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   Chapter 6 Will You Take You Love back

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4043

Updated: 2021-01-11 10:21

When I came back, Carol was already asleep. And there was another middle-aged nurse Samson hired. She greeted me and I left the hospital. Then I went back to the villa. It was early morning when I returned. Feeling sleepy, I went to bed directly. Dimly, I was woken up by the strong smell of cigarettes. It was Samson. I didn't know when he came back but saw the room full of thick smoke. He must have taken a lot. "There you back, " I said to him. He never smoked but now he may be bothered by something. He kept silent so I had to open the window for ventilation. Suddenly he violently hugged me when I passed by. "Samson Finn!" I struggled for a few times. Then I calmed down, "Did you drink?" I asked. "Don't you hate me?" He suddenly made me a little confused, looked haggard. "Hate!" I replied, trying again but failed. I looked at him, "Samson, what's wrong with you?""Will you take it back?" He looked a little blurred perhaps due to the affection of alcohol. I wondered, "Take back what?"Then he stopped speaking and fondled over my body. Of course I knew what he wanted. Instinctively, I resisted, "Samson, I am Sharon Sandra, not Carol!"However, it didn't work. Fine kisses swept across with the alcohol, hurriedly and violently. "Samson Finn, I am Sharon Sandra! See clearly." I was annoyed, trying to awake him. He gazed at me for a few seconds but didn't stop, "Hmm!" His suit was crumpled to be thrown at the bed. I suddenly awoke and refused his desire for the sake of the baby. While he was looking for something, I broke free, "Samson, you are drunk."Then I went out of the bedroom. I may lose this embryo if I stayed here. I couldn't handle the chaos recently, so went to Maya Weslee. In Time Bar. It was still early. Maya ordered me a cocktail, "Why are you here at this time? Something wrong?"The noise made me dizzy. Then I put down the cocktail, "It's okay, just to see you. ""Samson bullied you again?" Maya was a little speechless, "If you really can't stand him, get divorce quickly. Su

ch a beauty shouldn't suffer this. Don't you feel tired?"Maya had always been outspoken. She can't see my dawdling on Samson as my best friend. Handing her the B-ultrasound report, I was a little helpless, "Who will love a beauty with a little baby?"She grabbed the report in a surprise, "Six weeks? Didn't you tell me you didn't have sex with him? So where is the baby from?""Remember the day Samson came to me when I was drunk last month?" I grabbed the report from her. She was shocked for a while, "What's your plan now?"I was lost too. "Abort it!" Maya said, "You and Samson are different. Master Finn has passed away now. You will be troubled sooner or later with the embryo. It's better to abort it and divorce Samson. You can't waste your life on him."I was a little distracted, "Go to your guests, leave me alone."Then she rolled her eyes and replaced the cocktail with juice. As the night darkened, the bar gradually became lively. Maya became busy, so I found a corner and sat in a daze. Looking at people lingering in the feast, I lost for a while. I suddenly returned to my senses after the harsh screams and noise came. A few street punks came to the bar. They were surrounding Maya. Many guests left while the music was turned off. I was sitting in the corner, seeing Maya was surrounded by a few punks holding sticks. Obviously, they were here to make trouble, but Maya was calm, "Are you here for trouble or fun?""Trouble, my little lady, do you want to play with us?" The leader reached out for Maya's face with a smirk. "Pop!" Before he touched Maya, I broke him with the orange juice bottle. The punk clutched his arm and shouted in pain, "Who hit me?""Me!" I walked to them. Maya looked at me in a daze, "Why are you still here?"Come on. She must think I was gone. I rolled my eyes, "So where am I?""Stupid!" Maya blocked for me and whispered, "You should slip away before we start."I knew she was worried about me, then I said to the punk I hit, "Why so many men bully a little girl?"

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