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   Chapter 25 Being Kidnapped

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 5029

Updated: 2021-01-30 00:01

In Finns’ large but empty basement, I sat in the car making a call and I could hear my echo vaguely.“Yeah, Jingcheng City is indeed wonderful, very suitable and leisurely for life. I stayed here for a few days.”Maya talked a lot. I amplified the sound and started the car. The emptiness in the basement made me panicked.While reversing the car, I said, “You can stay in Jingcheng City for a few more days and get used to it. By the way, help me watch my house. Samson has assigned a difficult project to me. I may not be able to leave here recently.”She muttered and said sulkily, “Why did you accept a project now? You should make your departure thoroughly. Don’t be garrulous.”Certainly, I knew, but people were changeable! “Bang!” Abruptly I hit something when I just started the car, making me shocked. I said on the phone, “Maya, I seem to have hit something. I should hang up and call you later. “Then I opened the door and checked out of the car.There was nothing else except for some little animals. I hoped it won’t be too bad.After a round searching, there was a small tabby cat lying in the blind area. I walked over for it. Suddenly I was covered in my mouth by someone from behind when I just squatted down and smelled pungent medicine.I lost consciousness almost for a moment, and it was too late for me to realize the danger.It was pitch black and quiet around me when I woke up again.After a few minutes of panic, I calmed down. Those who kidnapped me even kept me alive. They must want something. They might ask for money or threaten Samson for my identity as Mrs. Finn.I may not in danger so far, no matter what their purposes are.Gradually I calmed down. After about half an hour, I heard a harsh sound, and then a strong light dazzled me.Then came a voice of a middle-aged man, “The woman awakes!”I was locked in a container. But I couldn’t see his appearance due to the backlight.He was slightly fat and his voice was hoarse. So he must be a middle-aged man with the smell of cologne. Generally, only men with a little success would use the perfume.This man was a business boss or middle-aged white-collar worker but not a hooligan.“She woke up, blindfold her, and take it over!” The man said, and then I saw a thin face covered man. I was still dizzy.“Who are you and why do you tie me here?”The middle-aged man said, “Miss Sandra, don’t be nervous, we invite you here to watch a good show. After that, we will send you back.”Then they closed the door. I was tied up and

sat on a dilapidated bed. After a few struggles, I found it useless.A conversation suddenly sounded.“Samson, you said that you would divorce her and then marry me. Don’t let me wait too long, okay?”This was from... Carol?“Carol, don’t mess around!” Samson sounded a bit like drunk.Why could I hear their conversation? Whose plan?“Samson, are you in love with her? That’s why you don’t want to divorce her?” It sounded a bit ambiguous.They were undressing. Samson said with some tolerance, “Carol, don’t mess around. I’ve married her.”“So what? You don’t love her at all. Brother, didn’t you say that you love me very much? I’m well, so let’s give birth to another baby, okay?”“Carol...”After that, the sound of sexual intercourse had gone up and down intermittently. I closed my eyes to prevent myself from that.But the more you disliked, the louder and more tormenting it became.The louder Carol screamed, the more I trembled, and I even started to nausea and retching...I knew. I had always known what happened between Carol and Samson. So I was not surprised at all when they had sex, but I didn’t expect that I would hear them making love. I didn’t want to know how they intertwined.It lasted for a long time, and almost everything in my stomach was vomited out. I felt like I was drained, sitting paralyzed by the bed. “Miss Sandra, Was it exciting just now?” The door was opened, and the fat man walked in with clearly smiling and disgusting in his voice.I looked at him but couldn’t see his face, “Did Carol Lucinda ask you to do it?”Apart from her, I didn’t know who else would do such a disgusting thing!“Does it matter?” He laughed, “You should be excited with such a wonderful show!”“What do you want?” I was afraid it was not just for disgusting me.“Clever!” The fat man raised his voice and continued, “I heard that you have taken over the Finns’ audit this year. So I wonder if you are interested in making a deal with me?”I sneered, “Why do you think I will agree?”He pondered for a while, “For the embryo in your belly.” I was shocked in a cold sweat. How could he know?He seemed very satisfied, “How about this? Let’s work together?”“What are you going to do?” No matter whom the Finns’ audit was finally handed over, he would benefit a lot from that. Although I thought it was normal for someone to scramble for the chance, it was really despicable to get it in such a manner.“A public tender organized for the Finns’ audit!” he said.I frowned slightly, “That’s it?”

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