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   Chapter 14 Liability for Delay in Final Payment

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4102

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It was already afternoon when I woke up. When I came to the company, Dean Lion was already waiting in the office. He smiled and got up, "I'm really sorry for delaying your work, Miss Sandra!"I took my breath away and asked Linda to give him some water, and then signed the completion and transfer contract. After that, Dean Lion took the initiative, "It's already noon, Miss Sandra must haven't eaten yet! How about having a meal together. My wife has always wanted to thank you, shall we?"I noticed Linda as if something to tell me, so I refused with a smile, "Dean Lion, It should be my treat. Let's get it next time. I am really busy with something!"Then he left away after a few greetings. I turned to Linda, "Director, Mr. Finn is looking for you!"Samson? I frowned, "Is there anything wrong with us recently?" Generally, Samson would not meet me in the company for personal matters. Unless it was about work! Linda nodded, "The finance department has talked to Mr. Finn about Dean Lion. And Mr. Finn seems to be very upset, he asked you to the president office!""Hmm!" I went straight to the top floor. Samson's office was just as same as himself, cold and solemn. Eve Pierce saw me and said, "Director Sandra, Mr. Finn is in a meeting with Mr. Joe and Dr. Reagan!"I nodded and thought for a moment. I knew Dr. Reagan was Haden Reagan, but Dr. Joe was Kris Joe? I walked to the sofa and sat down. Now I was extremely hungry. Eve gave me a glass of water and said coldly, "Director Sandra, wait a moment, the president will take about half an hour."I responded, "Assistant Pierce, has Mr. Finn often drank recently?"Yesterday Maya said that Samson often went to the bar. I couldn't help but want to tentatively ask why. Eve was stunned, "Perhaps the president is in a bad mood!""Why?" Samson shouldn't make such a fuss about the baby. Usually, it was about Carol. Eve coughed lightly, "I don't know what happened either!"I…Such an unruly person! After waiting for a long time, I fell asleep again. Then I forced myself to get up when h

eard some voice. Three people who came out of the conference room gazed at me simultaneously. Haden frowned after talking to Eve and then Eve left. Samson stared at me, looked angry. It might be because of Dean Lion, I quickly stood up, "Mr. Finn, I will take the whole responsibility!"He frowned speechlessly while Kris spoke, "Miss Sandra is awesome! You are so generous for making your own husband tens of millions lost in the projects of hundreds of millions within two days!"This was obviously ironic. I rolled my eyes to Kris, "Are you free?""Puff!" Haden laughed out loud, as if it had nothing to do with him. Kris turned embarrassed, "Sharon Sandra, what's your identity? How dare you talk to me like that?"I really tired of wasting my time with Kris since he had always been meant to me. Anyway, we were all acquaintances, so I said roundly, "Is Kris the emperor who crossed over three thousand years ago? I'm afraid the only people worthy of you are the terracotta warriors of the Mausoleum of the first emperor who unified China. After all, they should be with you in the same era, with a common topic!"Hearing what I meant, Kris said wantonly, "Even the dead are more qualified than you. You are a cruel woman killing your own baby...""Kris!" Haden interrupted Kris, "Samson and Director Sandra have some business to discuss. I have ordered a restaurant. Let's go and wait for them!"After a pause, Haden looked at me, "Director Sandra probably hasn't eaten lunch yet. Come over with Samson later!"I wanted to refuse but he went out with Kris. Only Samson and I were left. I took the initiative, "It is my responsibility. After the miscarriage, I have been recuperating at home so I forgot about Dean Lion."I continued, "I know how much it is, so I will resign...""Is this your solution?" He stared at me coldly. "Yeah!" I had made the plan before. Samson stood up and sneered, "Sharon Sandra, what's your plan?"I was sweaty by his breath. Suddenly he held my wrist, "Where do you want to go after you leave Jiangcheng City?"

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