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   Chapter 5 A Bet

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4538

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I thought he agreed as he nodded slightly. I was humble to obey him as usual despite resistance in my heart. He drove me to the hospital instead of the villa. The bad smell of disinfectant spread across the hospital. Carol was undergoing an infusion, looked weak and petite. She stared at me with a cold gaze. After a long time she said to Samson, "I don't want to see her!"A little bit colder and hateful occurred instead of the tender since losing her baby. Samson embraced her, "Let her take care of you for a few days. She deserves it."Intimacy, petting, all of these had hurt me deeply. Carol actually wanted to refuse, but just for a moment, she nodded, "Okay, I'm on you!"They just decided my stay. How ridiculous! Samson was very busy as a member of the Finns. Therefore, he had no time to stay here. Then I was the only one to take care of Carol. At 2:00 in the morning. Carol couldn't fall asleep at night. There were no extra beds in the hospital, so I could only sit on the chair next to her. She looked at me, "Sharon Sandra, you are too humble."After a while I said, "Isn't it love?"She laughed unknowingly, "Are you tired?"I shook my head. Falling in love with someone couldn't compare with dozens of lives. "Can you give me some water?" she said against the bed. I nodded. "No cold water. Scald water is preferred!" She said without any emotion. She didn't pick up the water but looking at me, "I think you are pitiful but also pathetic. I shouldn't blame you for the baby, but I still couldn't help imputing that to you."I was unaware of what she said and handed the water to her, "Be careful!"She took it and held my hand. Instinctively, I wanted to withdraw as she stared at me, "Let's make a bet to see if he would care about you."I was taken aback when I saw the man standing at the door. Carol looked at me lightly, "Dare you?"I didn't say a word as she poured the hot water onto my hand and there came heart-piercing pain. I was in for the bet. Carol put down the glass and said innocently, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. It's too hot. Are you okay?"So ridiculous. I gritted my teeth and shook my head, "It's okay!"Samson walked in and said in a cold voice to Carol, "Why don't you sleep?"Carol again became a cute girl as Samson ap

peared suddenly, and said, "I slept a lot during the day. Why are you here?""Come for you!" While speaking, Samson looked at my hand and frowned slightly, "Go with it!"No pity nor care at all. "I was too careless." Carol said with pretended regret and guilty. Samson fondled her without any blame. But I was heartbroken and move out of the ward. In fact, I had predicted my failure from the very beginning, but still longed for Samson's care, even just a brief care - "Does it hurt?". But I got nothing. In the corridor, I was blocked by Haden. I said, "Doctor Reagan!"He looked at me for a long time, "Does it hurt?"I was stunned with sore and choppy, "Da!" A drop of tear fell on the ground, making the already cold and lonely corridor even more deadly still. A man who was just contacted for several times would even ask "Does it hurt?" that can never be delivered by Samson who I've married for over 2 years. He was holding my hand tighter regardless of my resistance. "I am a doctor!" Haden said. It's the doctor's responsibility. But he was not a nosy person. Just because I was Samson's wife. I followed Haden into the surgery room. He confessed to a nurse then said to me, "Bandage it up as instructed."I nodded, "Thank you!"Haden left me here. The nurse cleaned my scalded hand and frowned, "It's a bit Serious and you will get scarred!""It's okay!" Take it as a lesson. Blisters must be poked to clean the abscesses. The nurse comforted me, "It will be hurt, bear it.""Hmm!"It was nothing worse than the pain in my heart. After that, I was about to go back. Then I heard something from the stairwell, and I stopped. "Master Finn is gone, when to divorce her?" Was it from Haden? "She? Sharon Sandra?" It was Samson. As approaching, I vaguely saw Samson and Haden. Haden flicked cigarette ashes and then said to Samson, "You know she didn't do anything, it's just because she loves you."Samson said coldly, "When did you care about her?"Listening to this, Haden frowned, "Stop your imagination. I just want to remind you that the one who loves you so much may eventually take back her love one day if she is not responded.""Heh!" Samson sneered, "I always disdain her love..."I stopped listening to that as I don't want to disparage myself.

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