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   Chapter 46 No One Was Holding Anyone Back

Adorable Pigeon Pair and Superior Daddy By fanciyuan comic Characters: 5715

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The lift door opened slowly, and the garage was much cooler than the ground, but Arana didn't like here because it reminded her the meeting with Tracy.The assistant guarding the car door nodded politely to Arana and opened the door, "Dr. Towne, please."Terrence was already in the car.The car drove out of the garage and away from Kiawah Hospital. The trees outside the window flew back, and they inside were silent. The air conditioning was on low, Arana touched her arm, feeling a little cold.Arana’s phone rang out, and when she saw the caller ID, she subconsciously glanced at Terrence who was leaning in chair with his eyes closed, and she pressed the answer button and whispered, "Hello?"Samuel was anxious, "Arana, where are you now? I just finished surgery and heard that you were injured, are you okay?""It's fine, it's been bandaged.""Are you still on the set? I'll come to you and take you home to rest.""No, I'm already on my way back."Samuel breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good, then you get some rest. I'll see you later.""It's okay, I…" She was about to comfort Samul when she felt chill intuitively. As expected, Terrence was looking at her indifferently, which made her guilty.She could barely even speak, and hung up after a few hurried words."Samuel?"Terrence's voice came with inexplicable coldness.Arana nodded stiffly, "Hmm.""He does care about you. He follows wherever you go. It hasn't changed in all these years.""You misunderstand, he came to Kiawah for an academic symposium. It has nothing to do with me.""Really?" Terrence snorted coldly, "Why you explain so much to me?"Arana was a little embarrassed for her needless explanation. It seemed that she cared much about his opinion.Indeed, Terrence was still as mean as before.After his sarcasm, he closed his eyes without saying anything along the way, seemingly not willing to talk to her.It was always easy to get sleepy in the summer afternoons. Arana watched receding scenery of the ruins, leaning back in her chair tiredly, her eyelids sinking a little.She fell asleep and had a disorienting dream.Terrence, however, stayed awake. Seeing her huddled in the chair, he frowned, turned up the air conditioning and instructed to drive slower.Almost in the city, Jane called.Terrence glanced at Arana and pressed the answer button.Jane's voice was as meek and soft as ever, "Terrence, aren't you at the office today? Mary sent soup over, but told me you are not here.""I visit the set and will be back later.""Well, the soup is in the fridge. I'll remind the secretary to heat it up for you.""Okay, thank you.""It's all right. I'm going home for dinner with auntie Tracy on Friday. I've prepared some gifts. You can help me pick one out later.""Okay.""Then you get busy, I'll hang up.""Hmm."The call lasted only two minutes, which showed the

pattern that they had followed for so many years.The biggest difference between Jane and Arana was that Arana always centered on herself, whereas Jane would always center on Terrence.Jane had a sense of propriety that would cause him any trouble.She always carefully prepared his mother and grandmother’s gifts in advance, and never bothered him.Terrence glanced at asleep Arana with a complicated expression.If he hadn't met her first, but Jane, perhaps he wouldn't have had such a rough time in these seven years. If there really was a reincarnation, he might owe her a lot of money in the last life.Asleep Arana turned around against the car window, seemingly completely unaffected by the phone call.Terrence leaned back and closed his eyes again.However, Arana quietly opened her eyes which flooded with a great loss. She tried desperately to suppress that emotion, but somehow it was just unbearably tight.The carriage was so quiet that she heard clearly what they were talking about.Indeed, no one had actually held anyone back over the years, and everyone had their own lives.Half an hour later, the car drove up to the entrance of the block building.At the window on the twentieth floor, a pink figure was lying on the balcony, looking out with binoculars and a lollipop in her mouth. When she saw a black car stop downstairs, her eyes went round and she turned her head and shouted, "Bro! Bro you come quickly.""What's wrong?" Luke, who was playing a game in the living room, looked to the balcony."Daddy's car!"Luke frowned, put down his gamepad and walked straight to the balcony.Lily handed the binoculars to her brother, holding the lollipop with an excitement look, "Look, it’s daddy's car. I see daddy drove mommy back."Luke took the binoculars and looked downstairs, and he clearly saw Terrence's car, and Arana was bending over to say something."Daddy must be on a date with mommy. I'm going to see!" Said Lily, pulling her legs out and running outside.Luke was quick on the uptake and tugged her arm."Bro what are you doing, let go of me," Lily struggled discontentedly, very anxious, "it will be too late.""No," Luke looked as serious as a little adult, "Mommy is already annoyed lately. Don't cause her any more trouble. Lily I've told you many times, uncle Ku is not daddy, don't call him that.""He is," Lily pouted, "I said he is my daddy. Luke you let go."Lily was used to being capricious, especially in front of Luke. And Luke was always tolerant of her importunity.But Luke was extraordinarily stubborn on this matter. He did not let her got until the black car left the district, and he said concisely, "Go, you can go if you want."Lily sat down on the carpet in anger, and her little fleshy legs stomped the carpet into a mess, "Luke, you are too much! Don't you care about mommy's love life at all?"

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