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   Chapter 16 Samson Wants to Have Another Baby

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 5612

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We returned in a short while. The meal was ready. There was a more family of three people on the table.I met the man and the child in the yard just now, and the woman was his wife.Seeing me, the man smiled and looked at his wife, "Go to the kitchen and bring the cuttlefish and red date soup for Mrs. Finn. The soup is good for the embryo!"I smiled and thanked him, but Kris couldn't bear it and whispered, "The baby is gone, how to retrieve that even with a better soup?"Samson glanced at me. I was worried about the man exposed my trick, so I looked at Samson, "You haven't introduced this gentleman yet!"I said softly and tenderly, looking like a qualified and virtuous wife.Samson stunned slightly and began to his brief introduction.He was the master, named Billy Stephen, the son of a medical family. He cultivated these national medicinal herbs because of his extreme love. The elegant and beautiful woman just now was his wife, and the one-year-old toddler was his son.I felt a little nervous. What if it was unintentionally told by Billy here?So I looked at Haden, hoping that he would give me some advice.At this time Mrs. Stephen came in with the stewed cuttlefish soup, "Mrs. Finn, you can try it. I loved this taste when I was pregnant with Ricky. My husband blended some medicinal herbs replenishing vitality and nourishing blood into the soup, which is good for your health. How long have you been pregnant?"I broke out in a cold sweat, "Six weeks, but I aborted as Samson and I hadn't got ready for a baby."She looked at me in surprise uncertainty, "You don't look like...""Mrs. Stephen, this is a false pregnancy phenomenon after miscarriage. It will be fine later. I have to admire your couple to be superb of traditional Chinese medicine, and you will check out with just a look." Haden finally spoke.For a while, Billy squinted his eyes slightly as realizing something and then stopped talking. But Mrs. Stephen, who seemed to think I was not like a fake pregnancy, smiled and chatted with me for a while.After finally suffering it till the end, Billy said something at his wife's ear, and then she nodded and went out.Billy looked at Samson, "It's rare for you to come here. I have prepared some body-conditioning medicine for Mrs. Finn. You should take it back, then you can have another one!"Samson nodded and looked at me without any emotion.I always felt that he seemed to have brought and shown me to Billy. I was not sure, so I didn't say a word until I left.It was already evening. Kris disliked me, urging Samson to send me back quickly.I didn't quibble with him. So I simply got out of the car and take a taxi back.Samson just told me to be careful and then they left away.I couldn’t fall asleep when I returned. Originally I wanted to ask Haden, but h

e was with Samson. So, I went straight to the Time Bar.It was getting dark, and the bar became noisy.Maya was surprise at me, "Why don't you raise your body at home? What are you doing here?""Relieve boredom!" Then I found a place to sit down.She worried, "Miss Sandra, you've had a miscarriage for a few days only, so please treat yourself better, why don't you stay at home?"I looked at her, "Give me a glass of orange juice, let's have a talk!""I'm not for relieving boredom!" Then she went directly to the bar.I held my chin and looked at the people, but what I thought was the purpose of Samson taking me to the medicine garden today. Did he already suspect that I still keep the embryo?"What are you doing? Don't you panic? Let's go, I will take you to have a fun." Maya said mysteriously and pulled me out.I followed her out, "To where?""You will know then!"The street was full of bars. I thought she wanted to go shopping, "Don't you feel bored of taking me go shopping instead of staying in the bar?""What are you talking about?" She pointed to the magnificent nightclub not far ahead, "Some guys are in the bar. Don’t you feel bored? Then I will take you to see the world!"I rarely go anywhere else except for Maya's bar. At this time, my ears were stunned by the harsh music in the magnificent nightclub.Maya was familiar and found a prominent location on the second floor. Then she called the manager, "Two boys!"The manager nodded repeatedly, "Okay, I'll bring them over for you."I looked at Maya, "Why do you call boys?""Of course for fun!" She took it for granted, gave me a glass of juice, "I’ll show you anyone skillful and gentler than Samson. Don't waste your mind on him all day. You have to be yourself."Suddenly the manager brought a dozen of male models, making me dizzy for a while."Pick one you admire. Don't you like the overbearing CEO type? Look at that man in a suit. He is not worse than your Samson!" Maya said while choosing a handsome male model.The male model was quiet clever. He walked directly to Maya, gave her a glass of wine and then held her into his arms.I was so shocked. Wouldn't she come often?That was why she didn't have a boyfriend..."What are you looking? Just pick one quickly!" Maya urged.I was really embarrassed, "I...I don't need it!"Rolling her eyes to me, she pointed directly at the male model in the suit, "You stay with her!"The others left, then the male model in the suit sat next to me, making me very uncomfortable. Maya was going to play something exciting with her mate.I was left with the male model in the suit. Nothing but embarrassed, "Well, I am not...""Don't explain my lady, I know!" He looked at me and smiled lightly, "All of you are the same for the first time, just get used to it!"I……Speechless.

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