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   Chapter 4 Grandpa Finn's Funeral

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4495

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I was groggy in the one hour's drive. What happened just now made me breathless. A terrible panic made me nauseous, so I got to retch on the flowerbed for a long time. "Wow, the Finn's young lady became so delicate." An acrid voice came from the door. Master Finn had two sons, Luis Finn and Lukas Finn. Luis was Samson's father who was dead in an accident. Here was Lukas. Now the person mocking me was Haylie Josie, Lukas' wife, also my aunt-in-law. I was used to the numerous gratitude and resentment of powerful families. Keeping my discomfort under control, I turned to Haylie in a polite and gentle voice, "Hello, aunt Haylie!"Haylie had detested me all the time as I was appreciated by grandpa Finn. Seeing no one else in the car, Haylie gave me a cold look, "What? Was the young master of the Finns absent at the funeral?"Samson indeed loosed his behavior with absence at such an important occasion. I said perfunctorily, "Samson was busy. Maybe come later.""Hoho!" Haylie sneered, "This is the heir master Finn chose, but that's all."There came a lot of people. So Haylie had to maintain her repute. We entered the old house together. All the offerings had already set up. Most were good standing as master Finn's reputation. Lukas and Haylie greeted guests across the house while I did that at the mourning hall. "Miss Sandra." Auntie Zara said to me, with sandalwood in her hands. "Auntie Zara, what's the matter?" The members of the Finns were not complicated due to fewer heirs. Grandpa Finn preferred to be quiet, so only Auntie Zara took care of him. Auntie Zara gave it to me, "This is what master Finn left for you before he died, please keep it well."After a pause, "Master Finn knew Samson would divorce you as long as he died. Show it to Samson and he may not divorce you."I stared at the locked sandalwood box, "Where is the key?""Master Finn gave it to Samson." Auntie Zara said, "You have been haggard recently. Take care of yourself. Master Finn always wanted offspring for the Finns. So don't failed."Speaking of the baby, I smiled at Auntie Zara wordlessly. Later, grandpa Finn would be taken in a hearse to the cemetery for burial. It was already afternoon, but Samson never showed up. Samson wasn't present duri

ng the whole process. Lukas, arm in arm with Haylie, looked at me, "Sandra, the passed cannot be resurrected. Go back and talk to Samson. Don't bear grudges with his grandpa. Dad doesn't owe him anything."Haylie snorted sarcastically, "He is immature yet ungrateful and vicious.""Be quiet!" Lukas glared at her helplessly, "It's too late, and keep silent for your grandpa, go back!""OK! Thank you, uncle." Lukas and Haylie, both beyond 50 years old, lived a happy life with shares of the Finns. Though vicious, Haylie was actually not a bad person. As they walked away, I lost in thought the end between Samson and I. I would eventually lose. "Take care, grandpa, I will see you later." I was stunned after a bow. When did Samson come here? He was dressed in black gazing at grandpa's tombstone. Then he said, "Go!"He... was here for me? I stopped him, "Samson, grandpa is gone, you should let go. You know, he has paid so much for you these years..."He kept staring at me coldly, making me in a loss. He wasn't angry. I followed him out of the cemetery as it was getting dark. The driver had already left. I had to go with him. His gloom made me hard to ask about Carol. It was terribly quiet all the way. After a long time, I couldn't help speaking up, "How about Miss Lucinda?" I didn't push her but it indeed occurred in front of me. "Zzzi..." The car suddenly stopped, making me lean forward violently and soon be held down. Samson pressed over. He stared at me with a dangerous aura. I couldn't help shrinking and said, "Samson Finn...""What do you want for her?" He said sarcastically, "Sharon Sandra, don't you really think that I won't divorce you due to that box?"He was really omnipotent for knowing everything. "I didn't push her." Bitterness made me laugh, "Samson Finn, I don't know what's in the box and never thought of using it on you. You really want to divorce me, okay! I agree with you. We will get the divorce tomorrow."It was dimmed and cold, also quiet. It seemed to surprise Samson. But soon he sneered, "Carol is still lying in the hospital. Are you planning to go away?""What do you want me to do?" Of course, how could he let me go? "You must take care of her from tomorrow." He straightened his body up.

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