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   Chapter 18 Is Miss Sandra Scared

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4365

Updated: 2021-01-26 11:37

Looking at me, Kris said, "Is Miss Sandra scared?""Heh!" I sneered.They asked for ten glasses, all filled with wine. Kris looked at me, "The rule is that you can ask people here to drink for you. Anyone is OK, but it depends on your own, or by yourself!"I prayed with my baby, "You have to hold on!"I headed up to drink up a cup, but my stomach surged."Oh!" I couldn't hold back a nausea, running towards the restroom and retching on the toilet.Haden followed up stroking my back, "Show your weakness to Samson. He won't allow Kris to mess around."I sneered. I was not the ‘lucky’ Carol.I said, "What kind of medicine can reduce the harm to the embryo?"He nodded, "But it hurts somewhat!""It's okay, please give it to me later."When I came back, Kris was singing a song. Then he squinted, "What? Just one cup could beat you?"I didn't pay attention to him, and took a look at the table. Nine left.Samson and Carol were sitting next to each other. I didn't know what Carol said but Samson nodded lightly.Samson just caught a glimpse of me.I felt uncomfortable, said to Kris, "I hope you will keep your words!"Then I continued to drink. When I drank up the third cup, my lower abdomen became painful.Haden had noticed that, then he stopped me and said to Samson, "Samson, she is still your wife now. You know about her condition. It will hurt her.""Let me go!" I was already a little dizzy, reaching out for another cup.Suddenly I was violently blocked by a force into the familiar arms. Kris looked at Samson, "Brother, you?""She is my wife. I’ll drink the rest!" Then he drank up all the rest. Carol flushed.I wanted to retching several times.Finally, Carol stood up and looked at Kris, "Take me back!"She was anger.Being confused for a moment, Kris simply left away with Carol.Haden was still here. He blocked Samson, "You must take her home now!"The “her” he referred was me!Samson took me out of the nightclub. I was clutching my lower abdomen and curling my body. Seeing this, Samson touched on my lower abdomen, "It hurts?"I nodded.He started the car, "Hang on, I’ll take you to the hospital!"I was shocked, "Send me back to the villa and call Doc

tor Haden, he has the medicine!"He frowned.To dispel his misgivings, I explained, "He helped me a lot after the operation, so he knows what to do!"After a pause, he drove to the villa.I was relieved.We arrived at the villa in a short time. Haden arrived too.Samson carried me back to the bedroom. My pain slowly eased after Haden fed me medicine.Then I fell asleep in a daze.Vaguely I felt that Samson seemed to be getting me dressed, holding me into the bathroom and showering me.But I couldn't wake up.Not knowing what he was doing with my body. So I twisted against him.Nothing happened but I fell asleep completely.The next day!I was dizzy when the phone rang several times. I calmed down a bit before checking the phone. It was from Maya."What about the little model last night? Is everything alright?"I typed back helplessly, "My dear, don't you know that there shall be no sex within one month after miscarriage?"Soon she called me back."Damn, why didn't you tell me? The little model really cost me a great tip yesterday!"After a stretch, I got out of bed to open the curtains, "Let’s get a time to go shopping for something you like. I met Carol last night."Maya was taken aback. "Doesn’t she praise herself a holy godless? Why did she go there?""With Samson and the others!" The scenery around the villa became even more green and dazzling after a rain.Maya sighed, "Forget her, when do you plan to leave Jiangcheng City?"Speaking of that, I became annoyed, "Samson has not signed the divorce agreement, and there is something to be handled in the company!"She hummed, "Tell me after you have done. I will go to Jingcheng City in a few days and then transfer the bar here."I was a little choked, "You have run the Time Bar for many years, can you let it go now?" I felt uncomfortable about things she done for me."Tsk!" she said speechlessly, "They are all extraneous. Besides, I can have another bar when I go to Jingcheng City.”She became excited about this, "Have you ever thought about doing something when you go to Jingcheng City?"Indeed, I never thought about it. My belly should be bigger than now then. It was not easy to get a job.

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