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   Chapter 10 Agree to Divorce

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Linda had been with me for two years. She frowned, "If you really agree to divorce, wouldn't you betray the advice of grandpa Finn to you?""Besides, you will lose the equity. Director, it is not worthy!"I didn't explain too much, "I have my own plan. You can quickly get it for me as I have business."Hearing this, Linda hurriedly and angrily left the office. I waited for Linda at the elevator. Fortunately, she was quick. She handed it to me, "Director, it is not the best time for you to sign the divorce agreement now, you...""Enough!" I interrupted her, "Work hard, I know what I should do."The elevator door was closed before she said anything. Then I drove to meet Haden. South Harbor was a relatively elegant Chinese restaurant with distinct Chinese features that serves exquisite and compact dishes. It is generally an ideal choice for the rich. To my surprise, Haden had arrived early. In a clean and tidy casual style, she sat by the window with outstanding temperament and his slender fingers tapped the tabletop every now and then, leisurely and comfortable. "Sorry, I'm late!" Sitting opposite him, I called the waiter for an order. He turned to me with a wanton smile, "Beauty's dinner, how can I be late?"It's rare to see his smile. I pushed the menu to him, "Has anyone ever said you look very gentle and clean when laughing?"He raised his eyebrows, "You are the first!"I smiled, ordering a few dishes that he might like. Having given the menu to the waiter, I saw he just looked at me with a smile. I was puzzle, "Is there something on my face?"He seemed in a good mood, "It is the first time to have dinner with my brother's woman, and I feel..."He laughed, "It feels pretty cool!"It was said that things gathered people into groups. The people around Samson would naturally not be controlled well. Hadn't I suspect too much about what he said, nor did I pursue the meaning. I just went straight to the subject, "If I want to ask you for help, will you?"He frowned, "What's that?""Traditional Chinese medicine for a woman after a miscarriage!"He said, "That's it?"I nodded, "I have long heard that you are a genius of Chinese medicine. So I want to ask you for some medicine. Will you help me?"He looked at me, seeming to be prying into the truth of my words. I was also calm. After a long time, he said, "Okay!""Thank you, Doctor Reagan!" This was the deal with smart people. The waiter served the food. He said unfathomably, "Miss Sandra's cleverness has always been so unpretentious?"I smiled, "You are flattering me. It's just a life-saving strategy. Moreover, Samson and I were originally inappropriate so the baby is also a mistake."He seemed very satisfied with the food, "When are you going to leave?"I was taken aback and surprised that he even guessed my last plan. Putting down the chopsticks, I said, "Maybe within two months, but I haven't decided my next destination.""Go to Jingcheng City, it is suitable for Living." He may have been full. This was a very good idea. I nodded, "I'll consider it!" Indeed, Jingcheng City was an ideal city. Then he settled the account in advance. I said, "I owe you a meal. Let me invite you next time!"H

e nodded, "I hope we can have the meal next time in Jingcheng City."I just smiled. When we were to go back, he suddenly said, "Is the surgery time scheduled?"I nodded, "Tomorrow!"Since the decision was made, it was natural to make it quickly. He hummed, "Does Samson know that?""No!" I shook my head, "I didn't plan to tell him either!"He frowned and stopped commenting. After saying goodbye, I drove back to the villa. When arrived, I didn't get off but took out the divorce agreement. I felt a little uncomfortable as I would take the divorce agreement to him. Regarding the divorce property, Samson promised me most of Finn's annual dividends and this villa. I smiled wryly. Perhaps from the beginning, Samson thought that I came for all of these. I eventually signed it. Back to the villa, I reached out for the light, suddenly noting the man sitting coldly in the hall. I was taken aback. Slowly I said, "Why don't you turn on the lights? Did you have dinner?"Samson asked, without answering my question, "Where did you go?" Sounded cold and indifferent but with faint displeasure. "I went to the company." I went into the kitchen, "I'll cook something for you."I guessed he hadn't eaten anything. Thinking of this, I couldn't help but consider myself as a busybody. But after all, he was the one who had been in my hearts for a long time. Even if I was to leave, we shouldn't force each other to heartbreak yet disperse the feelings. It was better to keep some good memories. I cooked noodles for him before I bumped him. "What...what's wrong?" He was looking at me with a complicated look instead of usually cold and disgusted. He didn't speak as I said, "Only eggs, make do with it!"When I was to go upstairs for washing, he said abruptly, "How about our marriage?"I suddenly blushed, "even it can't, we've married for two years.""Samson Finn, I agree to divorce." I took out the divorce agreement and said bitterly, "I have already signed it. Take a look. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau some time."I said in one breath, "Don't worry about the embryo. I will satisfy you and Carol."When people made certain decisions, they always had to bear corresponding consequences. Without looking at Samson's irritated face, I turned upstairs. This may be the last time we had such a conversation in this villa. Suddenly my wrist was violently grabbed, " What?" Samson asked with anger. I felt sad, "I will take care of it, and I won't let the baby affect Carol.""Sharon Sandra!" His anger reached its extreme, "What do you want to do? Divorce me? Then abort it and go away?""Otherwise?" Looking at him, the tears I had endured for a long time still shed unconvincingly, "What else can I do? Samson Finn, didn't you always want me to divorce you and stay away from you? What's wrong with you?"Samson's eyes suddenly became a bit dark as a thin layer of frost. "Do you think you are very smart?" He sneered, pinching my jaw. We were very close, breathing against each other, "The one in your belly is my offspring. You are unqualified to decide its life.""I'm unqualified?" I smiled, "Carol Lucinda is qualified?"He enraged, "Sharon Sandra, you are risking your neck!"

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