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   Chapter 9 Samson's Attitude

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4840

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Carol was crying in sorrow, dragging Samson as her whole body collapsed like a lost child, pitiful and helpless. Samson hugged her in his arms and comforted, "Carol, you are and will not alone. Calm down!"Carol looked at him, "Don't let her give birth to the child, okay? I'm begging you, Brother Samson, don't let her deliver this embryo, or I will die!"She spoke decisively and seriously. Samson looked at her with anger, "Carol, don't mess around!"Seeing this, Carol pushed him away violently, quickly picked up the fruit knife and slammed it down towards her wrist. All this happened so quickly. He hugged Carol to the emergency room. But Carol tugged firmly at the railing, "Don't let her give birth to the baby!"I was stunned. How much did Carol hate me? Then I said, "Carol, don't worry, this baby, I..." I relieved the pain, "I won't deliver the baby!""Sharon Sandra!" Samson was completely angry. "You will suffer even more if she dies!" I said sorely. Samson glanced at me with unfathomable darkness and then carried Carol out of the ward. In the empty ward, I stared at the puddle of blood left by Carol. I was not in the mood to stay here, so I was discharged. After a night of heavy rain, the whole Jiangcheng City was completely renewed. I went directly to the Group Finns. The receptionist said in a hurry, "Director Sandra, the wife of Dean Lion from the People's Hospital is waiting for you for around 15 minutes."I pressed the elevator, "Ask Linda Helen to prepare some considerate gifts for Mrs. Lion later."The receptionist nodded. Then I called Haden, "Sharon!"Surprisingly, this time he called my name directly, I frowned slightly, "Do you have time tonight? Have a meet?"After a pause, "Okay, show me where and when.""I'll send you in a while!" I hung up and sent to Haden. Subsequently, I went to the restroom for my makeup fix before returning to the office. Having been two years with Samson, I had gained a lot in work. At least, I have grown up from a novice to a director proficient in handling various problems. In the office, a middle-aged woman in a plain peony cheongsam sat elegantly on a black leather sofa, holding the phone. I entered after knocked twice at the door, "Mrs. Lion, I'm really sorry, there was a traffic jam. You must have been waiting for a long time!"Mrs. Lion got up and stretched out to greet me with a smile, "Don't worry, I've just arrived."After the

usual pleasantries Mrs. Lion went straight to the key point, "Mrs. Finn, I'm really sorry to bother you at this time, but you know, Kevin just signed a cooperation contract with the Finns. But now something has happened suddenly. Can you ask Mr. Finn about postponing the start time?"The cooperation between the Finns and the hospital on construction was reached under the state-owned framework. The Finns was originally a company of construction and trade. Now, I became the principal assigned by Samson. Kevin Lion that Mrs. Lion referred to was Dean Lion. However, the project cannot be completed and accepted for a while as Dean Lion embezzled the funds originally used for completion. To make it simple, the final payment couldn't be transferred to the Finns as agreed in the contract. I smiled embarrassingly, "Mrs. Lion, as you know Samson and I are not so courteous to each other even though we've got married for so many years. It is a pretty plenty of money and Samson is always rigorous. It is a difficult task for me to explain this for him."Mrs. Lion was a little anxious with a bad look, "All we need is just one more week until Kevin's situation gets better. We'll show our great gratitude then."This was not difficult for me, but after a pause, I said "Mrs. Lion, you also know that the Finns is a large company with strict management system for turnover of capital. I will bear certain responsibilities if I leverage my assistance to Dean Lion, unless..."Then I stopped and looked at Mrs. Lion. "Unless what?" She asked immediately. I hesitated for a while, "Unless I have a just reason to delay my work."I continued, "I think there is just an excuse.""What is that?" Mrs. Lion asked. "Please ask Dean Lion to arrange me a gynaecology doctor for an abortion surgery some time!"Mrs. Lion was shocked, "Ms. Finn is pregnant?"I nodded, "Six weeks!""Six weeks! Does Mr. Finn know that?" She was a little puzzled, "The baby is your gift!"I smiled, "Samson and I are not ready to have a baby yet, so..."After a pause, I said, "It's the right time for me to delay the completion for a few days. Sorry to trouble you.""Does Mr. Finn know?" She seemed a little unacceptable. I nodded, "He knows."She sighed slightly, "What a pity!"Then it was done. Linda sent her away. "Ask Eve Pierce for a copy of the divorce agreement that Samson has prepared before."Linda was stunned, "Director, you..."

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