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   Chapter 8 He Knew I Was Pregnant

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4084

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I might come across a kind driver with a luck. The umbrella couldn't prevent me from the heavy wind and rain, making me soaked from head to foot. Luck sucked. With a few steps, my lower abdomen was getting a pain. Worrying about the embryo, I had to stop and squatted on the ground, finding that my phone was missing. Maybe in the car. I couldn't go back at all but keep squatting. I vaguely felt a flow of heat liquid between my legs, a sign of threatened abortion... As the old nursery rhyme says, girls are made of sweets, spices and all good things, so they are as lucky as angels. However, some of them were born to face disaster, pain, torture, separation and receive nothing. "Zzzi..." When I heard the sound, I was too dizzy to open my eyes, struggling to look up in a daze. Black Jeep, license plate Jiang ACL999, Samson Finn. I knew Samson came and tried to stand up but fell back. "Idiot!" A man's low and cold voice came to my ear. And then it was completely gone. When I woke up again, I was in the hospital. I felt an extraordinarily pain. Instinctively, I reached out to touch my lower abdomen. "Don't worry, the embryo is safe!" The vain voice frightened me. It was Haden. After a pause, I said, "Why..." are you here? My throat hurt so much that I couldn't say a word. Seeing this, he went to take a glass of water and then half-hugged me. I resisted to stay away from him. He forced to feed me, "Drink!"So, I was obedient. After a few sips, my throat improved. I looked at him, "Thank you!"He went on to play the phone with a faint hum. After hesitating for a while, I said, "Does Samson know about the embryo?" It must be Samson who sent me to the hospital last night. As Haden knew it, so did Samson. He squinted, "You don't want to tell him?"I nodded without concealing, "If I told him, he would consider me blackmailing him not to divorce me with the baby."He frowned, "But he knows now, what are you going to do?"I was speechless. Then I tentatively asked, "Will Samson want this baby?""I'm not Samson Finn." He

said, "But Samson has been thirty years old, he has no reason to refuse it."Then he went out. So, Samson would want this baby? But after all, I was happy about that too early. Carol rushed in frantically, pinching me tightly. "Why, why are you pregnant? Sharon Sandra, you killed my baby and you must not have yours."I couldn't breathe. All I can do was holding her hands tightly to save myself. She was completely insane. She said grimly, "I won't allow you to tie up Brother Samson with the baby."Looked sick and weak usually, Carol had an amazing strength at this time. I tried to save myself but couldn't move at all. Finally I intermittently said, " pay for life..."She sneered with greater strength, "You are worth it with two lives.""Carol, what are you doing?" At the door, the man growled in a cold and low voice. Hearing that, Carol stiffened abruptly and changed another face immediately, falling on the ground. Samson quickly picked her up, and I was free again, instinctively breathing the fresh air. After a long time, Carol nestled in Samson's arms and sobbed, "Brother Samson, you promised me you won't let other women give birth for you. You promised me!"I felt bad upon looking .at this scene. Samson glanced at me while comforting Carol in an attractive voice, "Don't cry, you have just been well. It's not good for you."Carol looked at him intently, "Brother Samson, you won't let her give birth to the baby, will you?"I fixedly looked at Samson, waiting for his response with anxiety. Samson ignored me but said to Carol softly, "Carol, don't mess around!"I felt relieved. At least, Samson didn't want to kill the baby. "I'm not messing around!" Carol went crazy again, "Brother Samson, you promised my brother to take good care of me Now, he's gone, I have nothing but you."She choked and pointed at me, "If she gave birth to this baby, would you not divorce her? Would you not keep your promise? You will have your own family but I have nothing. I don't want that. I don't want to be alone..."

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