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   Chapter 11 Is the Baby really Aborted

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 3956

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He let me go but left a pain with me. I even rolled up my toes. Suddenly I fell into him. So I closed my eyes leaning in his arms. "You've got a skill to pretend to be dead!" Seeing that I didn't respond, he held me sideways to the bedroom. I was put on the bed and then heard nothing. Later I heard him calling Haden to come over to me. Actually, he was not so cold. About ten minutes later, I completely fell asleep in a daze, vaguely hearing Haden's voice. "Samson, what do you thinks about the embryo?"Samson seemed a little impatient, "It's getting late, you can go back!"Sometimes I sympathized with Haden, a world-renowned doctor who was bossed around by him every day. Then I fell asleep completely. In the middle night, I realized that someone was pulling me into his arms. I tried to open my eyes, but I was too sleepy to do that. The next day! When I woke up, Samson was no longer in the villa. He must go to see Carol. I made an appointment with Dean Lion in advance yesterday, so I went directly to the hospital. Mrs. Lion was waiting for me at the entrance early. She was still a little worried about me, "Is the embryo really aborted? Don't you discuss it with Mr. Finn?"I smiled, "It's okay, don't worry!"Dean Lion had arranged an abortion doctor. So I went directly into the operating room after a checkup. Mrs. Lion was always trying to persuade me, "Mrs. Finn, please think it clear. Abortion will be harm to you although you are young."I nodded, "It's alright!"Then I followed a nurse into the operating room. A middle-aged woman said, "Mrs. Finn, we will dose you epidermal anesthetic, which will make you fall asleep soon, without feeling any pain. Don't be nervous!"It was exactly as she said. When I woke up again, I was already in the hospital bed. I opened my eyes and suddenly saw Samson staring at me gloomily. He was angry. I had never seen him like this before. Instinctively, I tried to touch him but was resisted. Staggering his horrifyi

ng gaze, I closed my eyes. "Sharon Sandra, you are cruel!" Then he left. I sighed. This was the best result for now. "Mrs. Finn, aren't you afraid of being hated by Mr. Finn?" Dean Lion came in with the medical record book, "To Mr. Finn, it's his offspring. Even if you lied to him this time, how about next time? The truth will eventually come out."I smiled, sitting up, "No next time, thank you for your cooperation!"I was stopped by Dean Lion. He said, "More things to be done since you are acting in a play. No one just miscarried can get out of bed in less than half an hour?"Quiet right! I lay back again, "Samson might send someone for my medical history. So I will trouble Dean Lion then. He smiled helplessly, "Young people are always not content with the status quo. But since I promised to help you, I will naturally handle other things!"I nodded and thanked him, "Dean Lion, don't tell Mrs. Lion the truth either. Thank you." Things will be better if fewer people know. He nodded and then left. I lay in the hospital all morning until receiving the doctor's instructions. Then I went out. Linda drove to wait for me at the entrance, "Try to notice Carol my miscarriage."She nodded and sent me directly back to the villa. I just went to sleep after Linda returned to the company. However, before I fell asleep, Samson and Haden were back. As expected, Samson didn't notice me but just let Haden come to check me up. Haden came with his medicine box, and checked a pulse for me. I asked. "Did you bring the medicine?"He glanced at me, "Nice trick!"He took out the medicine, "These are for embryo protection. You can take them on time. As long as you don't suffer any major shocks, the embryo will develop well."After a few brief explanations, Haden went downstairs and I replaced medicines dosed by the hospital with them. Then I lay back again. Dean Lion's project would be fine for a week, but it was really not okay for to stay in the villa for a week.

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