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   Chapter 7 I'm at the Police Station

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4110

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"So what?" He said to me with a smirk, "Is that you?"I nodded, "I just missed, sorry!""Fu*k! You b*tch!" Then the muddled fight began. Immediately after, all of them got involved. Maya and I were trained for a while before, so we hadn't much losses. Then we were taken to the police station. We recorded a confession at the police station but someone was needed to bail us out. Maya was an orphan with only me in Jiangcheng City. Apart from the company, there was the Finns just left. So I simply called Haden. Soon it was connected but with no response. I was a little embarrassed, "Doctor Reagan, I'm really sorry to bother you at this time. Can you do me a favor? I have some trouble at the police station, can you come over?"But still no response, so I said helpless, "Doctor Reagan, sorry to trouble you."For a long time, two words came coldly, "Sharon Sandra!"It was from...Samson! How could he answer Haden's call? I was frightened for a while then said, "Samson, you...""Address!" He interrupted me. I could feel that Samson was in a bad mood at this time. "Huancheng District Police Station!" Then he hung up. Maya was wordless, "Why don't you call Samson directly? Trouble again!"I was even more wordless, "When I came out, Samson was drunk. Thus, I thought he was asleep, so I called Haden, but I didn't ..."Unexpectedly, Samson would answer it. Half an hour later, Samson entered the police station through the crowd. What a handsome man there. Moreover, there were several reports about him on the City Financial Headlines every day, so those in the police station all came to greet him. Seeing this, Maya said, "Actually, I can understand why you are so obsessed with him. After all, he is the pride of heaven! Every woman wants him. The identity of Mrs. Finn is something that countless girls look forward to. Let alone you sleep with him every night."I rolled my eyes on her. Sure enough, women are fickle. Then Samson bailed us out. At the entrance of the police station. The policeman said, "call the police directly next time

!"Maya and I thanked the policeman with a smile. Turning back, Maya whispered in a low voice, "Damn, I will be dead if I did as he said!"A chill stopped my reply. It was Samson in a black suit standing beside the jeep. I had to say goodbye to Maya and then followed Samson, "Thank you!"He glanced at me coldly, "Get in the car!"I dared not say anymore but only did as he ordered. As half of the trip past, I received Maya's message before I answered her. We were almost at the villa. Samson was as cold as ever, so we both kept silent. As he arrived at the villa, I followed up, "Samson, I thought you were drunk, so I called Dr Reagan. No other thoughts."Although redundant, I still spoke out. He suddenly stopped, said in a low voice, "Other thoughts? You think Haden will like you?"He choked off me completely. Of course, Haden would not like me in any event. As far as Samson was concerned, I would be nothing without master Finn. Samson left me a cold look. After he walked a few steps, he stopped suddenly, "Go to Palace Dessert Shop to buy a supper."I was taken aback, why didn't he say it on the road? It was too far from here to Palace Dessert Shop. Besides, it was already early in the morning. "Do you have to eat it today? It's early morning, maybe it's closed?""Open 24 hours!" Then he directly went upstairs. He didn't want to have supper at all, but to toss me. But, after all, it was my fault. After a pause, I left the villa. It should be raining. As the key of the jeep was held by Samson, I had to drive a lower chassis car. At one o'clock in the morning, I finally got the supper. But as soon as I came out of Palace Dessert Shop, a heavy rain came. I drove the long way around to avoid being flooded. But the car got stuck halfway unexpectedly. Even worse, there was still more than half of the distance to the villa and I can't get a taxi in this remote area for a while. The phone was running of power, so I had to call Samson. It wasn't connected for a while. Then I had to take an umbrella in the car and walked back.

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