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   Chapter 17 A Coincidence with Carol Lucinda

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4687

Updated: 2021-01-26 11:36

"What do you like to do my lady?" He took the initiative to find a topic with me.I smiled, "Reading book!""Poetry and book. Look at you. What an elegant lady!"I really didn't know what to say, so I stood up, "Sorry, restroom!"I walked around in the nightclub for a long time, without finding the restroom but meeting an acquaintance.Carol Lucinda and Kris Joe.I couldn't avoid them in the aisle.Seeing me, Carol's smile turned around and looked at Kris, "Why is she here?"Kris was also very surprised. He shook his head slightly, "When we were in the pharmacy, brother had asked her to go back!"I guessed they came here for fun without telling me. "Sharon, why do you follow brother wherever he goes, why are you so shameless?" Kris had always disliked me.I just said, "I came with a friend, You think too much."I was not so bored to follow Samson every day.Carol looked over at me, "Didn't you just abort? Why do you run around?""She must have felt lonely. Brother doesn't sleep with her, so she can only go out for fun." Kris was outspoken.I suffocated my breath, "You should keep your mouth clean."I hated them, so I turned back to leave.Yet I was blocked by Carol. She looked at me sarcastically, "You have improved your sharp teeth huh? What? The divorce agreement hasn't been signed yet? Your baby is gone. Don't you think your brother Samson will stay by you?"I looked at her coldly, "Carol, do you remember your baby?""You..." She blushed and was to hit me.I blocked her, "Since you want to act as the little white rabbit, please be serious. I'm afraid Samson will dislike you like this!"Then I was ready to leave.But I didn't expect that Carol would trick me here. As soon as I let her go, she suddenly fell down against the sidewall.It looked like I pushed her.Sure enough, there was no story without coincidences. Samson and Haden, who had just arrived."Sharon Sandra, what’s wrong with you? Why did you do that to Carol for her simple words?" Kris went to help Carol while yelling at me.Simple words? Should I be hurt by her?"It is better to donate your eyes and brain to people who need. Don't waste resources." This man was really an idiot. I couldn't understand why Samson kept Kris around him.Seeing Samson and Haden watching far away, I glanced at them angrily and was to leave without any greetings

.But I was held by Kris tightly, "You dare to leave. Sharon Sandra, was you so poorly educated?""Kris Joe, are you nuts? When did you see me pushing her?" I was in a bad mood, moreover, I didn’t want to entangle with them. So I left away.But Samson blocked me.Obviously, he had been angry."Mr. Finn, what’s the matter?" I didn't think I am Samson's wife, but an outsider here, which made me feel terrible.Therefore, I became rebellious at Samson."Apologize!" He ordered me.I was on the rampage, "What’s wrong with you, Samson Finn! Why should I apologize?""You pushed her!" He said with a faintly displeasure.I pushed her? I smiled, "Samson Finn, are you an idiot? Just cut out your eyes if you are blind. Don't waste them!""Sharon Sandra!" He called my name, "Go and apologize!""What if I don't apologize?" Squeezing my anger, I looked at him with no fear.He was to be upset, "Has Maya's bar been quite peace recently?"I was horrified and menaced for this man using such despicable means to threaten me?I headed up at the handsome face. But at this time, I was not in the mood for it. After a while, "Okay, I apologize!"I walked to Carol, suppressed all the grievances, "Sorry!"Carol looked pitiful and helpless as if I had really bullied her.Kris said with disdain, "Just a flirty apology? If you just say sorry for the murder, then what does the law for?"Fu*k!I was really angry, "What do you want?"He said naturally, "There is a rule between our brothers. Whoever makes a mistake must be sincere in apologizing. You can set a feast to make us happy, then it is over! "Fu*k you!Was this a fu*king apology?"Kris, no joke!" Haden spoke.Kris ignored him but looked at Samson, "Brother, what do you think?"Samson stared at me for a while, then said to Carol, "What do you think?"Carol said in a weak voice but everyone could hear, "After all, sister Sharon is brother Samson’s wife, so it’s up to you!"What an angelic bitch.I looked at Kris, "Go ahead, where?"Haden stepped forward to me, "You want to die?"I knew what he meant. It would hurt the embryo.Kris was afraid of Haden meddling in, "Haden, mind your own business!" Then he looked at me, "Let's go, Miss Sandra!"Later, we came to the private box they had booked in advance.To torture me, Kris ordered ten bottles of whiskey and two cases of beer!

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