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   Chapter 21 The Contradiction Began

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3607

Updated: 2021-01-26 11:42

I couldn't hold back, "Oh!" I ran to the restroom and vomited everything I had just eaten."Taste bad?" He said behind me.I shook my head, "No, I might have been hungry for a day. Maybe I ate it suddenly after a long time."He helped me up, making me a little confused."What happened?"He changed clothes, "Get dressed, let’s go out to eat!"I refused, "No, I'm not hungry. I have no appetite."However, it seemed useless, "I am waiting for you outside!"Seriously, I was really not hungry, but...I finally followed him up.It was busy from 7:00 to 8:00 o’clock in Jiangcheng City. Samson glanced at me sideways, "What do you want to eat?"I thought, "Light diet!"The morning sickness made me refuse the fishy smell.He nodded slightly. I suddenly realized that this was the most harmonious day since we got married.If only everything was forever for our family of three!I went in Homy Congee Food for a seat.The waiter showed me the menu before I just ordered a few snacks and a pumpkin porridge.To my surprise, Samson came in with two people, Carol and Kris.Was it a chance encounter? Or an appointment in advance?Carol's expression suddenly changed.Carol took a step faster than Samson, sat next to me, looked delicate, "Sister Sharon, may I sit next to you?"Can I say no?Of course, can't!So, I kept silent."What did you order?" Samson asked.I said, "A few snacks and a porridge!"Kris pouted, "Brother, I have no appetite."Samson nodded.Thus, the three people began to chat.The waiter brought the pumpkin porridge, then Samson pushed it naturally to Carol, "To warm your stomach, drink it."Carol smiled with joy, "I know you understand me most!"This tacit scene had hurt me.The tenderness was an honor that I couldn't catch up in my whole life."Sister Sharon, what did you orde

r? Can we drink it together. The pumpkin porridge is delicious. Brother Samson used to take me here." Carol had already put the porridge in front of me while talking.I pushed it back, "I ordered it too, thank you!"Then she continued with them.After a while, the food was all ready, "Sister Sharon, you also like pumpkin porridge. Samson’s porridge tastes super delicious!"Meanwhile, she approached me. But I hated this kind of contact."Oh!" With a sudden, the pumpkin porridge all spilled on my body.It was so hot that I stood up but bumped into Carol.I was too late to apologize, because I was scalded because I just wore a thin dress out.However, Samson was carefully wiping Carol’s nosebleed when I turned around.My fault again...Kris handed the tissue to Samson and said to me, "Do you always leave your eyes at home?"I was stunned.Felling sad, I spoke, "Miss Lucinda, sorry!"I haven't touched the pumpkin porridge just now. It was Carol."It's okay, Sister Sharon, you should be more careful next time." She then looked at Samson, "Brother Samson, the porridge was spilled, I don't want to eat anymore, could you take me out for shopping? "Samson frowned, looking at the untouched snack, "After eating something!"Therefore, no one had noticed me.I was so superfluous and ridiculous."I’ve to go!" The pain was kept on.God was not so fair to every girl."Sharon!" It was Samson.Looking at me, he frowned angrily, "What are you doing?"Doing what? Was he blaming me for hitting Carol?"I have no appetite, want to go back." I felt uncomfortable and sad.He walked towards me, "Sharon Sandra, is this your upbringing?"My wrist was grabbed by him while I laughed, "Upbringing? Samson Finn, what do you call upbringing? A husband takes care of another woman in front of his wife?"

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