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   Chapter 3 Seldom Breakfast by Samson

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4439

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Carol looked back at Samson helplessly, "Brother Samson, I was too self-willed last night disturbing you and Sister Sandra. Can you keep her stay to have breakfast with us? Just take it as my apology, okay?"I……Hoho, indeed, some people could really get what they want without any efforts. Then Samson glanced at me and said imperatively, "Sit and eat together!"I just got used to it. With a chuckle, I nodded, "Thank you!"It was hard to let go of my love. It was a stroke of luck to have breakfast prepared by Samson. Fried egg and mung bean porridge, ordinary but extraordinary. I always thought Samson, who was held in the arms of God, was a leader. "Sister Sandra, you can taste it. Very fragrant. He often did that for me." Carol put an egg into my bowl. Then she clipped one to Samson, "Brother Samson, you promised me to enjoy flowers in Nanjiang today. Don't break your word""H'm!" Samson said, eating elegantly and expensively. He was usually wordless but not for Carol. Haden was looking at us as an outsider. I frowned. Today was grandpa's funeral. He…After a short time, Samson went upstairs as I followed up. In the bedroom. Samson knew that I was behind and said indifferently, "What's the matter?"Meanwhile, he took off his clothes casually, making me turn back, "Today is grandpa's funeral!"He answered coldly, "Just by yourself."I said, "Samson, he is your grandpa." Samson was the eldest son of the Finns. "I've already told Eve Pierce for the burial. Go to him about any other details." He said without any emotion. I raised my voice, feeling a little uncomfortable, "Samson, is Carol your whole? How about your kinship?"He paused, turning to me, trembled with a cold look, "It's not your turn to be noisy at Finn's business."After a pause, he said ironically, "You don't deserve it!"What he said made me shivered. I laughed after he left. I do not deserve it! Ho-ho! Two years were still not enough to soften his cold heart. "I thought you were just shameless. There you are so nosy." A sneer for Carol who leaned against the door with an insidious look instead of her pretended innocence. "Miss Lucinda changes fast." Then I picked up my bag to leave. I couldn't be absent. Suddenly I w

as blocked by Carol, "When will you sign the divorce agreement?"I smiled, "Miss Lucinda is now acting as a concubine to force me to divorce?""It's you!" She seemed upset about the address of concubine, "Sharon Sandra, I were the hostess of this villa if he didn't marry you. Master Finn was dead, so no one can protect you. If I were you, I would obediently sign it and roll away with the money.""Miss Lucinda, it's a pity that you were not me!" Ignoring her angry, I directly bypassed her. No one could hurt me except Samson. Miss Lucinda was still unwilling with my ignorance, holding on to me, "Sharon Sandra, are you shameless? Brother Samson doesn't like you. What do you want to get?"I felt a little funny and said calmly, "Since you know he didn't keep me in mind, why are you so nervous?""You..." She blushed anxiously and speechlessly for a while. I sneered in a low voice close to her, "Speaking of what I stay by his side for..." At this point, I calmed down, "He is sexually sophisticated, so tell me what I did that for?""Sharon Sandra, you are shameless!" Carol flushed with anger. Then she pushed towards me. Out of instinct, I subconsciously moved away. To my surprise, Carol didn't stand firmly and then fell directly downstairs. "Ah..." Her heart-piercing voice came from the hall. I was pushed away and then Samson leaped down agilely to Carol. Carol curled up, holding her abdomen weakly, "Baby, my baby."The blood spread under her body, staining most of the carpet red. I was shocked, she... was pregnant? Is that Samson's? "Brother Samson, baby, baby..." Carol grasped Samson and repeated. Samson became nervous. "Don't be afraid, the baby will be fine." He comforted Carol while taking her out of the door. Samson stopped suddenly, "Sharon Sandra, look at what you did."Indifference, hatred and anger. I was muddled! "Won't you explain for that?" Haden stood behind. Leashing my inner panic, I said peacefully, "Explain what?"He frowned, "Aren't you afraid of his misunderstanding?"I headed down, "It doesn't matter who pushed her. It's about someone must take the responsibility.""You indeed twigged!" Haden carried the kit out of the villa. He must go to the hospital for Carol.

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