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   Chapter 20 His Past

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3743

Updated: 2021-01-26 11:42

He read my message. I went to Samson's study after hanging up the phone.It was hardly to have time resting to be lazy.It is a spacious study with diverse varieties of books. Feeling uncomfortable soon, I had to stop and wandered around. Accidentally I found a small old cabinet in the corner.Out of curiosity, I turned it over. There were some old photos of child Samson.I hadn't met Samson's parents. In a yellowed photo, I found a young couple holding a boy with a kind smile.The man looked a bit like Samson and grandpa. It should be Samson’s father. And the gentle and graceful woman should be Samson's mother.As I flipped through, I felt something strange. The boy turned into a girl on the next few pages. I was confused and back to the front, finding that there was indeed a girl of two or three years old beside Samson’s parents.Grandpa said that Samson’s parents had one child only. Uncle Lukas never had a child in his entire life, let alone a daughter.Who was the little girl?I guessed it might be a neighbor’s child before, then I kept on to scroll down.The following photo was about Samson at school. Grandpa had captured every process of Samson’s growth.Turning to the back, I saw a group photo. Carol Lucinda, Haden Reagan, and Kris Joe, but there was another person.It was a clear-eyed boy who looked sunny and enthusiastic. However, he seemed to be a little sick. Among them there was a girl. It was Carol, still a little immature, looked pure and lovely.What a happy princess.I felt a little depressed that Carol and Samson had so many memories.I wouldn't marry Samson without my grandma and grandpa Finn.It was deserved that Samson had no feeling to me.It stood to reason that the Finns was a big family, but my grandma was a rural old lady. How could they know each other?I got distracted.I had stayed in the study until it was late

. Going downstairs, I searched around in the kitchen for a long time. Fortunately, I found some cucumbers that Linda bought. Then I simply washed them for my dinner.I didn't notice Samson coming back until I came out with the wet cucumber.When did he come back?Samson turned back staring at the cucumber, said in a low voice, "What do you use it for?"I was taken aback, then responded to him, "Of course to eat!" What else?Samson sneered, "Didn't I satisfy you? You need it?"I? ? ? ? ? ?I didn’t think too much but shook the cucumber, "Do you want one?" I just washed two.Samson's gaze became extremely deep, "No!" Meanwhile, he threw away the cucumber and began to kiss me with hunger.His voice sounded low and dull, "We could have sex now!"He made me blush with shame."Sam...Um!" My mouth was blocked by him, so hard.The air was filled with “sex”. He was..."Samson, don't...Uh...""Samson, not yet, it will be infected!" I understood him since he couldn’t do it with Carol.I became a little anxious, "Samson, just wait one more month, please."I was about to cry.Perhaps noticing the pleading in my voice, he stopped coming in but kissed my collarbone.After a long time, he calmed down, "Hungry?"I nodded and laughed unnaturally, "I haven't eaten anything for a day!"Samson was taken aback, and then gazed at the cucumber, "Are you going to eat cucumber just now?"I nodded, "The smell in the kitchen choked me."He raised his mouth, looking like a smile but also helpless.Then he got up to the kitchen, coming back with a bowl of noodles with two eggs.He said, "Come and eat!" It was a sweet order...I can't help but think of what Haden said today. Would Samson really handle it well if I confess with him?But there was only one bowl, "Have you eaten?"He nodded, and urged me to eat up.It tasted really good, but I felt uncomfortable soon.

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