanced at him indifferently, then looked at Carol, “What do you like?”See, the habit couldn’t be ignored anyway.Carol said anything was okay, and then kept quiet. But Jim Paul kept making me a little annoyed. I would just leave away if he didn’t block me.

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