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   Chapter 12 Pick up You Man in the Bar

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4421

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I thought Samson would forget about the baby when Carol calmed down. But it was just the beginning of my entanglement with Samson. I felt relaxed in absence of him. To make it look more real, I basically stayed in the villa and asked Linda to send me anything I needed. In the afternoon. After Linda filled the refrigerator, she said, "Director, the financial department has urged as the final payment has been delayed for several days. Do you need to call Dean Lion?"Having a few bites on the durian, I threw it into the trash can for its strong smell. "How long has Dean Lion been delayed?" I asked. "About two or three days!" She paused, "It's not long, but the large amount of fund has affected the company's revenue in the next quarter, as the company was originally expected to use it for new market development."I nodded. The Finns' liquidity was relatively fast on which any partner's delay would have some impact. Even if the money was placed in the bank, it would make good revenue in two or three days. After a pause, I said, "Dean Lion has always kept promises. I will take responsibility for this. You should go to the finance department and tell them I will handle this immediately when I feel better.""Yeah!" She stood up for cooking. I checked the message sent by Mrs. Lion, "Is Mrs. Finn better? Kevin has already made a turnover. Thank you very much."It seemed that Dean Lion had got out of trouble. So I called Dean Lion to make an appointment to settle the final payment and then signed for completion. Later, Linda prepared the meals. She had to leave for work. "I feel almost better. You should stay at the company. I will make an appointment with Dean Lion tomorrow." I told her. She worried, "Are you sure? Isn't it said that half a month is needed after a miscarriage?"I smiled, "Do I look bad? Besides, it will be dragged down if I don't show up on Dean Lion. Then what I get will not only Samson's cold tone then."There was no miscarriage at all. Staying at home every day would delay a lot of things. My belly grew bigger day by day. If I hadn't talked to Samson thoroughly, it would get even worse. I have to get things done soon and then leave Jiangcheng City. She sighed, "

Fine, but you should take care of yourself first."It was really boring to eat alone, but it was getting late, so I was too lazy to get out. Then I had read books these days and looked for houses in Jingcheng City on the Internet, in that my baby and I will also need a comfortable place. A call came in abruptly. It was Maya. "Dummy, you aborted the baby?""How do you know?" I asked. Maya suddenly went ballistic, "How did I know? Are you embarrassed? Am I your friend? You actually did that without any word."She was so irritable. I said, "I'm just afraid that it will bring me trouble later! I'm going to tell you in two days!""Cut the cackle. I support your decision, but don't you need someone to take care of you after the operation? Why don't you tell me? What if something goes wrong?" She told me what she thought in her deep heart straightforwardly. I felt warm. After listening to her nag for a long time, I said, "Maya, I am going to divorce Samson and leave Jiangcheng City. Do you want to go with me?"I won't tell her about the baby temporarily, but I had to talk a little bit about the departure. Maya had settled in Jiangcheng City just because of me. There was a silence before she said, "When and which city are you going to?""In a few months. May be Jingcheng City!"She said, "Okay, I got it!"Then I thought it was finished so I was just about to hang up. Suddenly she said, "Come to the bar to pick up your man, he is already drunk deadly."I was stunned, "Samson Finn?"She was upset, "Who else could it be?"I:…Why did Samson run to drink? After hanging up, I drove to Maya's bar. The Time Bar was ten minutes far from the villa. Maya was drinking. She saw me speechlessly, "In the box upstairs, deadly."I said, "Why did he come here to drink?""How did I know? He came here two days ago, but he was not drunk until today." Putting the glass down, she said, "You didn't say anything before killing his offspring. Do you think he can feel good?"I was stunned. About the baby? I went to the box. A strong smell of smoke and alcohol came. I kept the door open for ventilation and then went in. Under the dim light, he looked like closing eyes for rest instead of getting drunk.

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