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   Chapter 2 Agree to Divorce

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4797

Updated: 2021-01-07 10:25

I should try to keep him here, even with slim chance. "I agree to divorce, but you should stay here tonight for grandpa's funeral on tomorrow. Then we done." I said. He squinted with sarcasm, "Please me." He moved closer, "Sharon Sandra, everything's on your own, not your mouth."Sounded chilly with a hint of provocation and lowness. I knew him well. So I hugged around his waist, but the height difference made me look funny and ridiculous. It is really pitiful to keep my husband in such an absurd way. I tried to move my hand but he held it fiercely. "Enough!" He said wryly. I was stunned and confused, seeing him tugging the gray casual pajamas on him. Suddenly I realized that he was to... stay here? Unfortunately, a woman's voice faintly came from the rain, "Samson..."Soon Samson went to the balcony and left away gloomily with his coat. Carol was standing in a thin dress, making the ill beauty even more pitiful. Samson put the coat on her without any word. Then Carol hugged him abruptly and sobbed in his arms. I suddenly understood why I was always second to Carol. Samson embraced Carol and went into the villa. I stood upstairs, blocking their way. "Get out of the way!" Samson said in a cold tone with a look of disgust. Feel sad? I didn't know either, but there were absolutely no sadder things than this. "Samson, you just promised grandpa you would never take her here to me." Carol had occupied him countless nights, but why still came here. "Heh!" Samson sneered suddenly and pulled me away, "Sharon Sandra, you overvalue yourself."How ironic. I could only be a bystander after all. This night was destined to be unstable. Carol got a high fever as she was exposed to such a heavy rain. Samson was busy getting her dressed and cooling her down. Maybe he saw me as an eye-obtrusive, he said coldly, "Go back to the Finn's old house! Carol can't go back tonight."Let me go now? Ha ha……I was really an eyesore. I was wordless for a long time. The old house is far from here and it is also dangerous for a woman to go there alone. Why didn't he know that? However, what he cared about was Carol. Felling sore, I eventually calmed down, "The bedroom is for me. It is get back to the old house now!"I can't spoil myself as he did. After I went out, I came across Haden Reagan who was in a hurry from rain, wearing his pajamas and wet shoes. We met on the narro

w corridor. Then he tidied his suit after a daze, "Miss Sandra, I come to fit Carol."Haden was Samson's sworn friend. As it was said, your address by a man's friends represents your status in his mind. It seemed that I just have one title as Miss Sandra. What a polite but rusty address! I would be in a bad mood if I thought too much. I chuckled, "Well, get in!"Sometimes I really envied Carol that she could get what she wanted with just a few tears. Back to the bedroom, I found a new suit and then went to the living room. Soon Haden checked over Carol and was about to leave. He smiled in estrangement, "It's getting late, isn't Miss Sandra still asleep?""Well, I will go sleep soon!" I gave the suit to him, "Your clothes are wet and change a clean one. Don't catch a cold."Probably he was surprised about that, "No, it's OK, I'm strong!" He said awkwardly. I leave it to him, "This is new and it fits you."Then I went back to the bedroom. I was not so kind. The clothes were considered as a repayment for him as the chief surgeon of my grandma. The next day. I got up in the morning and found Samson and Carol were both in the kitchen. Wrapping in a black apron, Samson was standing beside the stove to fry eggs, looking more like a house-husband. Carol always stared at him. Last night's fever made her even more sweet and charming. "Brother Samson, I prefer a little bit burnt egg." While speaking, Carol stuffed a strawberry into Samson's mouth, "But it shouldn't be too burnt, or it will taste bitter."What a handsome man and beautiful girl. A perfect match. Such a scene, warm and full of interaction, was sweet enough. "They match very well, aren't they?" A voice came from Haden behind me. Yet I had forgotten that he didn't leave way as Carol had a fever last night. "Morning!" I said while looking at his suit. He smiled, "It fits me well, thank you.""No at all!" It was for Samson but he always disdained it. Hearing this, Carol elevated her tone, "Sister Sandra, Brother Haden, well you are up, Brother Samson fried some eggs, come and eat together!"Just like a master mistress. I smiled, "No, I bought some bread and milk yesterday. You are almost in good health. Drink more." After all, I had lived here for two years, the property that owned by both Samson and I. No matter how weak I am, I would never tolerate Carol's arrogant and disrespectful acts in my house.

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