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   Chapter 27 Have It Solved When You Calm Down

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 5090

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In this cold bedroom, I lowered my head to avoid eye contact with him.For a long time, he took a light breath, “Take a good rest, and we should have its solved when you calm down!”Then he left.That night, Samson left the villa while I stayed up all night.Even so, we still had to live on.When I came to the company, Linda worried me upon seeing my sallow face and poor state, “Director Sandra, did you stay up to read files last night? It is not that difficult about the audit. Don’t suppress yourself. Take care!”I nodded, and I also reviewed the Joes’ finances carefully.Seeing that I kept yawning, Linda gave me a cup of coffee, “By the way, Director Sandra, will the company give the audit to AC or Credit Audit?”It made me depressed. Yesterday, the middle-aged man asked me to organize a public tender without giving any other specific requirements.The enemy revealed while I concealed. Then I said, “How long will the audit take?”“About half a month in previous years and it may take at least one month this year!” Linda put the audit files of previous years on my desk.I took a look, “How long do we have this year?” The audit results needed to be published on the economic network each year after audit. The Finns was a listed company subject to the supervision of many shareholders and investors.“Only a month and a half. But the Finns has branches in other provinces. Although it is unnecessary to visit all of them, you should visit some to get the details! “I nodded and put the files away. It was noon, so I looked at Linda, “I need to meet the president of Credit Audit. Please make an appointment for me as soon as possible!”“Okay!” After a pause, she said, “Do you still want to meet the president of AC?”I wondered whether AC was trying to take the business, so...After a while, I said, “Yes, did they come today?”“Still in the waiting room.” After a pause, Linda said, “It’s the president of AC, Bruce Lee!”The president came by himself? The Finns was indeed a cash cow.“Order a nearby restaurant for me.” I got up, “Be quick, I am to meet President Lee.”“Okay!” Linda hurriedly left in response.I went out directly to the waiting room on the first floor.A middle-aged man was sitting in a Chinese-style black sofa, without fat face and round waist.Seeing me, he walked towards me with a smile and shook my hands, “Hello, Director Sandra, I am the founder of AC, Bruce Lee, nice to meet you!”I greeted him with a smile, “Mr. Lee I’m really sorry to have you waited so long!” I checked the time and looke

d at him, “It’s lunch time, how about to have lunch together?”He smiled and nodded, “My pleasure. Director Sandra!”On the table, we chatted something else other than work just like we were friends. He shared with me something interesting in daily life. For a long time, he looked at me and said, “I heard that Director Sandra was responsible for the Finns’ audit this year?”I nodded, “Since the company was listed, there were too many businesses for president Finn and director Kris, so I can only take over it this year.”He smiled, “In the past, the Finns’ audits were taken by AC. This year...”I naturally knew it, “By all rights, AC should be best choice resorting to our long-standing cooperation over years, but the Finns will organize a public tender as the contract between us expires. Of course, I hope AC could win the bid and keep cooperating with the Finns.”Thus, it was the end. Bruce smiled slightly, “Well, AC is also looking forward to cooperating with the Finns.”After the meal, Linda followed me, “Director Sandra, doesn’t Mr. Finn give the audit to Credit Audit? Why there is a public tender?”“If we don’t organize a public tender, the Finns will become enemies of not only AC but also other auditing companies. AC is an old brand keeping a cooperation with the Finns these years and we can’t sure whether AC will make fuss about the Finns’ previous audits or not if we terminate our cooperation.”Another reason I met Bruce was that I wondered if he was one of those kidnapped me last night. It seemed that he was disappointed about the public tender, so he was probably clear.I should only take it slow.Linda nodded, “Then why President Finn...”“Why didn’t he tell me in advance?” I interrupted her, “I was the only subordinate of Samson Finn. As a boss, it is not his obligation to tell all his subordinates how to do things well!”“But you are his wife!”I felt ridiculous, “Yeah, I’m Mrs. Fin who is not to his satisfaction. To say least, even though I were his beloved wife, we’re superior-subordinate as he is the Finns’ president and I am a director. It would be easier for him to keep me at home as Mrs. Finn if I always seek for his advice in my work.”All these are experience I accumulated after years of hard work.Back to the office, Linda made me an appointment with the president of Credit Audit for dinner. I just kept what happened last night in my deep heart.For me, as it is unnecessary to see Samson except for work-related issues, I just put aside our conflicts and wrapped up in my work.

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