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   Chapter 24 A Tricky New Project

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 5458

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"Didn’t we have always cooperated well with AC? Why did we change our partner?" Kris Joe answered in a daze, "Besides, Credit Audit was just a new company established not long ago. We should not give such a huge capital chain to them."Without answering Kris, Samson looked at me, "Go to check about these files. If you have any questions, go for Eve."I also had the same concerns as Kris. After a pause, I said, “Mr. Finn, I was in charge of the construction before. Solar Electronics is an electronic technology company. Besides, I haven't been engaged in audit before as Eve has always been responsible for that. So let him keep with them!"Samson frowned, "Director Sandra, do you understand your responsibilities as a Director?"I nodded, "I know, but...""No but. Since you are acting as the director, a candidate shareholder of the company, you have the right to familiarize yourself with any section of the company."He then began to assign tasks for Kris...It seems that his time I couldn't get rid of it with abnormal workload.Back to my office, I called Linda and asked her to make arrangement. During these days, I should keep an eye on Solar Electronics’ market. And maybe we would be busy in a few days.As for the company's audit, I went to the finance department to check it, which was already started.Peter Brown, the one in charge of the finance department, handed me all the accounts, "Have a look, Director Sandra, all the accounts are here now. This year’s audit will be added to Kris’. Mr. Finn meant that he wanted to hand over this year’s audit to Credit Audit."I flipped through the ledger, "Okay, I see, I'll check it once, and in addition, please sort out a copy of the AC audited data for me in previous years.""Okay!"Then I went back to the office. Seeing me checking in a stack of books, Linda said, "Director Sandra, the president of AC Bruce Lee just called for a meeting with you."Since Samson was unwilling to cooperate with Bruce, I can't continue to deal with him.Looking at Linda, I said, "Just tell him I’m busy. Besides, please help me contact the president of Credit Audit. And send me the companies that have been audited by Credit Audit in recent years.""Okay!" Linda left.Having worked until the afternoon, I felt so tired.Making a cup of coffee, I went back to the office for some takeaway. I might stay at the company to work overtime tonight."Aren't you back?" A voice abruptly came from the door, it was Haden Reagan.I smiled, "You haven't left yet?"He smiled and handed me the lunch box, "This is the soup that Chef Stephen stewed, it will be good for you."I was stunned, "Thank you!"I couldn't find the topic to talk with him for a while, so I simply kept silent.

"This year's company audit falls to your scope?" He found a place to sit down.I nodded, "Well! I’m confused as I'm not familiar with that."He agreed, "The company has just been listed for a year, which makes this year’s audit much different from previous years’. A slight mistake will result in great stock plummet. Many companies have gone bankrupt due to annual audits."I stopped the work and looked at him seriously, "Besides, we have replaced the audit company this year. You have to be very careful with your work."This was a reminder, I knew."Samson knows well that I’m an outsider in auditing. Why should he assign it to me?" Once a mistake was made, the price would be all the Finns. It was too dangerous. I didn't understand his intention.He sat upright, "If you have it done, grandpa Finn's shares left in your name will be transferred to you justifiably. The right to use and control are all with you, and you will also become the partner of the company from the director."After a pause, he continued, "But if you screw it up, the Finns will be seriously hit and you may also be swept out."I had no idea about this at all.Samson gambled with the entire Finns for me, or...I stopped thinking about it and opened the box with soup, "I have taken over the Solar Electronics case. Besides, why should Samson want me to keep an eye on Kolar Electronics?"Haden frowned for a long time, "Solar Electronics was acquired by the Finns in the first half of the year because its capital chain was broken. The early management has always been charged by Kris. Now it is given to you. Maybe you are required to get more exposure to new technologies. After all, there are policies as the country will support the Internet and electronic technology companies. In the future, most of the Finn's industries will be new technologies, and probably he wants you to be familiar with it in advance."After a pause, he continued, "As for Kolar Electronics, Samson may intend to acquire it later. And maybe he wants you to see his later development so he noticed you to keep an eye on it."I took a few sips, really delicious. I said, "Thanks for your care during this time."He smiled and got up to leave."Are you going back?" It was already dark.He muttered, "Another feast is waiting for me, I have to go."I nodded, feeling a little disappointed.After a long time, I stopped working and left.Maya called me before I started.It was ten o'clock. She said first, "Baby, guess where am I now?"I replied, "Jingcheng City!""Damn!" she said brokenly, "Miss Sandra, you are so boring."Hearing what she meant, I guessed I was almost right, "It's not the first day you met me. How about you? Have you found a suitable store?"

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