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   Chapter 13 I Did not Retaliate against You

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3946

Updated: 2021-01-18 18:29

"Samson!" I glanced at a few empty whiskey bottles on the table. He couldn't stand these! Hearing the sound, he glanced at me coldly and indifferently. Thin lips opened lightly in a low and cold voice, "Get out!"I sighed, "Samson, you are drinking too much, let's go home!"He replied, "Home?" There was disdain in his voice, "Is that home?"I was irritable, "Then what is that? Samson Finn, if you don't want to see me, I will call Carol. Maya was busy. Don't bother her, my big boss!"My wrist was violently grabbed by him. For almost an instant, he began to fondle my bosom, "It is not home, at most... a homestay!"After that, he caught me fiercely. I struggled with anger, "Then don't go back anymore. We may life our live separately after you sign the divorce agreement!""Hiss!" Suddenly, he bit down on my shoulder. "What? You got the money, the house and the shares, then leave me?" He laughed extremely coldly, "Sharon Sandra, your love is so cheap."Why was I talking to a drunkard? I softened my voice, "Samson, it's getting late, go back with me, okay?"He stopped talking but still didn't let me go. I paused and then said, "I will call Carol okay?"I assumed that he was also at Carol's place during this time. So I simply called Carol. However, he was suddenly taken away the phone. Bang! The phone was smashed so far. I was about to crash, "Samson Finn, what do you want to do?"I was definitely puzzled! "Go home!" He held me up easily and staggered out. I was so frightened with my baby. Dragging him, I said to him softly, "Samson, you are drunk. I can go by myself. I just finished the operation!"He froze fiercely and said inexplicably, "For retaliating against me?"I shook my head, "No, I didn't retaliate against you, I love you so much. Please let me down and let's go home, OK?"OMG, drunk people were really not much different from a child! To my surprise, he was obedient, "Go home!"I held him and said, "Okay! Go home!"I helped him down t

remblingly. Maya crossed her hands over, "Need my help?"I shook head, "Did he check out?"Maya rolled her eyes, "He was almost the boss, check out shit!"I nodded and helped Samson out of the bar. It took a big effort to put him in the car, making me sweated a lot. Pregnant women are delicate. Such an effort seemed to make me fall apart. I gazed at him with fascination. In general, he was the best of the best. He suddenly opened his eyes. I was confused. "Hmm!" I really didn't react for that. A strong kiss came with the strong alcohol smell and the man-specific tobacco scent. I wondered why Samson kissed me? Later he released me when I was nearly suffocated. He was still unfathomable. "Samson...""Return my the baby!" Then he leaned on the seat again. I:…I was stunned after a moment of a daze and then went straight back to the villa. What Samson said kept echoing in my mind, "Return my the baby!"Didn't he actually reject the baby? Thinking of this, I felt a little complicated. Anyway, he would not leave Carol alone. It would be more complicated and worse if he knew the baby. It was the best result that I chose to go away, at least it may be a happy ending for everyone. When we arrived, I was unable to cope with him. After a pause, I went to him, "Samson!"He was uncomfortable after drinking too much to fall asleep. He slightly opened his eyes. After a short while, he said, "You brought me back?"I nodded, "Get down, it's late!"It was almost early in the morning. I was really tired of staying with him. He sat up straight standing on the seat, of course, with uncertain and every-changing temper. Finally I said, "Do you need me?""I'm enjoying sunshine!" then he stopped moving. Enjoying sunshine now? Drunk too much... "Okay, take your time!" I was really tired of tossing with him, so I went in. I tossed about but finally went to him. To my surprise, he had already in and fell asleep lying on the sofa. Well, I could sleep at ease.

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