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   Chapter 26 A Bargain

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3682

Updated: 2021-01-31 00:01

“Yes, I am sure that your baby and you will be totally safe as long as you agree with us.” I frowned, “Why should I trust you?”“Miss Sandra, you have to trust me now!” It made me particularly unpleasant.But it is the only thing I can do at this moment, so I nodded, “OK!”He smiled, “It’s a deal!”Then he asked the thin man to cover my eyes again.“Is it necessary?” I asked.He laughed, “Miss Sandra, don’t worry. We will send you back in the way how you came!”Then I was taken into a car and I fell asleep later.I woke up and found I was still in my car in the basement, as if I just had a dream.It was already twelve o’clock, so I had been life-threatening in the past two hours?I drove back to the villa even though I was completely messed.When I saw Samson in the hall, all the sounds I heart just now came to my mind.Feeling sick, I ran to the restroom and retched on the sink. “What did you eat?” The man’s low and cold voice came to me.I trembled all over, pushing him away.I ran directly to the second floor ignoring his cold face.All of these needed to be changed. They made me disgusted.“Thump-thump...” A quick knock came from outside the door, “Sharon, open the door!” I took off my clothes and went into the bathroom, sprinkling the shower to the maximum to wash up all the parts he touched.“Bang!” I shrank in the bathroom and locked the door. But he finally came in, “Sharon Sandra, what are you doing?”He stood at the door angrily.I didn’t even want to hear him, “Samson, I don’t want to see you. Please, please stay away from me!”It was really disgusting. I tried my best to stay away from what I had heart.“Sharon, open the door. Let’s have a face-to-face talk!”.I was still uncomfortable, “Nothing to talk about, please stay away from me!”“Sharon Sandra!” A gritted voice came from outside, “Don’t

enrage me! Okay?”I was about to collapse and yelled at the door, “I told you to stay away from me! Go away, can’t you hear?”“Bang!” He banged the door, scaring me to move back a few steps.The door was then cracked open. He came in violently looking at me shrinking next to the bathtub.“Sharon, you...” His anger disappeared a bit after seeing me trembling.After a long time, he walked to me, trying to touch me. But I refused, “Don’t touch me!”He stopped with his hand stiffing in the air, “Tell me, what happened?”“Samson Finn, let’s get a divorce! Okay? Then I won’t ask for anything once you agree it!” I choked.Samson’s face suddenly became gloomier, “Sharon Sandra, do you know what you are talking about?”“I know!” Of course, I knew. Nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable!He squatted at me, holding me tightly, “Tell me, what happened?”Even if I talked freely, he would always get into calm.My voice turned to be hoarse, “Samson, do you love me?” I didn’t know why I asked that.He stiffened for a moment, “Sharon, love is always represented through actions other than empty words!”But you said it to Carol. I was so painful that I almost yelled with these words.“Then what is it?” I choked, “Samson, I know, you don’t love me, right?”“Sharon!” He said lowly, trying to control his temper, “Tell me what happened, okay?”“I don’t love you at all!” The pain in my heart spread, “I don’t love you as much as I thought. I’m still young with countless opportunities to find my love for the rest life. Let me go, okay?”Ever since I met Samson, I never thought that one day I was the one who asks for breakup even though I had tried heaps of times to stay by him.In my mind, those who love each other may always have a happy ending, but life is full of uncertainties and there are some exceptions, such as love.

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