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   Chapter 23 I Was Embarrassed to Face Him

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4703

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I couldn't help the curiosity in my heart, "What happened later?" My voice was hoarse.He smiled, dropping a gentle kiss on my forehead.Continued, "Later, we fled all the way back to the country, so we were very embarrassed. We met a man and his younger sister on the road. They went from the capital to overseas for business. My grandpa and I basically had lost all the money and documents. So, we had to borrow money from them to return home, but I didn't expect those desperadoes would follow us all the way, and later the man and his younger sister..."Here, I probably guessed something.Looking at him, "Carol and her elder brother?"He nodded, "Jack Lucinda had been hurt. I took him back for treatment. He could be cured, but something happened. Then he left Carol to me and went away.""They had rescued you, why didn't grandpa agree with your marriage with Carol?". Besides, she appeared early and saved Samson and grandpa with her brother?He suddenly laughed and said, "Feel better?"This was the first time he smiled at me, gentle and clean, no coldness and violence but joy.I broke free of him and said, "You haven't answered me yet!""Those are not important anymore, it's getting late, we should go to bed!" He said in a hoarse and low voice, "Sharon Sandra, you should suppress my desire after you arouse it!"I blushed. It was so hard..."I haven't recovered yet!" I said like a mosquito.His breathing became heavy.I……The whole night, I was embarrassed to face him...We had made crazy love until it was morning.The sunlight spilled into the room through the gaps of windows, and the mottled light fell on the ground just like a candlelight.I woke up late, recollecting our memory last night.I never knew such a Samson!When I finished washing and got dressed, it was almost 10:00 o'clock. Before the breakfast, I drove directly to the company.I encountered Kris when I got on the elevator. Both he and the secretary were holding a stack of papers. Seeing me, he sneered disdainfully.He said ironically, "Director Sandra begins to act as the CEO. Is the Finns going to be changed to the Sandra’s?"The Finns was listed and needed capital flow support, then Kris merged with the Finns.Kris and I were both shareholders but my right to the shares basically belonged to Samson.I didn't serve as director at the beginning, but

I had been promoted step by step over the past two years. Of course, to the outsiders, it was not difficult for me to be promoted with my special role as Mrs. Finn.In Kris' opinion, I only relied on Samson.A glance at the copywriting, I found it was his electronic technology filing. Maybe new products were about to be launched recently."You overstated. The Finns will always be the Finns. I am really grateful for Mr. Joe to be so concerned about me. But please take care of your own business, or you will inevitably make mistakes."His secretary was still there. It would made me shameless if I argued with him.He just gave me a cold look and went out.When I back to the office, Linda came in and said, "Director Sandra, Mr. Finn asked you to his office."What? How did Samson know that I was here?I nodded, "Okay, I'll be there in a while."At Samson's office.There was nobody in such a large office.I found Eve was working at the computer."Director Sandra, the president is in Joe's office. And he will be here in a while." He said.I nodded, "Keep on!"Then I went into Samson’s office, looked for a book and sat in the rest area to read. After the project of Dean Lion, a lot of things had happened. Therefore, the company did not allocate any project for me. It was of powerful chance that Samson planed to allocate new tasks for me this time.But thinking about my plans these days, I began to hesitate due to Samson’ attitude.As for me and the baby, what did it mean to leave away at this time?"Brother, you had promised Jack that you would take care of Carol. Have you considered Carol before treating her like this? Besides, Sharon Sandra doesn't fit you at all!" It must be from Kris Joe.I was not eavesdropping, but they just walked in and spoke so loudly.Samson saw me, "When did you come?""Just now!" I answered while Kris didn't care about this."New products of the two companies under Solar Electronics will be launched this month. Keep with them and keep an eye on what Kolar Electronics is doing." Samson handed me the documents on the desk, "In addition, the company’s annual review is coming soon. The original cooperation with AC has been expired. You can check with the finance department. If we need a new cooperation, you can keep with it. If don’t, go to Credit Audit to talk with their boss, Jim Paul."

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