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   Chapter 1 Got Pregnant

The Fate of Love By fanciyuan comic Characters: 4747

Updated: 2021-01-07 10:23

I was stunned by the B-ultrasound report that shows I've got pregnant for six weeks. It is unbelievable! What should I do now? Would Samson Finn not divorce me for this? No! Actually, in his mind, I would be a dirty dog who blackmails him with the baby. Feeling gloomy, I stuffed the report in my bag and left the hospital. Inside a shining black Maybach outside the building, there was a handsome man who draws the eyes of passersby. It is Samson who has always been idolized by others and I had got used to such a scene. I got on the Maybach despite their suspicious eyes. "Is it done?" A low voice came from the man who just took a rest. "Yeah!" I nodded and presented him the contract signed with the hospital, "Here are also greetings from Dean Lion." I didn't know why Samson would send me here to sign the contract today. "The case will be under your charge!" Samson said no more words and started the car. I nodded. Before him, I could do nothing but obey his order. We arrived at the downtown in the evening and I kept silent even though I wondered why he didn't return the villa. It is hard to talk with him about the B-ultrasound report, especially when I saw his cold face and sharp eyes. "Samson Finn!" I broke the quiet nervously. "Go ahead!" He replied in a cold tone. I was not surprised, as it was exactly his style. Taking a breath, I continued, "I..."But his cell phone rang before I told him I was pregnant. "Carol, what's the matter?" He answered. Yes, he donated all his gentleness to Carol Lucinda. Their dialogue proved that vividly. Hearing what Carol said, Samson slammed the brake on and comforted Carol, "Okay, I'll be there in a while. Stay there.""Get off!" He ordered after hanging up the phone. Getting used to such a rude style, I nodded and got off the car without a word. Our marriage could be an accident or the destiny, but nothing about love. Carol in his heart made me nothing except for the identify of his wife. Two years ago, master Finn suffering from the myocardial infarction forced Samson to marry me. He followed, but always ignored my existence. Now, he can't wait to divorce me immediately after master Finn passed away. I returned the capacious but lifeless villa after it got dark. Without any appetite, I went to the bedroom directly for washing and sleeping. Soon after, the sound of the car interrupted my light slee

p. Was Samson back? Wasn't he staying by Carol now? As the bedroom door was opened, he went straight into the bathroom in wet cloths without a glimpse at me. Water splashing. I couldn't sleep any more. So, I took out and hung his pajamas on the bathroom door, and then went to the balcony. It was already the rainy season and the patter of rain outside can be clearly heard. I heard someone and turned back. Samson had got out of the bathroom with wet hair. His lower body was covered by a towel and water dripped along his sturdy body. So charming! He turned to me and frowned, "Come here!"I walked to him as he instructed. "Wipe." He said in a low voice. He always did like this. He sat by the bed, while I climbed on and wiped his hair in a half-kneed position. "Tomorrow is grandpa's funeral. We should be there earlier." I wasn't deliberately talking to him but drawing his mind away from Carol. Or he might already forget it. "Hmm!" He replied. Hearing this, I said no more words and went to sleep. I always felt sleepy after I got pregnant. Samson usually went to the study until midnight, but he stayed with me tonight. I contained by curiosity as always. Suddenly he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. "Samson, I...""Don't want it?" He stared at me with his black yet sharp eyes. Indeed, I didn't. "Can you be gentle?" We may hurt the six-week embryo, I soliloquized. Curling his eyebrows wordlessly, he just turned over and started to vent his sexual desire. I cowered to relieve the pain and protect my tiny embryo. His climax came as the rain got heavier, the lightning flashed, and the thunder rumbled. After a long time, he went to the bathroom. I was sweating due to the pain and finally gave up the painkillers in view of the embryo. "Woo..." His phone rang. It was 11 o'clock. It must be Carol. Samson got out of shower in a bath towel, drying his hand and answering it. He frowned slightly and said, "Carol, don't mess around!"Then he hung up, getting dressed to leave. I might pretend before, but this time I grabbed him abruptly and begged, "Could you stay here tonight?"Samson frowned, "Gutsy? " Cold and ironic. I was dumbfound and felt funny, "Tomorrow is grandpa's funeral. Shouldn't you behave decently even though you care about her?""Intimidate me?" He squinted and squeezed my jaw abruptly, "Sharon Sandra, you do have a nerve."

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