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   Chapter 15 I was Found Pregnant

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4229

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"No!" I hurriedly denied, "Don't you always want me to sign the divorce agreement? Now you can stay with Carol forever!""Okay!" He laughed colder and colder, "Sharon Sandra, you know I hate others acting on their own at most. Do you really think you can leave?""Didn't you want to abort the baby?" I frowned with more and more confused about him. "Carol Lucinda threatened me with her life. I'd rather do it myself!"It looked like the calm before the storm."You are really clever!"I knew what he meant but definitely not a compliment."Samson Sandra, save it. Since you abort the child, then let's have another one!"After speaking, he left coldly. It was not comforting or distressing, absolutely not."Still stay?" He turned his head in a little cold voice.Then I had to trot after him.After leaving the company, Samson took me into a courtyard, a Chinese style restaurant. A waitress dressed in a pink cheongsam came out. She looked at Samson with a smile, "Mr. Finn, please!"Then she led us through the yard into a room. There Haden and Kris were making tea with a chat.As the waitress went out, Samson walked to them, "Why don't you order?""It will take a while for Chef Stephen to cook the soup!" Haden looked at me, "Are you hungry?"I shook my head.Kris was disgusted with me, said in a bad temper, "Why so delicate? Isn't it just an abortion? What a waste to ask Chef Stephen to make soup for you. He is an international-level chef!"Haden wanted to stop him but I smiled, "What a beautiful scenery here. I'll go for a walk!"What I said was for Samson and Haden.Samson glanced at me lightly wordlessly when Haden said, "Good scenery outside the yard, you can go around. And there is a bonsai garden, in which there is a pool with lots of fish."I thanked with a smile and then came out."Haden, what's wrong with you? Why do you care about this woman so much? Are you out of mind? If it weren't her marrying brother by any means, Carol and brother would live a happy life together."It was said for me.I walked fast out of the yard to escape from those words. But a fairly scenery occurred.

Here was really exquisite also expensive. And the master must be rich too.Walking on the pebble path, I saw a man about thirty-five years old with a child playing with green branches.The man greeted me, "Hello!" "Hello!" I repliedThe toddler was an easy-going and kid.He handed me his little yellow flower.I couldn't help but want to hug him up. Unexpectedly I was stopped by the man, "You are pregnant. Please take care of yourself!"I looked at the man in surprise, "How..." How did you find out that I was pregnant?I didn't ask.He said, "Don't be surprised. I know some medical skills. "I admired this man in this aspect."Beautiful scenery," I said, "Like a vegetable garden!"The man laughed and corrected, "To be precise, this is the medicine garden. There are more than 2,000 varieties of medicinal herbs, some of which are on the verge of extinction to be cultivated here."I took a closer look. Indeed. There was not much land planted vegetables but a lot of unidentified vegetation and a tall cactus."This was originally called the Medicine Garden. Jiangcheng City enjoys the most comfortable climate in the country and is the best place for cultivating the vegetation. Therefore, it has become a national hub medicinal herbs with a low number but some varieties preserved." The man was about to take the child away after our chatting.I nodded and enjoyed here.After not taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped, "Mrs. Finn, don't stay here for too long. Some medicines are inconvenient for the embryo!"I was stunned and looked back at him pulling the child away for long, he knew me?Soon Samson found me and saw me squatting by the creek watching the ants. He stood beside me and said, "Let's go!"I was watching attentively while he suddenly made a sound. I almost slipped off in shock. He was quick to save me.He frowned, "Stupid?"I said embarrassingly, "I'm distracted!"He turned around to leave.I always felt that Samson seemed to be different to me within the past two days. I gathered up the courage, "Isn't this medicine garden a place for eating?""Yeah!" He spoke and left.

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